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Psa 46.1 +

Psa 46.1

“God is our refuge & strength

a very present help in trouble.”


“…The Venerable Bede” (673-735) translated “the Gospel of John into English…

He reckoned all dates from the birth of Christ.”

– H G Wells


Have you (I mean YOU) seen it yet? Hollywood is false. Disney is unreal. Any made-on-a-set movie (even those claiming to be “christian”) has a percentage of “make-believe.” The producers are making million$ – uh – make the billion$ showing you fake houses, fake “love,” even fake people. Please awaken. Destroy the TV. Stop watching movies on your computer or smart phone. You, Friend, are wasting your time. – 9/12/20


“It is the universal weakness of mankind

that what we are given to administer we presently imagine we own.”

– H G Wells


Finding it a challenge to read God’s Word? Admittedly some parts are harder to read (I just finished Leviticus again). The more you read the Bible, the easier it will be to read. Will It ever be totally easy? Maybe not, thought It can be a real delight. After all, the Bible is an ancient Book: the last Book penned was written some 1900 yrs ago. It is a heavenly Book & we, mere mortals are invited to peruse It. It’s above us & our native ability but the wonderful thing is that the God who wants us to read It, is present with us as we try, & will help us as we ask Him. Amen. – 9/13/20



Creator He was at man’s beginning,

Creating the earth, the sea, the sky.

Sustainer He was at the earth’s flooding

Protecting species: elephant and fly.

Redeemer He was at the “thorn-crowning”

Though “It is finished” was His final cry.

Ruler He’ll be at His great next coming

Forever ending the rule of the sly.

– eab, 9/14/06


Many ladies enjoy weddings. Some gentlemen enjoy receptions. Thank God for Christian weddings. But – now – its 5/10 yrs later. The groom’s not as “dashing” & the bride (after a child or 3 has a little extra weight. What now? Work on the marriage. Bride – remember his favorite food (fix it) & the perfume he likes (wear it). Groom – bring her a bouquet of flowers. I was tempted to write “if you have to pick them yourself” but in reality the bouquet is BEST which you (wandering through fall-fields) thoughtfully hand-pick for her. Pray for each other! Forgive each other! Ask the Lord to increase your love for each other & for God. – 9/14/20


Protestants who avowed their faith in God’s name came to be called ‘By God’s.’

From their nickname we get our word ‘bigots.’

Samuel   Chadwick


1Co 2.2

“For I determined not to know any thing among you

save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”


If you want an “audience” with the village mayor you may need to make arrangements days in advance. Raise that to governor & you’ll probably raise the time also (weeks & a limit of 10 minute with him). If you want a few minutes with the president you may or may not even be able to arrange such. But – ready for this? – But the King of kings, Monarch of Heaven & earth, will meet with you today & tomorrow, & the next. And – – – you can have an audience as long as you desire, tell him anything you like, & learn secrets only those intimate with Christ know. – 9/14/20


It is easier to be a fanatic than a faithful soul because

there is something amazingly humbling…in being loyal to God.

Oswald Chambers

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