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Job 16.21 +

Job 16.21

“O that one might plead for a man with God,

as a man [pleadeth] for his neighbor!”


The American in me (I’ve driven in all the states to which you can drive & loved the huge variety of scenes) does not like what is happening to “me land.” But I love Christ, my Lord, more than I love this land, much more. I must, with His power, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus”(G. Duffield, author.) & if need be, die for HIM. The American in me must not take authority over Christ in me. – 7/21/20


“The one damning sin of which we are guilty & which makes us deserving of hell is unbelief

in God’s Son & rejection of the atonement of His Blood.”

– J B McBride


It’s normal for children to play. Many times, if the adults in his life are occupied with meaningful labor, the boy will imitate the males & the girl will play at what she sees her mom/grandma doing.  What is strikingly shameful in modernity, is the number of those who should be adults but who do not work (they play) Or they do not work at that which a child should mimic. – 7/22/20


“Every case of sickness, every death in the home is a call to the unsaved

to repent to believers to be made holy.

– J B McBride



Once they were convinced,

Believed what God said,

Believed the Bible,

Believed what they read.


How has it happened?

(This change that I see)

Has God Himself changed?

Oh! How can that be?


Or did some wild wish,

Or did a little desire,

Burning quietly,

Kindle this big fire?


His Word is eternal,

He said, “I change not.” [1]

Yet folks are not doing

As they should – as they ought.

– eab, 7/25/06


Do not ONCE consider ending your life! The devil may say “It’s the easy way out.” He’s a liar & has been since the Garden. Man up (“Woman up”). You can ask forgiveness & even if men refuse to forgive God will – if you’re sincere. Start paying back what you owe – it may take yrs but you’ll feel better as each payment is made. “I may have to go to prison.” I’m sorry, I hope you don’t, but HEAR ME, you can go to heaven from a prison. “I don’t see how I can live the next yr.” Look to Jesus – – – & live one day at a time. 7/25/20


“Whatever both philosophers & poets have said concerning the immortality of the soul or…they…received…from the prophets…hence there seem to be seeds of truth among all men.”

–   Justin, First Apology


Rev 22.14

“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life

 & may enter in through the gates into the city.”


SERIOUS Q. – *Mom* are you raising a Lady? Or are you allowing your daughter to become a mere woman like those around her? When she weeps on your shoulder that she’s lost her virginity, it’ll too late to lengthen her skirts, talk to her about her poor choice in friends, & about the words she used when she didn’t realize you heard. There IS something to be said for lady-hood: knowing which utensil to use, being versed in etiquette, walking properly – but the heart of being a lady surely involves purity. Start young, start today. Hopefully you’re not too late. – 7/25/20


“…He whom they beheld [speaking of Christ] was not a mere phantasm,

but an actual being of flesh & blood.


[1] Mal 3.6 For I am the LORD, I change not…

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