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Psa 27.1 +

On this DATE even.


Psa 27.1

“The LORD is my light & my salvation; whom shall I fear?

The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”


“Sin isn’t a little indisposition; it is a damning thing.

It does ruin [to] body, soul & spirit.”

– Roy S Nicholson


DO NOT OPEN – God allowed a bit of our brain to be curious & curiosity has a limited place. Keep it in its place! Do not be curious about satan, his devils, nor his power. Hopefully, no reader goes to shops were satanic stuff is sold. But media is placing movies (or trailers) online. Do. Not. Open. “But I’m curious.” Ask God to make you more curious about His Book, about Its history, about the Life of Christ, about the future into which we’re hurryingly at this very moment. Please do not open any movie or trailer which has the look of satan about it. Pray for discernment – God can give it. 8/25/20


“One of the most wonderful thing about holiness is that it cures the fear of death.

It takes you out of that group ‘who thru fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage’…”

– John Paul, 20th c. evangelist


Christians take a stand for Scripture & thus oppose pseudoscience. A few times we (or some element of Christianity) may have seen the stand to take decades/centuries ago. Too often in modernity we’ve been indoctrinated by schools (state & christian) & have taken our stands only after soul-searching experiences. Courage, Bro./Sis., it is truly “better-late-than-never.” False science every now then shows its ugly head. When you see it – Stand against it. The Word of God will prevail. – 9/5/20



Redeemed man will soon take his sole, soul flight,

To marvelous heaven, that’s out of sight,

Where there is constant day – never a night,

Because Christ Himself, is its Regal Light.

Want to go to the heaven beyond the blue?

You can go, it was made for you, and you.

Souls from every tribe, and tongue, old and new,

Men from continents and all the isles too,

May be freed from sin in Jesus’ Blood’s might,

Turn from all wrong, turned to always do right,

Never again to curse, lie, kill or fight.

God also wants to remove carnal blight.

Interested? But your haven’t a clue?

Read the Bible. It will show the way through.

– eab, 9/8/09


“Christian music” can make you *feel* good, when you are NOT good. How different it could be if every “all-night sing,” every “christian concert,” every “sing-spiration” ended in a Holy Spirit-lead prayer meeting. The devil doesn’t mind you feeling good – as long as he can keep you from getting right with Jesus Christ. – 9/8/20


Discernment makes knowledge practical.”

Paul Pierpoint


Psa 56.11

“In God have I put my trust:

I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.”


Oh, what a wonderful thing it is to look up to face of The Father & say, “Speak, Lord…thy servant heareth”(1Sa 3.9). Are you *there* Friend? Do you want to be there? REALLY want to be there? You can be – by. HIS. grace. – 9/8/20


Jesus was holiness personified.

J M Pike

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