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Psa 11.3 +

Psa 11.3

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”


YANKEE or “christian.” “To a foreigner, a Yankee is an American. To a southern, a Y. is a northern. To a northern a Y. is a Vermonter. To a Vermonter, a Yankee is a guy who eats pie for breakfast.” AND “Christian” means different things to different folks. When you read “Christian” it can mean (in the mind of a writer) all who aren’t Hindu, Moslem etc. Or it may mean (in their mind) all who call themselves “Christian” whither eastern orthodox, roman catholic, Lutherans, etc. And, of course to many of us, “Christian” means one who Loves & follows Jesus. Much of what’s called Christian is not! – 8/17/20


“Nominal Christians are the greatest obstacle to the advance of the kingdom of heaven.”

– Daniel Steele


How much of this world’s entertainment do you have to have??? Need to see a baseball/football/Bball game now & then? Need a dirty hollywood movie once a week? Need a disney cartoon every other night?

I don’t approve of watching ball games (in person or TV) nor a movie habit but allow a question. Why, do you NEED that “fix”? Often a ball game/movie is selfish – yes you may go as a family but watching anything “with” someone isn’t nearly as great as talking to them: listing to their heart cry or you encouraging their walk with Jesus. Kick the entertainment habit. – 8/17/20


“Our job is to teach them [our children]

 how to live without us.”

– Kenneth Stetler



They stood up at his funeral,

And spoke words full of flowers,

Songs and accolades went on –

On for minutes, perhaps hours,

And they “placed” his feet beyond

Pearly gates, “placed” a halo on his head,

But some of his family knew him better.

He was pacing, already, streets of dread.

– eab, 8/17/09


Have you had a job you hated? One to which you dreaded to go on Monday? One from which you almost ran on Friday? Hell is worse than the worst job you had. Hell won’t be over in 8 or 12 hrs. Hell has no lunch/coffee breaks, no weekends off, no vacation. Even if hell had no flames (it does), even if hell had water to drink (it has none), if hell had no moans of the damned (it has them), to do your worst job For a decade, a century, For a 1000 yrs, a millions yrs would be horrible. Stop telling God “no.” – 8/17/20


“No group of people in the wide world profess as much religion as do we.

 We certainly ought to be very spiritual.”

– L W Sturk


Luk 16.23

“…In hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments

& seeth Abraham afar off…”


“The original says…” How often has a young college/seminary grad used these 3 words in reading Scripture in his pulpit? He had confidence in a professor (or at least in his ability to read Greek or Hebrew) & is now sharing his “knowledge.” If not very careful, such a statement draws attention to the preacher &/or his education AND tends to raise a question in minds of thinking people about the reliability of the Bible they hold in their hand. Please, young preacher (or older, for that matter) do nothing that will undermine the Authority of God’s Holy Book. – 8/17/20


“The only way to gain Christ

is to lose all self-interest.”

– Jim Susan, 1/23/98

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