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Job 23.10 +

Job 23.10

“But he knoweth the way that I take:

when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”


There’s no question many of us talk too much about things of small importance (& conversely, speak to little items of eternal worth). Some pride themselves in knowing most recent scores in a popular sport, or batting averages of an above-average-player, or the number of “horses” under the hood of So-n-So’s car. It would be better to say less than talk so much. It would be better to converse about things of Eternal value than “waste breath” summer after summer on that which neither heaven nor hell cares a whiff. – 7/26/20


“One of the first qualifications of a great Christian is tolerance

– – – tolerance of the other person.”

– John Paul (a holiness preacher of last century, “Paul” is his last name)


One Book & one Book alone is worth living by – – – & dying for: God’s Holy Bible. It is no wonder that satan has tried to destroy It, has forbid the reading of It,  & has driven his pseudo-scholars to produce a plethora of counterfeits of It. The enemy of God, who is also your enemy, doesn’t want you to read God’s Bible. God does. So Who are you going to please? – 7/29/20


“It is heart purity the Apostle is talking about when he says, ‘The very God of peace sanctify you wholly’ & this word is in a tense that does not mean a gradual process.”

– John Paul



Some men were born “with

A silver spoon in their mouth.”

Least that’s how the expression goes.

Others came with the right last name –

That always effects *how* live flows.

Others (if they have a name)

Somewhat make their own.

Oats? They got what was sown.

But silver or not, name or no

These only count here below;

For at the White Bar of the High Lord

We’re judged by OUR action, OUR word.

– eab, 7/29/17


As you push your chair back under the table or maybe before, do you say, “Thanks Babe, for the breakfast”? After your husband puts those drops of oil, or tightens that screw or hangs that “do-dad” do you thank him? She fixed the meal for you; he did that chore for you. Be grateful – in fact, develop (& increase) the habit of saying “Thanks.” And (probably more connected than we think) be so happy with what God’s doing in your life, family, group of believers, that you’re often saying “Thank you” to Him. 7/29/20


“We have difference of opinion but

don’t ever take the matter of unity lightly.”

– James Plank


Psa 100.4

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving & into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him & bless his name.


Allow me to encourage you to read the King James Bible but one without notes. When you read a Bible with notes it’s natural (& what the printers intended) that your eyes drop down the page with or without * F (or other printer’s symbol) & read the footnote. You finish reading your Bible & later think about a word/phrase & know you read it in the Bible – Yes, but, was it on the top of page or the bottom of it? Was it the Word of God or the word of man? A Bible with study-notes can actually be worse for your soul. -7/29/20


“You’ll be someone,


for eternity.”

– Winfield Poe

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