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Psa 8.5 +

Psa 8.5

“For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels

& hast crowned him with glory & honor.”


“We should so work as if we were saved by our works

& so rely on Jesus Christ as if we did no works.”

– Francis Asbury


Allow me to encourage you to pray for the Lord’s Day services at your church. If your daughter attends elsewhere, pray also for the service she (& her family?) attends. Pray also for the meeting where your son (& his family?) worship. “You expect me to pray for one, two maybe three churches every week?” Wish you would – it may help them & if you really pray for each, I’m sure it will help you. – 8/11/20



“You’ll never be satisfied with anything less

than what you have already experienced.”

– Archie Atwell, Jr


The obit in the paper showed you belonged to the Right clubs. The crowd at the funeral revealed a lot of business & personal friends. The bank of flowers (or donations to charity) was impressive. The church/conference or family spokesman said nice things & the minister may have done his best to convince mourners you were “walking golden streets.” But – – – are you? Did you fake your friendship with Jesus? Was your life a series of hypocrisies? Friend, if you’re not sure, take a “praying vacation.” Go alone: you, your bible & God. Get ready to die. – 8/14/20



There lives no sinner who can not be a saint,

If he’ll turn to Christ, pursue, and not faint.

“Whosoever” is meaningful, ah, for even you.

Stop being an “animal” in satan’s sad zoo.

Christ cleanses from every tarnishing taint.

– eab, 8/14/17


Ecumenicalism is not only alive – it’s growing. A preacher/professor/conf. leader (p.p.c.) may quote “x.” If you know “x” was/is part of a cult, please don’t re-quote him. Do Pray for the one who quoted a cultish person: 1.) They may not know “x” was/is a member of a cult. 2) The p.p.c. may not see a danger in cults (in-other-words they’re ignorant). 3.) Worse by far, is the p.p.c. who wants you to accept cults; they want the ecumenical movement to succeed. If/when you see that #3 is a fact, stop fellowshipping with them. Sadly ecumenical cults will help usher in the one-world-church. It is forming *as*I*write. – 8/14/20


“There is a pleasure in being in a ship beaten about by a storm when we are sure

that it will not founder. The persecutions which harass the Church are of this nature.”

– Blaise Pascal


1Ti 4.12

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers,

in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”


What’s up with calling the minister, “Pastor Joe”? Brother, if you chose to be called such, you’ve probably made a mistake. “But, I’m so young compared to their previous pastor – I felt odd be called ‘Pastor Green.’” It hurts no one to call a man younger than he is, “Pastor Green.” On the other hand, it may hurt youth to grow up saying “Pastor Joe” when his kids are their age. God’s man, if he’s truly God’s man, deserves respect. One of the ways to show respect is his Title. Churches have become too casual & the “Pastor Joe” adds to casualness – not to the seriousness of worship. Meet the board, admit your mistake. Change the bulletin to “Pastor Greed” & stop calling yourself the lesser title. – 8/14/20


“TV doesn’t go with holiness.

TV started with the devil & its still of the devil.”

– Lester  Roloff

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