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Psa 27.14 +

Psa 27.14

“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage & he shall strengthen thine heart:

wait, I say, on the LORD.”


America has sinned. Repeatedly. Only God knows the number of lies told, number of murders made to look like a “suicide,” number of men who’ve slept with another’s wife, number of sodomites who acted religious, number of… But let me assure you HE KNOWS. Unlike faulty humans, God’s record is complete. We need a revival. Pray for politics if you like, but pray, O, much more for a moving of God 1.) At your church, 2.) On your home, 3.) In your heart. Jesus Christ is the only hope for US. – 8/24/20


“In the age of television,

image becomes more important than substance.”

– S I Hayakawa, US Senator


One of the worse things you can have hanging in the church (anywhere in the church) is a “picture” of Jesus. (This is also one of the worse items you can have in your home.) No one knows what Jesus looked like. God saw to it that no “photograph” “picture” “image” of His Son was left. Any “picture” of our Lord is strictly man’s imagination. We do not know how tall He was, nor what He weighted, nor the color of skin or hair. Please stop indoctrinating your youth. – 8/25/20


“Older man declare war.

But it is the youth that must fight & die.”

– Herbert Hoover, Former US President



The same amount of paper,

The same amount of ink,

Makes a one or a one-hundred.

What’s the difference? What’d you think?

Gold, by awesome contrast,

Has value from weight or size,

True value comes forth

Very hard to disguise.

Man makes money,

Religions also man makes.

Its value is what you “think.”

God makes true salvation,

With values beyond the skies.

Gold, like God’s way,

Has value beyond disguise.

– eab, 9/9/09


No human understands death. Those eyes that just showed a glint of humor or the love of a slight smile now lie still – life has departed. The flesh that was pliable & warm is chilling to warm no more – life has departed. The brain which was nimble is decaying & that mysterious part of us we label the soul is gone.

“Don’t write about such, Bryan, it’s too serious.” You & I need to consider death. The few words above will be reality for us both, in a relatively short time. Now is the time to prepare & then stay prepared. -9/9/20


“He will only come to a heart that is aflame with ardent desire for His presence.”

– J M Pike


Rev 2.11

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;

He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.”


There’ve been brothers who have influenced each other to more prayer, to holier living, to a greater level of Bible memorization. Praise God for every man who’s helped his brother heavenward. You have to be very sleepy to not see that we live in a deceitfully, compromising church world. When/if you see your brother make a clear more toward slipping, pray earnestly & then (if you feel the Lord leading) set down & talk about what you think you see. Easy?  No, it may be one of the toughest things you’ll ever do but your concern & prayers may save your brother from the pit of hell. – 9/9/20


Show me a home in trouble &

I’ll show you a home where the Holy Spirit is absent.”

– James Plank

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