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Psa 100.3 +

Psa 100.3

“Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us,

& not we ourselves; we are his people & the sheep of his pasture.”


“It is dangerous to make man see too clearly his equality with the brutes without showing him his greatness. It is also dangerous to make his see his greatness too clearly apart from his vileness.”

– Blaise Pascal


“Music” plays an important roll in this fallen world. What’s called “christian music” plays a far too important roll in worldly churches. Now, ready of this? – – – Probably there’s never been a time in which more so-called evangelical & so-called holiness people are visiting “Gospel-Sings” (pastor “date-night”), calling in groups “to perform” &/or listening to such 24-7 on their phones. We’re being moved by notes (many from less-than-holy mouths), when we should be being moved by the “Word of the Lord.” – 9/6/20



“What you consider as your best excuse,

He considers as your greatest sin.”

– Edward Payson


Holy preaching is not entertaining to saints – they feel the Spirit moving & are praying for Him to move in a greater way. When a man is preaching in the Spirit, some sinners have attended “to be entertained” but once the Holy Ghost settled on them, the *fun* was over. If you think preaching is entertaining there’s a good possibility that you’re listening to a superficial speaker, a motivational speaker, some guy who does not know God, or knows Him only in a shallow way. – 9/30/20



That they might find their way back

Back from across the track

Back from the slum and slim

They lost their glorious way

The way to Heaven’s bright day

Oh, may they return anytime.

– eab, 9/30/09


Snow comes down from Heaven. Rain comes from the same. Sleet & hail also come from Heaven. Soothing breezes & cooling winds have their source in Heaven. Dews are sent from above. All come down. What comes up from the earth? When a volcanoes explodes earth sends up gases (perhaps even foul or poisonous). Fire come from the earth. Brimstone &/or pumice flies up from the earth’s bowels. Smoke erupts from below & dust – a dust so small it may ruin man’s jet engines & change sunsets for month. I’ll take Heaven’s gifts that come down, anytime over earth’s (maybe even hell’s) convulsions. – 9/30/20


“We are the ambassadors to eternity in the courts of time,

& it is our business to permeate the courts of time with the atmosphere of eternity.”

Duncan Campbell


Mar 10.6

“But from the beginning of the creation

God made them male & female.”


Our world has changed. One of the unbelievable ways it’s changed is the blurring of the line between the sexes. Clothing’s been used for decades to help obliterate male from female. Hair length has been used by satan to distort the God-given man/women lines. Manly occupations have been invaded by some women (didn’t say ladies) & sadly a few jobs which were almost exclusively female are now done by males. Please, as a dad, a mom, do nothing to blur the lines with your children. And as a CHRISTAIN dad & mom ever strife to teach & exemplify the separation of the sexes. – 9/30/20


“Desire for revival is one thing;

confident anticipation that our desires will be fulfilled is another.”

Duncan Campbell

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Psa 100.2 +

Psa 100.2

“Serve the LORD with gladness:

come before his presence with singing.”


“Nothing would do more to rebut the infidelity & reliance on mere outward rites…

so much as a revival of Bible love, Bible reading, & Bible memorizing.”

– F B Meyer


God made man. Then God had His Son born of a virgin to become a Man. Christ became one of us & then died to save all of us. His death was real (Roman soldiers knew how to do their grisly “job.”) The resurrection of Christ as just as real as His death. He came back to life & is alive for evermore. We honor the Lord’s Day because that’s the Day of His glorious resurrection. Do you honor His Special Day?

– 9/20/20


“…The connection between ‘eagle spirits’ shamans, & today’s neo-prophetic seers

is unmistakable. This is the New Spirituality.”

– Mark Dinsmore


One of my ways of seeing fb is as a community bulletin board (put up many a B.B. in yrs as teacher/sch. administrator). You post your news & I post mine. I may see yours as light, even frivolous. You may see mine as dark, even heavy. It is a community board – I have no right to take a pen & scribble out a paragraph of yours that I do not like – nor, as I see it do you. If I totally disagree with your post I may sooner or later post one of my own but do it without reference to your post or using your name. – 9/21/20


New Saul

He had been a radical Jew,

Jailing “bad” Christians, not a few;

Then met their Leader, Christ, the Lord,

Exchanged metal for Living Sword,

Old Saul became Paul, “brand new.”

– eab, 9/29/08


Mom/Dad – please pay attention to the skirt length of your growing girl. Because it was long enough in the spring, is no sign it is this fall. “She’s just 8, where her hem is, is not that important.” Allow me to disagree. If you look-the-other-way at 8, she can become used to a shorter hems. P.S. The “leggings” which have become popular don’t substitute for a longer skirt. I’m seeing too many knees AND ABOVE where the girl (& maybe the parents) seem to think she’s OK. – 9/28/20


“Dying & death…are distinct things; there is something gloomy & melancholy about dying;

whereas death is nothing, but as it opens the way to glory.”

– Richard Watson


2Ti 3.2

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters,

proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,”


My wife & I became parents on a wonderful day in July 1964. We have had an “empty nest” since a glad/sad day in June 1995. We enjoyed almost all the days between (endured 1 or 2) & have had great relationships with all the four God loaned us. I’m posting this today because we’re still parenting, yes, these many yrs after births & marriages. And, I expect to keep on getting phone calls, visits, prayer requests. Was glad to find I was a father many moons ago & am still glad to be Dad who can listen to & pray with my kids. (BTW, they’re still my kids tho the youngest is already “middle aged” J.) – 9/29/20


What is spiritual freedom?

It is being ourselves in the Holy Ghost.”

– L W Sturk

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Psa 100.1 +

Psa 100.1

“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD,

all ye lands.”


“…Students keep the school afloat financially. If the school does not offer psychology, ‘the number-two most popular major’ the students will go elsewhere…the school sinks economically.”

– T A McMahon


“Better to be an old maid than to wish you were one.” Famous words (at least to me) of my favorite high school teacher, Miss Reiss.

Better to be single with empty arms than to have allowed a cheap guy to talk you into sex & then you be left with a daughter (or worse, a son) to raise-by-yourself, while he runs off. – 9/26/20


“There is hope for any man

who thinks there is nothing in him.”

– D L Moody


It can sound spiritual to talk about Prayer. It seems good to preach about Prayer. It may help the writer (& may help the readers) to pen a book on Prayer. We can write songs & then sing about Prayer. Planning a stand-alone or series of classes may help men understand Prayer. But – ready for this – nothing, ah nothing, takes the place of you getting away to Pray. No fan fare, no announcements, no pics – just you & God. Him talking – you listening. You confessing – Him listening. – 9/28/20



Time was when Mr. Leaf was attached,

Tied comfortably to his own home Tree.

He was close to his fellow brethren,

Greenish, growing in Tree liberty.


He had his function in the Body,

Helped the Tree (though he was slightly curled)

Gave the Tree his loving, living best,

Growing, glowing there above the world.


Then air took a little colder nudge,

“Autumn” as the human’s call it, fell.

Mr. Leaf got a tinge of color,

He did not seem to feel quite as well.


More cold came into his leafy world,

And a fall rain or two came his way.

The Leaf noticed he seemed less attached,

He began to enjoy his new sway.


A critical moment came to him;

He found himself loose from his home Tree.


From the Body he severed his ties.

Mr. Leaf was, at last, “really free.”


Oh, what a sinsation [1] this all was,

He found himself flying through the air

He could turn right, or he could turn left,

So different from when he was “up there.”


He actually got to see the world.

He saw things he had not seen before.

The Tree had limited his past life,

The world had variety in store.


As he moved away from his old Tree,

Mr. Leaf liked his new-fangled ride.

He even was lifted up so high,

Gladly he was proud, of his new pride.


How nice it was to slip through the air,

Giddy, to be caught up in the swirl,

He enjoyed mixing with other Leaves;

Raved in the charm of a sleek Leaf girl.


He did notice in honest moments,

He was closer to dirt than before.

But he swirled, swirled, forgetting that thought,

What fun it was to once freely soar.


Excitedly the world came closer;

He knew not how dangerous it was.

Dirt, from distance, had earthy appeal,

Up close he saw bling, it lacked the buz.


Swooping, slopping ever downward now,

Mr. Leaf landed in his descent.

The world was hard. He’d expected more,

Its hardness hurt, his old surface rent.


Was this stuff rock? Was this thing real mud?

After fun was he stuck to the ground?

Where was the freedom he thought he had?

Where was the “free life” he had just found?


His Body, his faithful old Tree stood,

It hadn’t moved; he’s the one who fled.

The Body (his lost Tree) was alive.

Mr. Leaf, with his “freedom” was dead. – eab, 9/28/09


Hopefully you know suicide is Wrong. (If you don’t – it’s this simple; murder is sin, self-murder is sin.)

Suicide ends your chance to ask God to forgive you & your chance to ask parents/siblings to forgive you.

Suicide begins a time of torture – a time without end. A timelessness you can’t imagine while still alive.

Suicide – satan lies telling you “It’s the way out.” Don’t listen (for a moment) to the enemy of your soul.

God – if you get 100% honest – can forgive sins & make you so you don’t want to commit suicide. 9/28/20


Beware of contentions in religion…whatsoever does not lead you

to love God & man more is most assuredly from beneath.

Adam Clarke


Luk 18.1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end,

that men ought always to pray & not to faint”


How aware are you of symbols? You ought to research the 5-pointed & 6-pointed “star.” There are 3 reasons you should become alert to symbols 1.) Some are ancient & their old “meanings” still exist. 2.) Symbols cross linguistic lines – therefore are “read” by others – an international language. 3.) The last may be the most serious – symbols are used by occult & cultish people with deeper & more scary meanings. Please stop using 5 & 6-pointed stars on clothing, houses, stationary, both at church & home. – 9/28/20


Holiness as an ethical reality does not make one less than human

but more fully so.

Ray Dunning

[1] Purposefully “spelled” this way.

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Psa 91.2 +

Psa 91.2

“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge & my fortress:

my God; in him will I trust.”


“What church or congregation has any respect for a minister who trims his preaching to the iching ears of the monied man in his church.”

– Carl McIntire


When’s the last time your church sang “Almost Persuaded” or “Jesus I Come” or “Lord, I’m Coming Home” or “Pass Me Not” or “There’s a Great Day Coming” or “Where He Leads Me”? Why are we no longer (or very seldom) singing songs which make people think about heaven, hell, or their souls? – Sept 2020


“Any mantra (like the Catholic rosary) violates Christ’s command to

‘Use not vain repetitions as the heathen’(Mt 6:7).”

– T A McMahon


“God & country” is not in the Bible. Whoever first said “God & country” (or said it so that it *stuck*) introduced a catchy term. People link these two together but you should question this non-Biblical bond. God is Eternal – no country lasts more than a few hundred yrs. God is All-powerful – no country has a fraction of His power. To attach these two is to lower God & to raise a hunk of the earth He created – putting “them” on equal footing. Please stop using this term – it’s degrading to the Almighty. – 9/27/20



I must live in the place, where Thy glorious face,

Is seen from day to day.

Where the eternal essence, of Thine only presence,

Doth not fade away.


Let me sense, let me know, while still here below,

Heaven in my unworthy soul.

Place Gilead’s healing balm, replace storm with Thy calm

And make me every-wit whole!

– eab, Sep. ’81


Followers of Christ hold the Bible as The All-Important Book, with emphasis on the New Testament. Followers of cults (well-known & widely accepted or little-know & weird) don’t respect the Bible as paramount. They may mention It or have their own version of It printed, but watch closely. It is the Bible PLUS the sayings of their cult leaders & their emphasis may be more Old Testament than New. – 9/27/20


“The play-house became the temple of England.

Drama could noy be exhibited, nor privately read without blushes.”

– Able Stevens


Luk 16.22b – 23a

“…The rich man also died & was buried;

“…In hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments,”


Some people became known at an early age because of a last name. Other people excelled (in a sport-crazed-age) at a game & gained recognition. Still others achieved academic awards, climbed “corporate ladders,” or became rich. And, sadly, some gained a name by just playing a part in a hollywood flick. All of the above die. If they didn’t renounce the world & believe Christ for forgiveness, they went to hell. Now an opinion – Hell may be a place where no-one knows another’s name, a place where fame is gone, a place even hotter if one was “known” on earth. Please leave your fame – do not go to that flame. – 9/27/20


It does not take a true Christian long to scent & detect

the ‘wild gourd in the pot.’”

– George  Straub

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Psa 91.1 +

Psa 91.1

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”


“…Pride…is the mother of all heresies…”

– Martin Luther


Before you start to read your Bible each day bow your head. Ask the Almighty Author to meet with you. Ask Him to help you see what He wants you to see TODAY. (BTW, you are the one who must make your mind, *mind* & not wander off “to fix the hen house” while your eyes are sliding over Mat 5 or other passage.) Look for new truth. Connect what you reading with what you read yesterday. – 9/15/20


“Adam had more children than the three that are mentioned…

doubtless had many sons & daughters, full 200, I am persuaded.”

– Martin Luther


You are going to die. You are only going to die once. Your death may be the result of “natural causes” disease, accident, a plague. The devil would like to agitate you, to get you so broiling over that your soul has no peace at death & therefore plunges into hell. God, by holy contrast, died so you can die right. So whether in War or Peace your soul is at rest in Christ & will rise to the bliss of heaven forever. Do nothing to make your soul aggravated. Join no group which is pushing for war (civil or otherwise). Do not become so concerned about your *stuff* that you’ll die defending them – it are not worth you being up-set. Be ready to drop all earthly possessions that you may rise to true possessions in the skies. – 9/17/20


Threescore & Ten

When you near three score and ten,

And think life is about to end –

No, this is just the earthly part,

Cheer up. Obey. Take heart.

Eternal Life, saint, is around the bend.

– eab, 9/23/14


Human life has become less valuable in the last 100 yrs or so. Millions have been killed by American, British, French, German, Italian, Russian or other guns. Millions more have been killed in “legal” abortions. (Please stop drawing a line between war & the war on babies – it is an artificial line.) You & I are human or less-than-human as we accept or abhor this loss of human life. Parallel? Our spiritual life is up or down as we view the backsliding around us. Are you, am I praying, weeping in private, in public services, over the spiritual deadness we see & feel around us? – 9/19/20


“Holiness will peal paint, melt jewelry,

lengthen skirts & grow hair.”

– J D Stafford


Rev 1.8

“I am Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the ending, saith the Lord,

which is, & which was, & which is to come, the Almighty.”


The devil will use anything he can (& I mean ANYTHING) to distract you from being saved from ALL sin & sanctified holy. “Wine, women, & song” (line that is decades old), money, but also religion with a wagon-load of rites & rituals. Hobbies, collections, sports (team or individual), reading even historical research can all distract (& therefore side-track) you from the business of your personal salvation. – 9/22/20


Interest in Christian missions in pagan lands & city slum

 is a fair guage of the spirituality of an individual & of a church.”

– Daniel Steele

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Psa 90.12 +

Psa 90.12

“So teach us to number our days,

that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”


“He has a right to criticize

who has a heart to help.”

– A Lincoln


Sadly we live in an age of images, many, many images. We have no control over that. Brother/Sister we DO have control over how many images we watch. We do have control over how many of these images we have on our clothing or on the clothing of our children. As Christians we need to be awake to the wiles of satan. Heed these words, “…Keep yourselves from idols…”(1Jo 5.21) & yes, some of today’s images may represent idols: openly or in disguise. – 9/22/20


“…Where the fear of God is not,

there can be no thirsting for grace or life.”

– Martin Luther


Looking for a preacher of righteousness or, OR, are you looking for a “speaker”? Do you want your church to have a sin-killing, Holy Ghost awakening or, OR, do you want to just have the obligatory fall “revival”? Do you want a man who gets his messages from God or OR, a man who’ll be acceptable to “Mr Money-Bags” or “Miss Paints-her-face”? If the “he” you’re trying to get has spoken at a church/mission retreat/college where holiness standards are weak, yea almost non-existent, stop. Get alone with God & ask Him who *HE* wants to preach In. This. Late. Hour. – 9/22/20


victory cry

“O death where is thy sting”

Has an un-familiar ring

To those unprepared to die.

But to the soul now sanctified

Walking by faith with “the Crucified,“

It’s a glorious, holy, victory cry.

– eab, 9/22/09


Wanting a wife? That’s a good & natural desire (“…It is not good that the man should be alone…”(Gen 2.18). Before you seek her too strongly, seek God with all your heart; first to get out of the sin business & then to have the Holy Spirit get carnality out of you. You see, my brother, a holy man wants a wife who’s different from what an unholy man wants. Still good looking? Yes. Nice personality? Yes. But a holy man with a holy wife gives God a wonderful pair to win a part of their world & to raise children for His Kingdom. God first, wife second. – 9/22/20


Ritual always appeals to the nursery. The…drapery, processions

& awesome ritual impress those who have no deeper vision.

Samuel Chadwick


Pro 18.22

“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing

& obtaineth favor of the LORD.”


The wonderful (& somewhat mysterious) Book of the Revelation suggests we’ll receive a new name above. That’s good. The name my parents gave me “Edgar” is different. I never went to grade sch or high with another Edgar. I didn’t attend college or seminary with another Edgar. Of the hundreds of students & parishioners the Lord’s allowed me to minister to, I’ve not had but one Edgar & he was in a short-term class I taught in Bogotá. But there are WHO knows how many Edgars, perhaps even born on my birth yr. I’m glad the Lord plans to give us a New Name in Glory. Praise the Lord. – 9/22/20


How does Jesus Christ teach a man to forget sin, By forgiving him.

How does a pagan teach a man to forget sin ‘Ignore it, think no more about it, realize yourself!’

Oswald Chambers

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Psa 85.6 +

Psa 85.6

“Wilt thou not revive us again:

that thy people may rejoice in thee?”


“No man can have God’s highest thought &

be popular with his immediate generation.”

– A B Simpson


If you have the job of writing an obituary please do not pretend you are God & assume they went to heaven. “Well, I hope they did.” That’s good, I agree fully. “And, I’m not about to write that they went to damnation.” Again, I agree. Leave out where they went – you don’t know 100% – few if any others know 100%, so you can simply say they died. That is a fact. Obits should be honest. – 9/19/20


“Good books, good sermons are like sundials –

they do no good without divine light.”

– J D Smith


I’m aware that to some what I post seems controversial (“Hit dog hollers”). I do NOT post for that reason. I post to help people think – they may see a truth their pastor is totally ignoring (on purpose?). I post to show sin but hopefully readers will flee to Christ & seek His forgiveness. I post to expose carnality & again so souls will seek & find the fullness of the indwelling Holy Ghost. I also post occasionally on schooling, family, or items of personal interest. My thanks to all who read & my sincere THANKS to those who hit “like.” (Hitting “like” is similar to a raised hand, nod, or a smile in church – they encourage the preacher.) Face book is a “platform” I’m glad we have. (We may not always have it.) – 9/21/20



The God who sustains all the stars on high

And marks the sparrow in its lone flight.

That God Who knows all our troubles and woes,

And hears every cry

Alone in the midst of the night.

Is alive and knoweth right well

Our need. He knows, He knows.

– eab, Sep. 1975


“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest”(Mat 9.38) &

“…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest”(Luk 10.2) are twin passages of UPMOST importance. You & I, as sincere followers of Christ, are to obey His explicate command. Do you? New Laborers, more Laborers, younger Laborers are needed in your state & mine, in your country & mine, in your continent & mine. Please change your praying (if need be) to be in line with His Divine directions. – 9/21/20


“If I hate or despise any one man in the world

I hate something that God cannot hate & despise that which he loves.”

– Wm Law


Mat 23.8

“But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ & all ye are brethren.”

 Mat 23.10

“Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.”


“Doctors” are mentioned in Luke (2.46,5.17) & “doctor” in Acts (5.34). Those titled were Jewish men, not Christians. There are men who’ve burnt “midnight oil” & acquired a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, or a Doctor of Theology, ThD, & such men may be respected for hundreds of hours spent “in” the books. There are, sadly, others being called “doctor” who’ve not labored long & hard. We need to stop calling such by high titles they don’t deserve “…honor to whom honor…” Too many men like too well to be called “Dr” seemingly unaware that ecclesiastical pride also will land a man in hell. – 9/21/20


I never knew happiness till I found Christ as a Savior.

Read the Bible; read the Bible. “

– Wm Wilberforce.

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Psa 84.10 +

Psa 84.10

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.

I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God,

than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”


“…The fuller of pride anyone is himself

the more impatient will he be at the smallest instances of it in other people.”

– Wm Law


The devil doesn’t want you content. He wants you to hear about a “do-dad” or “thing-a-ma-jig” you have to have. satan wants you to crave a non-food items to smoke, drink, inject into your body. The old serpent will temp you to watch a filthy film or a hollywood mis-representation, or a dumbing-down disney item. The devil does NOT want you to be happy with life, content to be yourself, easily satisfied. Tell him to go “jump in the lake” & with Christ as your helper, Glory in living a simple life centered in the Lord. – 9/20/20


“Never do anything to excel other people

but in order to please God…”

– Wm Law


When the tenor is living with his second wife (#1 still alive), when the lead is know for flashes of anger, when the baritone is sour when things don’t go his way, when the bass is proud of how low he can go & the piano player is less than a man, please don’t imagine you’re feeling God’s spirit as they sing. The guys may know how to sing/play, may be clapping, raising hands, saying “Amen” but the Holy Spirit does not bless carnal singers. Do not go see such, do not have them in your church, do not be deceived. * – 9/20/20

* (Have no one group in mind)



When we sing a chorus,

We’re likely to sing about us.

When we sing a Hymn,

We sing about Him.

– eab, Sept  2009


God gives you 6 days to work the garden, wash the car, mow your yard – Use them, not His special Lord’s Day. Christ gives you 6 days to fill the car with gas, check out specials at the hardware or grocery shop – Be busy about your stuff on them, leave off such out of the Lord’s Day. “But – but, I’m so busy.” Truth-be-known probably too busy. Slow down, Friend. You do not HAVE to keep up this your run-away neighbor. Drop activities you’re doing which you don’t enjoy & in which your family is not involved. Savor life. -9/20/20


Humility & meekness are always

the gateway to God’s blessings.

Leonard Sankey


Eph 4.26

“Be ye angry & sin not:

let not the sun go down upon your wrath:”


If you are going to be angry make sure your anger is like Jesus had, “…He…looked round about on them with anger, *being grieved* for the hardness of their hearts…” Anger unmixed with grief is almost certainly carnal but we know Christ’s anger was not. satan will try to get you so upset with your family, your job situation, some political problem until you have a carnal anger. No carnal anger will be in heaven. (You ought to be glad about that.) And even more glad to know that the Holy Spirit will remove – as we die out to ourselves – all anger that’s related to satan & his putrid causes. – 9/20/20


Repentance implies a willingness to be known

& estimated according to one’s real character.

George               Shaw

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Psa 71.17-18 +

Psa 71.17-18

“O God, thou hast taught me from my youth & hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.

“Now also when I am old & grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have showed thy strength unto this generation & thy power to every one that is to come.”


“Christ of prophecy became the Jesus of History

 & will become the Lord of Glory.”

– Delbert               Rose, PhD


You know a hypocrite? Two of them? Ten? There’s both a negative & a positive here. It’s very negative for these poor guys/gals that they’re professing high but living low. But there’s a positive in this as well. “What’s that?” The good part is that you, looking on, recognize hypocrisy. ‘Cause you know falseness when you see it, you KNOW there’s a true, there IS a genuine. Now, Friend, Please become a real Christian. And – – – then you can pray for & witness to the hypocrites you know. – 9/19/20


“A mistake is a thing you did when you knew no better;

a sin is a thing you did when you did know better…the motive determines the morality of the act.”

– C W Ruth


“LAUGH” is an OT [1] word except for a balanced statement in Luke 6, “…Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh”(v21) & it’s antithesis “…Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn & weep”(v25).

“LAUGHED” is again an OT word with three exceptions, all of them totally out of place, all of them anti our Lord where the know-it-all people “…laughed Him to scorn”(Mat 9.24, Mar 5.40 & Luk 8.53).

“LAUGHING” is an OT word & “LAUGHTER” is OT except for James, “…Let your laughter be turned to mourning & [your] joy to heaviness”(Jam 4.9).




It’s strictly a commodity of earth.

Heaven (with JOY) has not need of it

Hell wishes they’d never heard of it.

Mourn now sinner, that you may rejoice above

Mourn saint, FOR sinners, that they find His love

Joy cometh in the morning, for those now mourning.

– eab, 9/19/20


Increase your prayer life. Ask the Lord if there is a country for which you should specifically pray once a week, once a day. It could be a land you once visited or one you always wanted to. It could be an ancestral root country (your grandparents or great-grands were born there). Pray God will raise up a holiness preacher from among their own men. Pray that the Lord will call a sister to become an intercessor for her own people there. “…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest”(Luk 10.2b). – 9/19/20


“I sensed the powerful decentralizing effect of it on my mind & affections. It quickens me in ways not of God, defeating the purpose of prayer…”

– Jim Elliott about TV


Col 3.15

“…Let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body

& be ye thankful.”


To whom did you last say “Thank You”? I hope your wife/husband has heard you say it within the last 24. Do you say it at the store? “No. It’s their job to serve me.” Technically, it’s their job but it’s a nice gesture for you to express gratitude. Examine your heart, Friend. If you do not have a thankful spirit you ought to have & I urge you to pray until you have one. Thank your child for his/her act of love in person or their phone call. Thank your neighbor for a small but kind deed. AND, most of all Thank God for daily blessings. Thank Him everyday. Several times a day. 9/19/20


College is a place where peebles are polished & diamonds dimmed.”

– Robert Ingersoll, called himself an atheist.

[1] If this seems strange, please be reminded we’re New Testament Christians. We are not living (Thank the Lord) in the OT.

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Psa 55.22 +

Psa 55.22

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord & he shall sustain thee:

he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”


“…Seize the one truth which the parable is intended to set forth…& let the parts

of the parable that are explained be explained in harmony with this one truth.”

– Samuel Green


Does a preacher’s humor in the pulpit add to his popularity? With many people, yes. Do jokes/funny stories/one-liners raise the congregation’s respect for God Almighty? That is doubtful. It seems today, humor is so easily accepted in pulpits, even holiness ones. Has this lightness, this attempt at funniness, given us revival? Has it brought a seriousness about sin? When speaking to youth (in the past) I have asked God to give me some humor. Dear Reader, a Church is not a youth group. A church should be The Lighthouse of the community, the one place where “Thus Saith The Lord” is still heard! – 9/11/20


“…Christ[’s]…challenge was not to save ourselves but to lose ourselves;

not understand Him but to have courage to follow Him.”

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD


So – you married a woman 5-15 yrs younger than your wife. Your wife was the lady who bore your children, believed in you, & put up with youthful shenanigans. You’ve “moved on” with this new woman, think you love her (divorce & remarriage is almost always selfish), & are living a Make-Believe-Life. What about your poor wife? “She’s not poor. I send her $XXX.xx (or $XXXX.xx) every month.” Money, sir, is not you. Money is not your love, your attention. Money is not growing old together. You stood at an altar & promised “till death do us part” but your promise wasn’t worth much, it seems. Confess your wickedness to God. Confess your lustful heart to your wife. Seek God before you die – that could be soon. – 9/17/20


ONE baptism

Some people are immersed in water,

And consider their salvation done,

Ignoring there’s a baptism,

Beyond John’s – that by the Son.


Fire from heaven purges the inside,

Where water’s wetness can never reach,

Fiery Holy Ghost baptism –

ONE baptism that is for each.

– eab, Sept 2010


To have money is not a sin – It’s loving money that will damn you. There are a few souls God’s been able to trust with large amounts of cash/valuables – He knows they’ll give as He directs: a new/nearly-new vehicle to this missionary, a house to this retired evangelist, etc. & as they give away the Lord supplies the “liberal soul”(Pro 11.25) with more. WARNING – You can be poor, ah very poor but still love money. Don’t get caught in the awful trap of loving such a fleeting, inflationary thing as money. – 9/18/20


The way we behave toward other people

indicates what we beleive about God.’

Ken Rice


Mar 10.24

“…Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches

to enter into the kingdom of God!”


Why do some woman have no desire to be a lady? And – sadly do not even a desire to be fully woman? Why do some males never mature to be men? And even wish themselves a woman? There may be reasons I do not understand but sinners are rebels against God (have been since Eve). This desire to not be the sex (or fully the sex) they were born to be is rebellion, is a slap in the face of God. He will have the last say. Stop your defiant attitude toward Him & beg His forgiveness. – 9/18/20


When the Lord saved me He gave me something I never had & always wanted.

When He sanctified He took out of me something I never needed & never wanted.

Buddy  Robinson

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