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Psa 37.4 +

Psa 37.4

“Delight thyself also in the Lord &

he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”


“During an election campaign the air is full of speeches

 & vice versa.”

– Henry Adams


You are showing what you make, by the *brands* of your clothing. You’re showing you’re status by the fancy car/truck you drive. And – you’re money is showing by the high-end eateries at which you dine. Other people (the smarter ones, BTW) dress less, drive less, eat less: they are living within (actually lower than) their income. Go. Thou. And. Do. Likewise. – 9/9/20


“A little knowledge makes men irreligious

but profound thought brings them back to God.”

– Francis Bacon, Sir


While we dwelt on earth, you thought “yea” & I “nay” on this issue or that. Oh, that I may I love you in spite of our differing views. When in eternity, I won’t need to “right.” AND – I don’t want you to be wrong, to the loss of your soul. – 9/6/20



God lives and moves far, far above men,

Has always done so, near and far,

Before there was a past “when,”

Before He lit the first star.


God is so majestic, lovely, alone,

Alone, in that no equal is found.

His is the eternal throne

Situate without stone or ground.


He is holy and so is His name,

Purity propounded, is our God.

And He’s always, forever the same,

Independent of wind, wave, or clod


That this great Being would care,

About all mankind, let alone one,

And would of His holiness share,

Makes one joyous that it is done.


God gave His Son to live and die,

That sins and their root-sin could go,

Go forever from the bold and the shy,

And Love in its place, might forever grow.

– eab, 9/11/05


Are you praying, more? If not, Brother, Sister surely you’re asleep or worse, spiritually dead. If you are praying more, are your prayers heavy in politics (“Lord, help So-n-So, get elected” or “Defeat What-his-Name”). I’d love to encourage you to get beyond such & ask God for an Awakening. An Awakening in your church, in your home, in your own (& my own) heart. God can still come when, repeat, WHEN you & I, when our homes, our churches show Him we want Him more than anything else. Seek Him. – 9/11/20


“All men have not the same means to be generous.

But all have the same power to be liberal.”

– Beverly Carradine


Jas 5.16

“Confess your faults one to another & pray one for another, that ye may be healed.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


READ. – you could take that as an order & if so, it would be a good order. But I’d rather you took it as an Invitation – – – an Invitation into the palace of ideas & ideals Reading is something you can enjoy as a young grade-schooler – right after you discover the wonderful World of Words. Reading is something you can enjoy as an older person. And reading can be enjoyed by all in-between ages. You can carry a book into the woods or park or lakeside. It needs no electric (now or ever) yet one item off its pages can electrify your life. READ. – 9/11/20


The mark of God’s man is that he sighs

and cries over sin.”

– Samuel Chadwick

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