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Psa 24.3 +

Psa 24.3

“Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or

Who shall stand in his holy place?”


“The Holy Ghost so satisfies the souls that receive it [sic]

that they thirst no more for earthly good…”

– Adam Clarke


May I express my concern (I hope it doesn’t anger you). Seems I’m seeing people who attend careful Evangelical/Holiness churches going to hear (or posting videos on fb) of singers who’re: guys with hair like a woman’s or gals with much jewelry & immodest clothing. Are you that “hungry” for music that you listen to a “voice” & ignore the singer’s apppearance? Please stop supporting “singers” unless, if you were on your death bed, you’d want THEM to pray for your salvation. As for me, I’d rather have a holy singer whose voice is less, than a “great voice” who is worldly in looks & dress. – 2/23/20


“He loves God with all his soul, with all his life,

who is ready to give up his life for His sake…”

– Adam Clarke


God was “yesterday” (to us) but back then, God IS.

God is “today” (to us) but, God IS, He is timeless.

God will be “tomorrow” (to us, whether we’re here or dead) but He will be then, God IS.

The day comes when time (as we’ve known it) will be no more (Rev 10.6) – 2/23/20



There are prayers from the heart

There are prayers from the head.

There are prayers half alive

And prayers that are all dead.

There are even prayers “read”

(To please the humans that hear).

But the best prayers include “Which art”

Intended only for God’s ear.

– eab, Aug. 1989


A, B, C you recognize have meaning as part of an alphabet. Greek letters or Hebrew etc are different but have meanings to those reared with them or who’ve acquired their skill. Are you attuned to meaning(s) for ¶? (Please don’t think this is what a “star” overhead looks like.) Beside “star” it’s called a pentagram. It has ancient &/or foreign meanings. As your friend, allow me to urge you, become acquainted with its meanings. Symbols often have evil meanings & should be avoided by followers of Jesus Christ. – 2/24/20


Do we live as if

we are in competition with the Holy Spirit?”

Phillip D Dickinson


1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”


X, Y, Z, – as above post – you know as building blocks for English (& other languages) Are you aware this Y shape has meaning? Yes, it can be called a 6-pointed “star” (again, with no reference to stars overhead). It’s also called a hexagram. Sadly, a hexagram or a hex has meaning(s) beyond its 6 points. Symbols can be a language & should not be carelessly used. Evil people use symbols. Just because this triangle-upon-triangle symbols appears on a flag does not mean it is free from bad meanings. – 2/25/20


Issues are simple when the heart is intense.

Samuel  Chadwick

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