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Psa 34.1 +

Psa 34.1

“I will bless the LORD at all times:

his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”


“The total absence of humor from the Bible

is one of the most singular things in literature.”

– Alfred Whitehead


The devil was “kicked-out” of heaven at a pre-creation date. He dropped & has been “prince of this world”(Joh 12.31, 14.30, 16.11) & “prince of the power of the air”(Eph 2.2) for some 6000 yrs. He, after losing heaven, will never again enter It’s purity. The devil knows humans can go up, & is doing all he can (“…which deceiveth the whole world…”Rev 12.9) to keep us from heaven. Don’t let him. The devil is a formable foe & we (mere mortals) can’t hope to beat him except, ah, Except by the power of our Savior. -1/27/20


“I expect to change world’s but

I’m not going to change crowds.”

– Truman Wise


DOB – you had nothing to do with the Birth nor Date. You have a coming DOD. Please sir, please ma’am, have nothing to do with it. Do not hasten your DOD by weakening your body with materials you put into it, nor a life of promiscuity or dare-deviltry. DOD will come soon enough. Instead use today, you read that right, *Today* to “Prepare to Meet Thy God”(Amo 4.12). – 1/27/20



Don’t be too quick to say “yes.” Don’t be too quick to say ‘no.”

Give yourself time to pray, think, and sleep;

And your provisory “yes” your prohibitive “no”

Will be more likely “one” you can keep.

– eab, 9/10/15


Use a hymnal. “That is so outdated!” Really?

1.) Hymnals allow a person to whom the hymn is new, to read the notes for soprano, alto, tenor or bass.

2.) Hymnals show who wrote the words, his/her name is on the upper left (in older, quality books).

3.) Hymnals show who wrote the music, his/her name is on the upper right (in older, quality books).

(Some “wall choruses” may not show who wrote either – who wrote something makes a difference in his “definition” of wording.) – 2/4/20


“Beware of greed & remain pure & just. Restrain yourself from every vice.

He who cannot restrain himself, how will he be able to teach others restraint.”



Jas 5.13

“Is any among you afflicted? let him pray.

Is any merry? let him sing psalms.”


Your body is a small but very efficient furnace. To dress it is to insulate it so the warmth stays on the inside & you live, protected. To dress it is also to protect others from undue temptation. Lastly (maybe should be “firstly”) to dress it is to keep spiritual warmth, i.e. spiritual life on the inside. To undress is to expose not only your body but your soul to death. – 2/7/20


“Hear me declare with boldness,

I am a Christian.”


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