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Job 27.8 +

Job 27.8

“For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained,

when God taketh away his soul?”


“Sanctification requires no greater degree of faith than justification.”

– J A Wood


L.O.N.G. P.O.S.T. To use “CHM” (supposedly “Conservative Holiness Movement”) whether in positive or a negative connections, is (IMO) to accept a possible misnomer. [Allow me to work backward.]

3.) “Movement” – hardly describes some churches/camps/schools/conferences I’ve seen. They seem too much at a stand-still, an unholy, dare I say lazy, stand-still. Oh, that God would send a fresh move of conviction for sin & sin be abandoned forever. Oh, that there might be a new awakening, a deep desire for holy power. Please Lord, we need Your move, again.

2.) “Holiness” – if we don’t see a revival of preachers dedicated to living & preaching clear holiness, we’re in trouble. Men are (I fear) paying lip service to holiness i.e. mentioning it as a point (even a sub-point) in a message but preaching too few entire sermons on the “wonder” of It (for mere mortals), the “way” to It (how holiness is to be obtained), the “workings” of It (the practical revelations in daily living). And too few (“O God help me”) are the demonstrations of holiness in life & lip, in church & out.

1.) “Conservative” – There are 3 problems (at least) with this “title” A.) This word is totally un-Biblical. “Liberal” by contrast, is used by the Wise man (Pro 11.25), the Prophet Isaiah (32.5&8), & Bro. Paul (2Co 9.13). B.) “Conservative” appears to have been borrowed from politics – there its use seems warranted. But we’re too willing to blur the line between church & state. C.) The most troubling is, it gives the impression of another “holiness.” Churches who no longer emphasis holy living still wish (it seems) to be considered holiness. When the holy life leaves, the Blessed Holy Spirit leaves. – 7/29/20


“Seeking the applause of men cherishes & gratifies human depravity

at the expense of divine displeasure. It is gross idolatry.”

– J A Wood






Sinful men in their sick and slinking ways

Can, by Christ, be Calvary-raised;

To praise God – Oh, God be praised,

And finish out their earth-bound days

Living in the Son’s and Spirit’s rays.

– eab, 7/27/10


A Christian, living heartily for the Lord, may sooner or later offend a sinner or hypocrite (“sinner in disguise”). This cannot be helped – and – this “offense” may be used to ridicule that Christian, persecute him, even cut off his head/burn him alive. HEAR This. A professing “christian” may intentionally offend someone. But a true Christian never offends people just to offend. Love does not do that. – 7/30/20


“Fear is the darkroom in which negatives are developed.”

– seen on marquee (have no idea when/where)


1Ti 5.22

“Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins:

keep thyself pure.”


Please do not be fooled by some “cloud” formation (or several of them) which some want you to think “looks like” Jesus. We’ve had too many pictures of “Christ,” too many statues of “Christ.” Friend – these are all fake. FAKE. No one, but no one, knows what Jesus looked like – not one painter, sculptor or photographer has a clue what of our Lord’s appearance. But this “image of him” (Not the real HIM) may be shown more & more, as men perfect their deceiving holograms. Beware. – 7/30/20


“Every one who can preach the truth & does not preach it

incurs the judgment of God.”

– Justin Martyr

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