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Psa 15.3 +

Psa 15.3

“He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbor,

nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbor”


Take the preacher’s message & pour it through the “Gospel sieve.” How much has substance; Truth, maybe hard-to-swallow-truth, which is retainable & useful? How much of it was froth, stories, his personal gallivants which run through the sieve & are of little good to salvation? Stop heaping to yourselves teachers/preachers who tickle you with their stories but give only minor amounts of Gospel. – 8/20/20


“We love to give to those we love.”

– Beverly Carradine


Read Revelations again (I’ve read Rev. through 5 times in 2020). “But I don’t understand It.” (Show me a man who says he understands all of Revelation & I’ll show you a man who’s mistaken.) Let me guarantee one thing – you’ll come nearer understanding “this section or that” if you read It (& re-read It) than if you do not read It. Read It with a highlighter (make sure it doesn’t bleed through page), or pen & straight edge, or cut & past It (ch. at a time) onto a PC. Make God’s words one size/color font; your questions/comments a different size/color. Have a great time reading/studying Revelation. – 8/21/20


“The church was never sent to entertain men.”

– Beverly Carradine



The greatest preparation a man can make

To preach the Gospel for Jesus’ sake

Is to allow the Spirit from above

To replace Adam’s nature with perfect love.

– eab, 8/21/15


What would you do if you knew you only had 3 days to live? What letter/text would you send? What phone call would you make? Is there a house (on the other side of town, other side of state) you’d pull up to & unburden your heart? Is there a tool, a book, an animal you need to return? “But – but, he/she is the one who Started it.” That may (or may not) be the case – why don’t you be the one to End it? – 8/21/20


“We find in no history any human creature oppressed with such sorrow

as to sweat blood; therefore this history of Christ is wonderful.”

– Martin Luther


Rev 22.5

“…There shall be no night there & they need no candle, neither light of the sun;

for the Lord God giveth them light & they shall reign for ever & ever.”


One of the first things women do (in careful churches) who want to compromise is trim their hair. (BTW, cutting hair is the easiest thing a women can do to change her appearance – much easier than losing weight.) “My hair is longer than my husband’s – I still have ‘long’ hair.” That, sister, is an opinion. I fear it is a rather popular opinion but does the Bible agree? Allow, for your soul sake, a serious question – – – If the Holy Spirit wants you to stop, make that STOP, any/all cutting are you willing to mind Him? – 8/21/20


“The tragic thing today is that so many men with a Christian ancestry

are creating a pagan posterity.”

– Donald S Mackay

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