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Psa 1.2 +

Psa 1.2

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD;

& in his law doth he meditate day & night.”


“…Carnality is the spring from which all evil comes…

the Son of God can destroy it in an instant.”

– J B McBride


Art is artificial. That rose the artist “made” has leaves that are wooden, or glass, or copper, or plastic, or paper, or fabric or, or, or. He imitated a real rose & shallow people are thrilled that he “did such a great job” of mimicking God. His artist hand & eye AND your imagination make it “art.” If *you* do “art” (confession, I’ve “created” a bit) make it a small part of your life; strictly a diversion. I can’t encourage anyone to invest months (to say nothing of yrs) learning how to imitate. Art will all pass away – work instead on your walk with God. That is eternal. – 8/1/20


“It is a kingdom that no orator…preacher…can ever describe. You will have to have His kingdom within to ever know the joys of this supernatural religion.”

– J B McBride


To Whom do you Pray?

Jesus told us “After this manner therefore pray ye: ‘Our Father…’” (Mat 6.9) See also (Luk 11.2)

About What do you Pray?

Do almost all your prayers center around you, your family, your church, your country? It’s right to pray for these but expand that. Pray for your boss, your unfriendly neighbor, your enemy…

Where do you Pray?

“Why ask that?” You may pray better if you pray the same place every day that you’re not traveling.

When do you Pray?

If possible pray when you’re wide awake. If you find yourself falling asleep go wash you face & return to pray. And as the same place may help you pray better, the same time may add to your prayer quality.

Why do you Pray?

Please grow to being an adoring christian not just a begging one. Learn more about God & love all you learn about your Father.



The blossom came & the blossom went

But no bean followed that event.

It had not been “visited” by a friend,

So “beauty” was its sole end.

If you want your life to count

Your heritage to have any amount,

If you want to have a happy end

Let Christ “visit” you; be your Friend!

– eab, 8/4/17


*** It takes disciplined parents to produce disciplined kids.***

** A praying pastor will tend to have a praying congregation. **

* A dad who enjoys working is likely to have a son who loves work.* – 8/4/20


“I have many storms in this world but now my vessel will soon be on shore in heaven.”

– Thomas Bilney, prof.of civil law, Cambridge, he burning at stake


Ecc 12.13

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:

Fear God & keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”


PLEASE CONSIDER – Will you take a country on your heart & PRAY for it once a week? “Which country?” Good question. Perhaps the land from which your father’s father sailed. Perhaps a territory you’ve always wanted to visit. If none of these “click” chose one of your initials & chose a nation which starts with that. Let’s say you have a “C” & as you cast about for a country, Chile pops up. Find out its capital. Learn its approximate size. What is the main religion? Chose a day on which you’ll pray for it (as “C” is the 3rd letter of alphabet you could pray for Chile every 3rd day (Tues.) of the week. BTW – do you know if there’s a church which preaches sanctification there? If so get an address & send them a letter saying you’re praying for Chile. – 8/4/20


“…I…never preached any doctrine of an evil tendency & what I taught with my lips I now seal with my blood.”

– John Huss

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