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Psa 127.1

Psa 127.1

“Except the LORD build the house,

they labor in vain that build it…”

“We should not ask God for anything new

until we receipt Him for what He’s already done.”

– J Wesley Adcock

Was privileged to attend a service the other night where Bro Keith Ledford brought an anointed message. He dealt with the ZION (his word for the current holiness movement) & our danger of become “has-beens.” The Spirit was with him as he called for a renewed preaching of Holiness. It was nice to see/sense God presence during the preaching. God moved at least 4 adults & 8-10 (do not have an exact count) youth to the altar or front seat. May the Lord lead them all into Perfect Love. – October 2020 

“If you’ve lost [the] joy,

you’ve lost God.”

V O Agan

New Pastor – may I have your ear? You need to pray, study, preach – you know this & hopefully are working on them.  *Are you knocking on doors of the neighbors of the church?* Upon how doors did you knock last week?  “I don’t know.” You ought to know. If you don’t give an account to the deacons at quarterly meeting, make yourself accountable to yourself. Don’t allow yourself to go 2 weeks (unless on vacation) in a row without knocking on a neighbor’s door. – 10/19/20


The devil has moved, Oh, so slick,

Using motion – the picture “flick,”

Till saying words, even to preach,

Seems calm to adequately reach

Those enamored by satan’s trick.     

– eab,  10/19/06

“Rejoice with them that do rejoice…”(Rom 12.15); how literally do you take this? It means, to me, we shouldn’t attend a wedding etc. of which we do not approve: 1.) It’s a second marriage for either one (their 1st mate being alive), 2.) or it’s a professing christian & an obvious sinner, 3.) or one of the two is marrying (it seems to you) too close to the death of his/her 1st mate. If you can’t be truly happy that “x” is marrying “y,” stay away. – 10/19/20 

“He who would learn to pray well, must first study God’s Word,

& store it in his memory & thought.” 

– E M Bounds

Mat 11.28 & 30

“Come unto me, all ye that labor & are heavy laden & I will give you rest.

… “For my yoke is easy & my burden is light.”

God doesn’t mind you thinking; in fact He encourages thinking – “Come now & let us reason together saith the Lord…”(Isa 1.18) – Honest thinking will lead you to Christ. 

satan doesn’t want you to think. That is one of the main reasons satan pushes so many of his people toward entertainment. Thousands work for hollywood, disney, & others (directly or indirectly) & millions more (some professing to love Jesus) are hooked on watching such trash & sporting events. -10/19/20

“The responsibility is on the church to produce the atmosphere

conductive to young people getting the call.”

– L W Barbee

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