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Psa 91.2 +

Psa 91.2

“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge & my fortress:

my God; in him will I trust.”


“What church or congregation has any respect for a minister who trims his preaching to the iching ears of the monied man in his church.”

– Carl McIntire


When’s the last time your church sang “Almost Persuaded” or “Jesus I Come” or “Lord, I’m Coming Home” or “Pass Me Not” or “There’s a Great Day Coming” or “Where He Leads Me”? Why are we no longer (or very seldom) singing songs which make people think about heaven, hell, or their souls? – Sept 2020


“Any mantra (like the Catholic rosary) violates Christ’s command to

‘Use not vain repetitions as the heathen’(Mt 6:7).”

– T A McMahon


“God & country” is not in the Bible. Whoever first said “God & country” (or said it so that it *stuck*) introduced a catchy term. People link these two together but you should question this non-Biblical bond. God is Eternal – no country lasts more than a few hundred yrs. God is All-powerful – no country has a fraction of His power. To attach these two is to lower God & to raise a hunk of the earth He created – putting “them” on equal footing. Please stop using this term – it’s degrading to the Almighty. – 9/27/20



I must live in the place, where Thy glorious face,

Is seen from day to day.

Where the eternal essence, of Thine only presence,

Doth not fade away.


Let me sense, let me know, while still here below,

Heaven in my unworthy soul.

Place Gilead’s healing balm, replace storm with Thy calm

And make me every-wit whole!

– eab, Sep. ’81


Followers of Christ hold the Bible as The All-Important Book, with emphasis on the New Testament. Followers of cults (well-known & widely accepted or little-know & weird) don’t respect the Bible as paramount. They may mention It or have their own version of It printed, but watch closely. It is the Bible PLUS the sayings of their cult leaders & their emphasis may be more Old Testament than New. – 9/27/20


“The play-house became the temple of England.

Drama could noy be exhibited, nor privately read without blushes.”

– Able Stevens


Luk 16.22b – 23a

“…The rich man also died & was buried;

“…In hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments,”


Some people became known at an early age because of a last name. Other people excelled (in a sport-crazed-age) at a game & gained recognition. Still others achieved academic awards, climbed “corporate ladders,” or became rich. And, sadly, some gained a name by just playing a part in a hollywood flick. All of the above die. If they didn’t renounce the world & believe Christ for forgiveness, they went to hell. Now an opinion – Hell may be a place where no-one knows another’s name, a place where fame is gone, a place even hotter if one was “known” on earth. Please leave your fame – do not go to that flame. – 9/27/20


It does not take a true Christian long to scent & detect

the ‘wild gourd in the pot.’”

– George  Straub

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