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Job 19.25 +

Job 19.25

“For I know that my redeemer liveth &

that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:”


“It is absolutely wrong to pray about something

you already know is wrong.”

– V O Agan


You may someday be faced with a choice – kill the one attacking you or be killed by him. If you’re walking in all your light you will (if killed) be with the Lord, as He promised the thief on the cross. If you kill the one attacking you (assuming he was acting in hatred) he’ll drop into hell. Think of the awesome contrast: he (if he succeeded) allows your soul, released from its “house of clay,” to rise to where all is Light, Beauty, Peace, & God is honored by beings crying Holy, Holy, Holy – if you kill him, his soul enters a “land” of outer darkness, foul odors, horror & where hatred runs rampant. – 7/23/20


“You can tell a false prophet not so much by what he preaches

as by what he doesn’t preach.”

– V O Agan


You’ve been “doing things your way” for a month, a yr, a decade. Oh, how you love doing “Just as you please.” Perhaps you do not realize it but the old man/the old woman loves to have its way – which in reality is acting as a rebel, a rebel against God & His holiness. Jesus can remove carnality. You can “die out to yourself” & become not only a Christian, but a sanctified one. Then you can do “As He pleases” & be happier than you were pleasing your own, carnal soul. – 7/24/20



He who had no beginning

Came willingly to sinful earth

And had a human beginning

The God/man had a man’s birth

Born in a palace or a castle

With a commanding view?

No. Born in a “barn”

(Though the word is too new.)

Born near clean animals

The cow, the calf, the ewe.

His Birth & Death & Rising again

Was so we could be reborn

So men could live above sin

And never again be forlorn.

– eab, 7/26/19


I can imagine some artist was over-paid to make a statute about a character who was over-rated & about whose sins we’ve been told too-little. With no doubt, some images didn’t glorify Jesus.   Having said that, authorized men (committees, elected bodies) are the ones to approve the removal of statues/images not students/youth – make that *mislead people* in anger. God’s not the author of confusion. But America has “dismissed” God from our schools, banned His Bible from the “halls of learning,” listened too much to counsel from satan & we’re seeing results. Are YOU pRaying or are you still pLaying? – 7/25/20


[under caption ‘You are God’s Property’]

“He has a right of occupancy…

He has the right of identification…”

– L D Wilcox


1Ti 6.20

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust,

avoiding profane & vain babblings & oppositions of science falsely so called.”


There is pseudo-science. The average modern has no idea how much of “science” is false. There is tampered “history.” How much of “X” textbook was filtered through a “left” publisher? Even geography, maps, & proportions of our world aren’t to be fully trusted. The greatest falseness however, is False “salvation” – that which claims to be right & is not.Many may die with skewed ideas about “science falsely so called” (1Ti 6.20) or with corrupted history, or warped geography & still go to heaven. Run Brother RUN, from anything that smells like False salvation. RUN! 7/26/20


“Faith is choosing to believe

that God tells the truth.”

– John Whiteman

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