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Psa 9.17 +

Psa 9.17

“The wicked shall be turned into hell,

all the nations that forget God.”


“If you want to live in the pathway of blessings, you will have to be keen & sensitive

to the leadings of the Spirit…His voice & leadings may be like a gentle breeze & a faint whisper.”

– Joshua Stauffer


Ladies – you may admire your peer who’s such a good cook. In your heart you know you’ll never be such a kitchen master. Men – you know this guy who’s so good with his hands; he can build anything. Try as you may you’ll not be able to do as he does. Relax about the cooking/building; we have differing talents. Let me tell you what the Church of Jesus Christ needs more than anything else – & I’m serious. We need men/women who excel as pray-ers. It is harder work than either of the above. It’s work that few may know that you do. But the Church needs you – You to become a Praying Saint. – 8/15/20



“Faith…is the only door

through which God comes into the human soul.”

– Daniel Steele  


PROUD – Would you say you’re Covetous? Would you admit to being a Boaster? Would you write down that you’re a Blasphemer? No? I hope you wouldn’t say you’re any of the above. Why dear Brother? Why dear Sister? WHY do you say (or type) that you’re Proud? It is in the same ugly list (2Ti 3.2). You need to stop using the world’s phrase – that is what “I’m proud of…” is. “But I don’t mean it in a bad way.” Pride is a sin. To be Proud is a sin. Please, Christian, stop talking like sinners. – 8/16/20



You travel to, & you travel fro

Seeking. But do you truly know,

For what you seek, for what you look?

A “kick”? A pleasure by hook (or crook)?

Hunger for heaven can’t be filled below.

– eab, 8/14/20


Another friend, family member, or old school-chum has died. Did they go to Heaven or Hell? “I don’t know” or “I’m not their judge.” I agree that you & I do not know where So-n-So is, AND I agree fully that we’re not the judge. (I’m so glad we’re not.) May I remind you (& myself) that “John” or “Betty” are *right now* in one of the above two – Heaven or Hell? We were not made to stay here & we don’t. And there is no such thing as “purgatory” never has been, never will be. – 8/16/20


“Lord! open the king of England’s eyes.”

– William Tyndale



2Ti 3.2

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud,

blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy”


You walked away from a marriage. (“He’d become a needy person” or “she’s so nip-picky” or “he’s too demanding” or “she’s spending too much money.”) And you’ve succeeded in convincing peers that you’re right. Now you can live as you want. WAIT a minuet! You promised *for better, for worse…* You need to forgive. “I can’t.” Yes, sir, Yes ma’am, you can. “I can’t.” Would you be more honest if you said, “I don’t want to forgive”? You’ve ruined his/her life. You like to think you’ve “moved on” but in your heart you know you’re wrong. (He/she may be wrong also) but it’s time you called & asked to be forgiven. – 8/16/20


“I beseech thee, Father of heaven, forgive them that have, from ignorance or an evil mind, forged lies of me: I forgive them with all my heart.”

George Wisehart, Cambridge U. burned at stake

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