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Psa 51.10 +

Psa 51.10

“Create in me a clean heart, O God;

& renew a right spirit within me.”


“The Lord answers our desires,

not our words.”

– Remis Rehfeldt


Is it safe to assume that each of us post what is important to us? That the pic of your cat was nearly the top event of your day? That your dog (in a sweater, or with a bow, or with “glasses” on) was a high priority another day? Or did you post a Pro ____ meme, or an Anti ____ meme as important? Or did a great Scripture stand out to you & you shared part of that? Friend, is it safe to say “Out of the abundance of the heart, the fb posts speaks?” – 9/12/20


“Every true believer is an expression of the mind

& thought of Christ.”

– Ken Rice, sermon, 8/3/91


We ought to & do feel sorry, for youth & other immature people who put things into their bodies not knowing what the substance with do to heart, lungs, or other organs. As bad (or worse, IMO) are youth & some not so young, who read falseness, listen to corrupt teachers, or watch 10,000s of hours of films putting weird & deadly ideas (old & new) into their minds. Worst of all, are souls who take into their innermost being, into their souls, lies from satan, lies from “…his ministers…”(2Co 11.15) & if they persist God sadly, allows them to “…believe a lie”(2Th 2.11). Flee all lying religions. Run from all false prophets. Seek truth; Seek. With. All. Your. Heart. TODAY. – 9/17/20



To humanly count the pointed trees,

Guarding just one cool, Alaskan stream,

Could take a life-time, if you please,

(And t’would be a nightmare – not a dream).


Trees are there whom no man has yet seen,

All awkwardly pointing to the sky,

An odd blend of black, gray, and green,

Silent, except for the wind’s sad cry.


From seedling to youth, to great old age,

They stand rooted in the northern sod,

Of wonders they’re just one more page,

Mute life, glorifying their high God.

– eab, 9/16/06


You left the narrow way. You no longer see worldliness as wrong – – – it’s become a part of your core life. You left your 1st wife & married another (or 1st husband etc.). Your Bible is a modern version, your church is not much more than a “religious show” & your devotions are dry – if you have them at all. STOP. Please, peer of mine, former student, or former parishioner – STOP. Look around you. America is falling. The paper-money bubble will someday burst (& life as you’ve known it will burst with it). Please, STOP, turn around & come back to God. “I can’t.” You can. “I can’t” Don’t listen to satan; he’ll tell you you can’t. satan is a liar. STOP & come back to God. You can. Make yourself do right now. – 9/17/20


“There is only one thing greater than happiness in the world

& that is holiness…”

– Henry Drummond


Hos 14.4

“I will heal their backsliding,

I will love them freely…”


Having a Fall Get-Together? Hope you enjoy things like home-made chili, or pumpkin pie, apple cider, & other fallish foods. May the temp be warm, skies blue, & the leaves be meandering down. Thank God for seasons all but particularly for Fall. Now, my request – it’s worth accepting, I promise you – don’t make your time a substitute for a horrible day, the satan day called halloween. (Spell-check wanted me to capitalize it; I did not.) Have your “party” on an entirely different date. In fact, it would be great if you & I never say that word again. The devil’s crowd (witches, warlocks etc.) have used this day. Enjoy the Fall God gives but ignore satan – give him no honor. – 9/17/20


There never was a good war

or a bad peace.”

– Ben Franklin

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