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Psa 8.4 +

Psa 8.4

“What is man, that thou art mindful of him?

& the son of man, that thou visitest him?”


The world should halt at the door of God’s house. There – a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in – should begin. Saint – do all that’s in your power to make that a reality. Pastor – do all that’s in your power to make that a reality! And sinner – do not purposely drag sin with you into the church – ask Him to remove all sin & love for the world – HE CAN. – 8/11/20


“I can’t show you Me [ as if God is talking ]

until you get your eyes off you.”

– Chad Snider


Unless I’m forgetting, there’s never been (my 1st election memory was ‘52) a time when Christians have been so vocal for a sitting president. Is it just me – or Have “we” said too much? – Are “we” saying too much? Pray all you like for elections – in fact, I wish you would. Pray “a-house-a-fire.” But allow me to caution (Christian to Christian) do not make social-media “blanket approvals” Nor pulpit endorsements, Nor print church/denominational promos for the head or less political positions. If “tables” turn {{ They Can }} your words may *come back to bit you* – & worse, may hurt the cause of Jesus Christ. – 8/13/20


“If we do what He tells us,

He will tell us what to do.”

– Tom Sproles



God has always had His few men,

Categorically free from sin.

He had Noah (almost alone),

He had Enoch (to “death” unknown).

Does He have you – His Spirit within?

– eab, 8/13/09


HOME SCHOOL. The devil doesn’t want you to educate your child. He’ll tell you, you can’t (Never, NEVER forget, satan is a liar!) Your dad & mom may doubt you can. Your husband/wife’s parents may doubt you can. Do not “do it” just to prove them wrong (attitudes are very important) but, asking God to help you, pursue your course day-in-day-out. Start simple. Keep it simple. “Reading, ‘Riting, & ‘Rithmatic” is about as simple as it gets – make sure a lot of that Reading is in the Bible. – 8/13/20


“The Bible is the most quoted book in the world.”

– Dave Hunt


1Th 5.6

“Therefore let us not sleep, as do others;

but let us watch & be sober.”


Mom, Dad, is the talk of *missing children* going-over-your head? Maybe there aren’t as many girls, boys MISSING as media says – Maybe There Are More! Please know where your Susie/Johnny is AT ALL TIMES. 1.) Do not let your child go to a public restroom by himself. 2.) Do not let a child go to a church /church camp restroom by himself. What’s worse than having your child killed? Having (IMO) your child missing & not knowing if he/she is being sex forced, being sacrificed to satan, or their organs *harvested* to sell, while they die unbeknownst to you. KNOW WHERE HE/SHE IS! – 8/13/20


“…It [Bible] has swayed a greater amount of mind(sic)than any other volume the world has known.

It has the singular faculty of attracting to itself the thinkers of the world.”

– Austin Phelps

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