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Psa 139.23 +

Psa 139.23

“Search me, O God & know my heart:

try me & know my thoughts:”

A religion without mystery must be a religion without God.”

– Jeremy Taylor

God spoke the first recorded word – it was “Let”(Gen 1.3) In the 5th verse before the Bible ends, God uses that same word 3 times “…Let him that heareth say, Come…Let him that is athirst come. And…Let him take the water of life freely”(Rev 22.17). Hallelujah! In between, God’s inspired penmen wrote “Let” over 1200 times. I like (love) the words of God. I like the word “Let.” Are you looking for a new Study Theme as you re-read a Book, or re-read the entire NT? Study the words/phrases with follow the word “Let.” – 10/15/20

Love is friendship set on fire.”

– Jeremy Taylor

Give chapter & verse where Jesus said, “Peter, I’m proud of you.” Or where the Lord said, “You disciples make me proud.” Where did Paul write of being proud of a church? Name the place James, John, or Jude used Pride or Proud in any positive way. So – – – WHY, DO YOU INSIST ON TELLING SOMEONE YOU’RE PROUD OF THEM? “Lighten up, Bryan.” No, if God hates pride, so should we. – 10/20/20


The sidetracks are many

The main track is ONE.

Sidetracks lead to perdition

The main track leads to the Son.

– eab, 10/21/11     

satan is trying to make the Important: Salvation, Sanctification, Holy Living, look un-important. While, at the same time making team scores, a hollywood/disney movie, other trivia look “important.” Sir/Ma’am do you YET see that satan is fooling you? Have you seen YET that he is a liar. Your only hope to understand what’s Important is The Touch of Jesus to your blinded eyes. Run to Jesus today. YOU HAVE NO ASSURANCE YOU’LL BE ON EARTH TOMORROW. – 10/21/20  

“What Scripture tells us that the Spirit will be withdrawn in the tribulation?


– L L Pickett

Rev 22.19

“…if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…”

A PRAYER – “O God, raise up across our land, men & women who hunger for, seek, & find holy hearts. Then raise from them, I pray, a new crop of men to live & preach holiness. Send forth sanctified men in their teens & twenties, middle-aged men, & older men who unabashedly preach the power of Christian Perfection. Along beside them please raise up mothers, sisters, wives & daughters to pull on God in secret closets. O, how we need a fresh Pentecost of holy living, holy fire. Amen & Amen.” – 10/21/20

“A faith that cannot be tested

 cannot be trusted.”

– Paul Pierpoint, 3/4/01

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