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Job 16.21 +

Job 16.21

“O that one might plead for a man with God,

as a man [pleadeth] for his neighbor!”

“…I desire thee to pray for me, for I am the most unfit man for this high office [being a martyr for Christ] that ever was appointed to it; but my gracious God & dear Father is able to make me strong enough.”

– Lawrence Saunders, burned to death 2/8/1555

When by the wonderful grace of Christ we find ourselves on Heaven’s Eternal Shores we’ll see God’s Word (IMO) as seriously as we should’ve seen It while on these shores. Please be very careful about memes using fictional characters to quote Scripture. In fact, I would discourage mixing the wonderful Fact of Bible Truth with any/ALL cartoon drawing. – 10/25/20

“The blessed Gospel of Christ is what I hold; that do I believe, that have I taught & that will I never revoke!” “Welcome, thou cross of Christ! Welcome everlasting life!”

– Lawrence Saunders, burned to death 2/8/1555

Satan is using the entertainment business to distract you from Eternal Business. This is no accident. You may think the joke funny, the comedy hilarious, the speech amusing but if you were FULLY awake, if you were spiritually astute, if your sense of discernment were more developed you might have caught the underlying “slap” against the Bible, slur against preachers, the stand against absolute truth. The devil’s men have had yrs to practice making you laugh & at the same time undermining your faith in God, the Bible, & the eternal fires of damnation. Stop being entertained so much. – 10/27/20

Comprehend GoD

Comprehend God?

Never dream you can

Anymore than holding

Orion in a hand-span

Appreciate God?

Ah, now we’re thinking

Every mind, great and small

Can appreciate Him, unshrinking.

– eab,  10/30/09

If there is one person you want to see go to hell you are NOT a Christian. Our Lord was not speaking idle words (He never once said “just kidding”.) when He said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you & pray for them which despitefully use you & persecute you”(Mat 5.44). If your response to Christ’s words is, “That is some high living,” I agree. We can’t do this in ourselves. Only Jesus can give the grace we need to love our enemies, BUT He can! – 10/31/20

“…How [can a man] get such a spirit of courageous obedience? …By dying – dying to selfish interest, to love of praise, to the fear of censure, & to the hope of reward in this world…”

– Samuel L Brengle 

Gal 5.14

“For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this;

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’”

Scripture OR “science”? Paul’s warning about “science, falsely so called” is very appropriate. “Science” has been trying to be your god & sadly, has succeeded in too many schools; “science” has said the sun is a star. That’s not what the Bible says, so it is false. “…He made the stars also”(Gen 1.16), they were in a separate category. Paul’s words to the Corinthians are much the same, “There is one glory of the sun & another glory of the moon & another glory of the stars…”(1Co 15.41). Believe the Bible – doubt “science.” – 10/31/20

“A Christian is not the kind of optimist

who overlooks reality.”

– G R ‘Bob’ French,  5/6/01

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Job 14.14 +

Job 14.14

“If a man die,

shall he live again…

“…Regeneration & sanctification are separated & distinct one from the other & therefore received at different times. They are both received by faith & the last one is the privilege of every believer as the first is of every penitent.”

Bishop Mallalieu

How many preachers have died on a Saturday night, &, instead of *wowing* their congregations the next morning with their “wonderful” (their estimation) sermons have awakened in hell – a place they had almost never mentioned from their pulpits? – 10/24/20

“In the merely justified state we are not entirely pure…But in the work of entire sanctification,

these impurities are all washed away so that we are wholly saved from sin from its inward pollution.”

Jesse T Peck

There is a horribly, sad day approaching – husbands & wives will be separated. Children will be separated from their parents. Life-long brother-to-brother & sister-to-sister friendships will be over. What will cause this? The Judgment Bar of God – separating the righteous from the unrighteous. And this parting will have no reverse, no re-uniting. The righteous will be forever with the Lord & the unrighteous – as they chose by their day-by-day actions – will be forever beyond any fellowship with Him. – 10/29/20  


And they gathered in from the Midwest and north,

Some of the poorer sort and some of some worth,

And they bowed their heads at all the right times,

And all showed respect as the organ played chimes,

A patriarch of the family had died. *

They marched out in their blues and grays,

And nodded to each other in vaguely, familiar ways,

Stood silently by and slowly walked and then stood ‘round,

As the casket slipped into the ground.

A patriarch of the family had died.

They ate the meal that the neighbors brought,

And talked to each other how they really ought

To get together in some other places,

Then they got in their cars and drove out,

Each of them knowing without a doubt,

The next time they’d see each on this earth,

Would be when another had died of equal worth,

Another patriarch of the family would have died.

– eab, Oct. ’97  *Carson W Scarbrough died 10/30/1997

This girl friend – if you ask her to be your wife – will she help you get to heaven or, OR will she pull you toward the world? “I have no way of knowing, sir, no way.” I agree with you that *you* don’t (sadly, people change) but I know One can direct you who to marry. Pray earnestly before you date seriously. Seek God face (as never before) before you “pop the question.” A godly wife will do you better than a beauty queen or brainy gal. Yes, God can wrap the 3 in one package but take godliness over “brains” or beauty any time. – 10/29/20 

“…The people were allowed to applaud their orators as had been practiced in the forums & theatres; nay they were instructed both to applaud & clap the preachers.”
– Johann Lorenz von Mosheim

Eph 4.32

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another

even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”

Most of us (hardly trying) can find something about which to complain. Let’s turn that on its head – let’s find some things to compliment. If you have a hard-to-get-along-with s-n-l or b-n-l, look for the thing they do right & compliment them. That guy/gal at work which comes the nearest to trying your patience – seek (& find, BTW) an area where you can actually compliment them. Those being praised will be happier and – – – you will be too. – 10/30/20

“If there be no Providence

there will be no future judgment.”

Isaac Watts

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Job 14.1 +

Job 14.1

“Man that is born of a woman is of few days,

& full of trouble.”

“A man may be regenerated by the Holy Spirit. In regeneration there is an impartation of life & the one who receives it is saved; in baptism with the Holy Spirit there is an impartation of power & the one who receives it is fitted for service.”

– R A Torrey

Scripture OR “science”?  Hopefully many readers are Creationists. If, however, you’re struggling to believe Scripture – OR – “science” consider the pennings of Paul (“PhD” might fit behind his name). “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes & another of birds”(1Co 15.39). This is one of the strongest ant-evolutionary verses in the NT. “Science” expects you to believe man evolved “up through” all these. Reject backslidden Charles Darwin’s fiction – Receive truth from the most educated man (Christ was not educated-as-such) in the NT. – 10/27/20

“I mean that every man in my kingdom

shall have the right to be saved in his own way.”

– Frederick the Great

There travel among us a men who love God with all their hearts, love their families (more than relatives know) & love all fellowmen. Many, if not all of them, are not famous, & are OK with that – they place a far higher value on their relationship with God. And – – – there are men among us who’re “selling-for-more-than-they-are-worth.” They are “known” in their circles & seeking to be known in bigger circles (particularly to the left). Be wise in your heart & discern of which spirit men are. Gravitate toward the 1st group & move farther & farther away from the 2nd fellows. – 10/29/20  


Children play at being older,

With clothing as a “prop.”

Some old folks try looking younger,

When they’re about “to drop.”

Be content, whate’er your age;

Don’t try to act another.

Maturity, if real, is good;

It doesn’t need a cover.

– eab,  10/29/08

The Holy Father (God) is Holy. The Holy Son (Christ) died to make us Holy. The Holy Ghost (Spirit) is Holy & wants to fill us with Holy Comfort. The Bible is Holy. Heaven is Holy. Hopefully you have a church which believes in the list of Holy Beings/things above & a pastor whose sermon theme is often Holiness &/or Be Ye Holy. If you have not such a place pray for an awakening among fellow worshippers. This dark & darkening world needs to hear about the Holiness of God. – 10/29/20

“That must needs be a worldly & criminal consideration

which makes us more anxious for our own glory than for the glory of God.” 

– John Fletcher

Isa 6.3

“And one cried unto another & said, ‘Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts

the whole earth is full of his glory.’”

I doubt it’s ever been easier (if you’re so inclined) to waste 15-20 minutes, especially if you’re online. Wasted minutes become wasted hours & wasted hrs (you already know this L) turn into wasted half & full-days. Don’t get me wrong; there’s a place for the working man to have a day off. There’s also the timely & needed vacation week(s). Allow me to encourage you to use your time wisely & not waste it, merely playing games, merely watching videos, merely running un-profitable “rabbit-trails.” God allows you x number of days – use your time for family & others & to God’s eternal glory. 10/29/20

“…Be always ready to own any fault

you have been in.”

– Wesley, quoted by R S Foster

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Job 6.25 +

Job 6.25

“How forcible are right words!

but what doth your arguing reprove?”

“Repentance is turning from sin to God. It is…saying

‘There Lord Jesus, that is it, & I will die before I commit it again.’”

– Gipsy Smith

Paul takes about half a chapter dealing with headship & uses hair as an illustration. I’ve stood with him – women shouldn’t cut (some say “trim” but when I “trim” a shrub, I cut it) their hair. At the same time I’ve not taken a stand against men/women coloring the hair. Recently I saw that careful evangelical & holiness people haven’t followed the world with painted toenails nor fingernails, nor eye shadow, nor cheeks un-natural, nor lips colored to match today’s outfit. With that said, Why haven’t we opposed the dyeing, bleaching, blackening, of hair? Seems too similar – now that I see it. – 10/27/20  

“[Its] almost impossible to get Christians to attend a service

where God is the only attraction.”

– A W Tozer 

Pastors, trying to lead their flock into careful ways of Godliness have preached now & then against worldliness – And. They. Should. Do not walk out at the close of such a message without “an Amen or an Ouch,” letting him know you appreciate him addressing the trend toward the world. When the pulpit is silent on “x” or “y” or “z” it can be assumed by youth (& some not so young) that they are OK. As a retired pastor I assure, it is not always easy to speak up against the sins of the congregation. – 10/27/20

MAKE A god?

That man would make his own little god,

Make it of stone, chrome metal, or sod,

Make it faceless or with a long face,

Set it up in a prominent place,

Give his “making” a worshipful nod –

That, friend, is sadly, extremely odd. – eab, 10/27/06

Hopefully your wardrobe is less worldly (not more) than a decade ago. Hopefully you’re watching no hollywood or disney garbage (where a decade ago you were did one occasionally). WHAT ABOUT YOUR LANGUAGE? Do you say “h_ck, yes” (a substitute for “h_ll, yes”)? Do you say other words which take the place of worse words but do NOT glorify God? Your jokes – are they clean? Your stories? Do they have a double meaning? Our vocabulary says something about us. Are your words worldly? – 10/27/20

“The moment we practically reject God’s truths

we embrace the lies of the god of this world & that means we take him for our god…” 

– John Fletcher

Mar 13.25

“And the stars of heaven shall fall

& the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.”

Scripture OR “science” You can believe Scripture – OR – you can believe “science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20). You can’t *honestly* believe both: Scripture & “science” do not agree. “OK, Bryan, give an example.” All right. The Bible says, “And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth…”(Rev 6.13) proving they’re smaller than earth. The god of “science” says stars are huge; therefore it’d be impossible for them to fall to earth. If you believe “science” you’re already “explaining away” Biblical “stars” as meteorites, to still “believe” the Bible & believe “science.” Note asterisks above. Be Honest. – 10/27/20

“Philosophers, unable to guide mankind to true happiness,

are vainly searching after it themselves.”

– John Fletcher

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Job 1.21 +

Job 1.21

“…The LORD gave & the LORD hath taken away;

blessed be the name of the LORD.”

“It takes about 11.5 days for a million seconds to tick away

 but almost 32 years…for a billion seconds.”

– JH Allen Paulds

The handiest “tools” you own are at the end of your arms. No tool made by man is as versatile, as maneuverable, or as easy to carry (& therefore you have them always with you). Thank God for hands! The late Paul Harvey, news commentator of high excellence, said that next to brain surgery the hardest was hand surgery. There is a sense in which (IMO) all other tools are extensions of & empowerments of your God-given hands. Never take them for granted – – – & use them, as you can, for the Lord. – 10/19/20

“The feeble-minded are people who know the truth but only affirm it so far

as consistent with their own interest. But apart from that they renounce it.”

– Blaise Pascal

Sinners, who should be the most concerned about death & dying, are the ones who make the biggest display of skeletons & skulls. Their house (or business) has what are supposed to be witches & ghosts which if they do not repent may be apart of their damnation forever. If you profess to Love Christ & are still decorating for the devil’s night called “halloween” you have a lot to learn. Please stop. Have nothing to do with satan or his spooks. Do not fear the devil. Do not honor his un-holy holiday. – 10/26/20 

Faith – will help you

Faith cannot be placed in a jar,

But it can carry you far.

Faith cannot be held in a box,

But faith is stronger than an ox.

Faith can’t be measured with a tape,

But, if need be, can help you escape.

Faith has no weight by which to weigh it,

But it carries much weight, when you say it,

Men cannot figure what faith is about,

But, believe me brother, it’ll help you out.

– eab,  October 2009           

You reformed. You are happy that you no longer do “x” (& if “x” was a sin, I’m happy for you). satan would like you to stop with reformation. Don’t be fooled. Jesus Christ died that you can have a transformation – not just a “new page” – a *New You.* Hell, sadly, will have millions in it who tried (& tried, & tried) to reform. Heaven will have millions of souls who were transformed by the death & resurrection of our Lord. Please friend, be Transformed. Yes, you can be. – 10/26/20

“Legalist – a carnal man trying to do right.”
– Paul W Finch

Rom 12.2

“…Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,

that ye may prove what is that good & acceptable & perfect, will of God.”

Earth is only place you’ll find fiction. Billions of pages have been wasted printing fiction: a little of it decent (my B.A. is in Literature) & a lot of it filth. Billions of hollywood/disney dollars have been wasted putting out fiction films. Hell will have no fiction to take one’s mind off of its torments – hell will be a place of hard, harsh, horrendous reality. And Heaven, Praise God, will have no fiction. Heaven will be a wonderful, holy reality. Friend, PLEASE stop your love-affair with fiction. – 10/26/20

“…Our Lord never required absolute perfection from archangels

 much less from fallen man.”

John Fletcher

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Job 1.1 +

Job 1.1

“There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job;

& that man was perfect & upright & one that feared God & eschewed evil.”

“…True zeal makes a person infinitely tender & patient toward the sinner,

while absolutely uncompromising with his sin.”

– Samuel Brengle 

Young lady – that guy who took you out to eat last night – you need to find out if he’s married. Here, I do not mean another woman. Watch closely. Is he “married” to his fast car?  Is he “married” to a powerful truck? Or is he “married” to his job (some men are very attached to their work).  Or he could be “married” to perfectionism – listen to his talk – does anything *fully* meet his approval? (You may not either.) One more? OK. If his mother still lives & they’re too close, he may be a “moma’s boy.” – 10/24/20

“It takes no more time to ask a man about his soul than to ask about his health; but it will require more love, & more prayer, & holy tact, & soul-wakefulness to do it with profit…”

– Samuel Brengle  

Until you acknowledge that “sports” are gods, you’ll keep on attending to their “temples” called “courts” “diamonds” “fields” “arenas.” Arenas? That has a familiar sound, doesn’t it? Arenas, that’s where, at one time, christians were killed “for sport,” the entertainment of the heathen. I’m not saying that a “pickup game” at a picnic is wrong, however I’m seeing pics taken were tickets are sold & professionals were paid. – 10/24/20


A long time before the source,

               Dot Com,

There was the source,

               Divine Calm.        

Which is YOUR prime source?

– eab,  10/25/10

STOP TREND. A young lady may have a job when she meets her boyfriend. She may have a job when he (finally J) gets around to asking “for her hand.” But before she agrees (or they announce their engagement) they need to discuss how long she’s going to work outside the home. If/when God blesses their home with a papoose, it’s time for her to be a full-time mommy (or do only a part-time job within the house). With due respect (& I mean that) there are TOO many pastor’s wives, TOO many parishioner’s wives working full-time. They’re depending on her salary & homes are suffering. Stop the trend. – 10/25/20 

“…A father must live in such personal regard to God’s authority & integrity

…to be held in esteem by his children.” 

– H L Ferguson

Tit 2.5

“To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands,

that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

Some modern ways have tended to make us soft in spiritual things. When you heat with electricity or gas you set the dial or turn up the thermostat & go all day without thinking about being warm. In another era, or as some of us still heat with wood, you have to “feed” the fire or it goes out. Friend, if you’re going to keep hot in your soul you are going to have to pay attention to the fire. And – – – for fire to burn you need the draft of the Holy Spirit. Are you spiritually warm or do you think it’s all automatic? It is not. – 10/25/20 

“If revival is being withheld from us it is because some idol remains still enthroned; because we still insist in placing our reliance in human schemes; because we still refuse to face the unchangeable truth that It is not by might, but by My Spirit.”

– Jonathan Goforth

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Psa 150.6 +

Psa 150.6

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

 Praise ye the LORD.”

“The apocrypha was never quoted by Christ or by His apostles though

the Old Testament  is quoted in the New more than 250 times.”

– Dave Hunt

Do you want Jesus in the edge of your life? Where you can sort-a-be-friends? Where you can call on Him if you need Him? Why the distance? Why is He not center? Why don’t you want Him LORD of your life? “Well, I guess, if He were Master & I were the servant, if He were Father & I were child He might tell me How to dress, Where to go, What to watch.” I see. So you’re not ready to relinquish being your own master? When will you be ready? One month before death – thus give Him the only the shell left? – 10/22/20

“The Christian religion alone is adapted to all being composed of externals & internals.

It raises the common people to the internal & humbles the proud to the external…

– Blaise Pascal

The holiness movement past was blessed with a number of unique preachers (pastors & evangelists). Some were partly unique because they either didn’t have much formal education or they didn’t allow schooling to change them. But, please hear this, the main reason we had such matchless men was because they were filled with the Holy Ghost. The indwelling Spirit of God doesn’t make one “samish” (satan uses this trick). You’re never so much yourself as when you’re sanctified holy. If you, reader, haven’t been made perfect in Love, seek the Holy Spirit & keep on seeking until He comes in His fullness. Do not seek to be unique – seek to be wholly God’s – that’ll make you the man/woman God really wants you to be. – 10/23/20


Make sure your account with God,

Is not sadly in arrears;

When THAT paper comes, in

Which your obituary appears.

– eab,  10/24/17 

You attend a church which tries to be separate from the world’s allurements but you arrive tomorrow morning & your pastor’s wife is wearing red fingernail polish – What Do You Do?  Pray for her? Definitely. Pray for him? Yes – he may have seen this break from the careful way coming (assuming he disagrees) – he needs to love her while he tries to help her. Do you talk to her about this worldliness? Maybe, but only after you’ve wept for her in secret. “Bryan, why are you making a big deal out of fingernail coloring?” The only women in the Bible who were painted were bad women. – 10/24/20

“With [some] learning is all in all; it is the subtitute for the unction of Christ

& the grace & influences of the Holy Spirit.”
Adam Clarke

2Jo 7

“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ

is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

You are on the road toward YOUR destination. Right now, you are either headed toward Heaven or Hell. There is no middle ground. There is no such thing (above the age of accountability) as being neutral toward Jesus Christ. If you are *with* Him – you cannot be against Him or His Book. If you are against Him, you do not embrace Him or fully embrace His Book. You are either living with Heaven’s values (Oh, how high & holy) or, OR you’re living with the low, lying worthlessness of hell & headed there. – 10/24/20

“Increased religious activity without ethical living

 only increases sinning.”

Ray Dunning, PhD

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Psa 139.23 +

Psa 139.23

“Search me, O God & know my heart:

try me & know my thoughts:”

A religion without mystery must be a religion without God.”

– Jeremy Taylor

God spoke the first recorded word – it was “Let”(Gen 1.3) In the 5th verse before the Bible ends, God uses that same word 3 times “…Let him that heareth say, Come…Let him that is athirst come. And…Let him take the water of life freely”(Rev 22.17). Hallelujah! In between, God’s inspired penmen wrote “Let” over 1200 times. I like (love) the words of God. I like the word “Let.” Are you looking for a new Study Theme as you re-read a Book, or re-read the entire NT? Study the words/phrases with follow the word “Let.” – 10/15/20

Love is friendship set on fire.”

– Jeremy Taylor

Give chapter & verse where Jesus said, “Peter, I’m proud of you.” Or where the Lord said, “You disciples make me proud.” Where did Paul write of being proud of a church? Name the place James, John, or Jude used Pride or Proud in any positive way. So – – – WHY, DO YOU INSIST ON TELLING SOMEONE YOU’RE PROUD OF THEM? “Lighten up, Bryan.” No, if God hates pride, so should we. – 10/20/20


The sidetracks are many

The main track is ONE.

Sidetracks lead to perdition

The main track leads to the Son.

– eab, 10/21/11     

satan is trying to make the Important: Salvation, Sanctification, Holy Living, look un-important. While, at the same time making team scores, a hollywood/disney movie, other trivia look “important.” Sir/Ma’am do you YET see that satan is fooling you? Have you seen YET that he is a liar. Your only hope to understand what’s Important is The Touch of Jesus to your blinded eyes. Run to Jesus today. YOU HAVE NO ASSURANCE YOU’LL BE ON EARTH TOMORROW. – 10/21/20  

“What Scripture tells us that the Spirit will be withdrawn in the tribulation?


– L L Pickett

Rev 22.19

“…if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…”

A PRAYER – “O God, raise up across our land, men & women who hunger for, seek, & find holy hearts. Then raise from them, I pray, a new crop of men to live & preach holiness. Send forth sanctified men in their teens & twenties, middle-aged men, & older men who unabashedly preach the power of Christian Perfection. Along beside them please raise up mothers, sisters, wives & daughters to pull on God in secret closets. O, how we need a fresh Pentecost of holy living, holy fire. Amen & Amen.” – 10/21/20

“A faith that cannot be tested

 cannot be trusted.”

– Paul Pierpoint, 3/4/01

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Psa 133.1 +

Psa 133.1

“Behold, how good & how pleasant it is

for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

“…The Holy Ghost resists the proud & will not dwell with them…

every proud spirit is a hertic, not in act & deed yet before God.”

– Martin Luther

It may surprise you but two tools can NOT be different, yet exactly alike. Two vehicles can’t be different yet the same. Nor two books – – – including the Good Book. The better tool may outlast the cheaper by a work-season or two. The better vehicle may get another 100K or a better trade-in. REMINDER these are earthy values. The Real Bible will outlast your life. It will outlast the lives of all your children & grands. In fact, It will outlast Earth below & the heavens above. Don’t settle for any lesser “Bible” The imitators are NOT the same. Impossible. – 10/16/20

“Yoga is the very heart of Hinduism.

It it sold in the West as science but in fact is religion.” 

– T A McMahon

Some of the saddest people on earth believe – but they believe the news of un-reliable, sinful men.

The gladdest people on earth also believe – they Believe, Read, Memorize Good News: God’s eternal Word. Friend – you ARE a believer (whether you believe it or not). And – – – God allows you to choose if you believe some fallen “news guy” or you Believe God, His Son & His Blessed Spirit. – 10/19/20

I believe

I believe in the Father

In the Spirit and the Son

I believe they are separately three

Yet unitedly, lovingly One.

I believe God so loved the world

That His Son He freely gave

To redeem the human race

Bought back from being a slave.

I believe Christ was born

To an unwed, pure mother.

That He lived a sinless life

Sinless.  As no earthly Other.            

I believe that He was killed

On a sad Judean hill

At the right time, right place

Prophesy to fully fulfill.

I believe He was then buried

In a rich but borrowed tomb

And that in three days He fled

From that earthly “womb.”

I believe He appeared then

To His disciples, ”as He said”

Ate fish and honey comb

Fully alive, though once fully dead.

I believe He lead them to the mount

From which He bodily ascended

Left them gazing upward

Left. His teaching, not comprehended.

I believe He sent then His Spirit

To comfort and fill all who believe.

Pentecost is corporate and personal

God indwells all who Him receive.

And I believe Christ will come again

Triumphant, as on Sacred page.

Come King of kings, Prince of Peace,    

His kingdom the end of the age.

I believe all the above

Have believed it for many years

I believe He saved and fills my soul

Perfect love allays all fears.

– eab, 10/20/11

Question – What’s worse than a big tree near your house? Answer – a big DEAD tree near your house. It can fall on you. I agree, there are peculiar “christians.” There may even be a Christian whom you fear. But allow me to say who you really need to fear – people who appear to be christians but are spiritually DEAD. Fear them. If/when they fall they may crush your home in ways neither one of us want to discuss. – 10/20/20   

“It is easier for most men to walk with a perfect heart in church,

or even in the world, than in their own families.”
Adam Clarke

Rev 12.10

“…Now is come salvation & strength & the kingdom of our God & the power of his Christ:

for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day & night.”

The devil does not love you. He uses you. You are a mere pawn in his war against the Lord.

Sinners do not truly love you. They’re busy loving their every-expanding worldly appetites.

Saints love you through the love given them by God, but are themselves human, therefore limited.

God, the source of love, absolutely greatest Being, loves you. Love Him in return. Now & always! -10/20/20

“Christ loves little children because he loves simplicity & innocence;

He has sanctified their very age by passing through it himself.”

Adam Clarke

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Psa 127.1

Psa 127.1

“Except the LORD build the house,

they labor in vain that build it…”

“We should not ask God for anything new

until we receipt Him for what He’s already done.”

– J Wesley Adcock

Was privileged to attend a service the other night where Bro Keith Ledford brought an anointed message. He dealt with the ZION (his word for the current holiness movement) & our danger of become “has-beens.” The Spirit was with him as he called for a renewed preaching of Holiness. It was nice to see/sense God presence during the preaching. God moved at least 4 adults & 8-10 (do not have an exact count) youth to the altar or front seat. May the Lord lead them all into Perfect Love. – October 2020 

“If you’ve lost [the] joy,

you’ve lost God.”

V O Agan

New Pastor – may I have your ear? You need to pray, study, preach – you know this & hopefully are working on them.  *Are you knocking on doors of the neighbors of the church?* Upon how doors did you knock last week?  “I don’t know.” You ought to know. If you don’t give an account to the deacons at quarterly meeting, make yourself accountable to yourself. Don’t allow yourself to go 2 weeks (unless on vacation) in a row without knocking on a neighbor’s door. – 10/19/20


The devil has moved, Oh, so slick,

Using motion – the picture “flick,”

Till saying words, even to preach,

Seems calm to adequately reach

Those enamored by satan’s trick.     

– eab,  10/19/06

“Rejoice with them that do rejoice…”(Rom 12.15); how literally do you take this? It means, to me, we shouldn’t attend a wedding etc. of which we do not approve: 1.) It’s a second marriage for either one (their 1st mate being alive), 2.) or it’s a professing christian & an obvious sinner, 3.) or one of the two is marrying (it seems to you) too close to the death of his/her 1st mate. If you can’t be truly happy that “x” is marrying “y,” stay away. – 10/19/20 

“He who would learn to pray well, must first study God’s Word,

& store it in his memory & thought.” 

– E M Bounds

Mat 11.28 & 30

“Come unto me, all ye that labor & are heavy laden & I will give you rest.

… “For my yoke is easy & my burden is light.”

God doesn’t mind you thinking; in fact He encourages thinking – “Come now & let us reason together saith the Lord…”(Isa 1.18) – Honest thinking will lead you to Christ. 

satan doesn’t want you to think. That is one of the main reasons satan pushes so many of his people toward entertainment. Thousands work for hollywood, disney, & others (directly or indirectly) & millions more (some professing to love Jesus) are hooked on watching such trash & sporting events. -10/19/20

“The responsibility is on the church to produce the atmosphere

conductive to young people getting the call.”

– L W Barbee

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