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Psa 8.3 +

Psa 8.3

“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,

the moon & the stars, which thou hast ordained;”


“If you reject truth & won’t believe the truth

what else [can] you believe but a lie?”

– V O Agan


  1. Pray for a Revival of holy preaching – Preachers DEAD to the worlds of money & sports.
  2. Pray for a Renewal of holy living – Parishioners DEAD to flashy dresses & fast autos.
  3. Pray for the Return hymnals & Bibles – Parents, sons/daughters ALIVE to worship & Awake! – 8/11/20


“Consistent living on the part of God’s people

is the condition to obtaining the answer to prayer!”

– T M Anderson


Some have enjoyed reading about men/women of prayer. A few may’ve known a person who prayed & can relate a story of God answering their prayer. The average christian will tell you he prays & might even add that he believes in the power of prayer. Then, why, Brother – why Sister, are we not praying? Praying more?

Thank God for Mr “x” or Mrs “y” but they are History. Who? Is? Praying? In? the? Present? – 8/12/20



How many times

Have you come to the Lord with a need;

Bending, and broken, and ready to bleed?

How many times

Has He been there,

When you sought Him in earnest prayer?

He lifts our spirits, and calms our seas,

He heals our hearts, and answers our pleas.

– eab, Aug. 1975


If I believed that no voting “machines” could be/would be, tampered, If I believed all votes get counted once (And. Only. Once. L), If I believed no one (right-of-center or left-of-center) would lie, steal, cheat to see their candidate win (or the other guy lose) I could get more excited about voting. Vote if you like. Do not browbeat those who do not vote. Our voting system has been/is flawed. When the truth comes out, we may see 2020 as the worst year ever for voter fraud. Pray. – 8/12/20


“Psychology Today [periodical] declaring that Eastern mysticism would come to the West

through psychology. It has…”

– T A McMahon


1Ki 18.24

“…Call ye on the name of your gods & I will call on the name of the LORD:

& the God that answereth by fire, let him be God…”


The great NT history Book does not say, “And when they had *voted* the place was shaken…” IT SAYS, “And when they had *prayed* the place was shaken…” In stead of pastors/churches “getting out voters” Oh, that, God’s people would spend extra hours in August, September, & November getting praying people to prayer mtg. to secret closets, to barns, to attics, to woods. America doesn’t deserve God’s blessings. Nor do we deserve His mercy. But if we pray, He may give us mercy – – – as no politician ever could. – 8/12/20


“God never made a promise

that was too good to be true.”

– D L Moody

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