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Psa 150.6 +

Psa 150.6

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

 Praise ye the LORD.”

“The apocrypha was never quoted by Christ or by His apostles though

the Old Testament  is quoted in the New more than 250 times.”

– Dave Hunt

Do you want Jesus in the edge of your life? Where you can sort-a-be-friends? Where you can call on Him if you need Him? Why the distance? Why is He not center? Why don’t you want Him LORD of your life? “Well, I guess, if He were Master & I were the servant, if He were Father & I were child He might tell me How to dress, Where to go, What to watch.” I see. So you’re not ready to relinquish being your own master? When will you be ready? One month before death – thus give Him the only the shell left? – 10/22/20

“The Christian religion alone is adapted to all being composed of externals & internals.

It raises the common people to the internal & humbles the proud to the external…

– Blaise Pascal

The holiness movement past was blessed with a number of unique preachers (pastors & evangelists). Some were partly unique because they either didn’t have much formal education or they didn’t allow schooling to change them. But, please hear this, the main reason we had such matchless men was because they were filled with the Holy Ghost. The indwelling Spirit of God doesn’t make one “samish” (satan uses this trick). You’re never so much yourself as when you’re sanctified holy. If you, reader, haven’t been made perfect in Love, seek the Holy Spirit & keep on seeking until He comes in His fullness. Do not seek to be unique – seek to be wholly God’s – that’ll make you the man/woman God really wants you to be. – 10/23/20


Make sure your account with God,

Is not sadly in arrears;

When THAT paper comes, in

Which your obituary appears.

– eab,  10/24/17 

You attend a church which tries to be separate from the world’s allurements but you arrive tomorrow morning & your pastor’s wife is wearing red fingernail polish – What Do You Do?  Pray for her? Definitely. Pray for him? Yes – he may have seen this break from the careful way coming (assuming he disagrees) – he needs to love her while he tries to help her. Do you talk to her about this worldliness? Maybe, but only after you’ve wept for her in secret. “Bryan, why are you making a big deal out of fingernail coloring?” The only women in the Bible who were painted were bad women. – 10/24/20

“With [some] learning is all in all; it is the subtitute for the unction of Christ

& the grace & influences of the Holy Spirit.”
Adam Clarke

2Jo 7

“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ

is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

You are on the road toward YOUR destination. Right now, you are either headed toward Heaven or Hell. There is no middle ground. There is no such thing (above the age of accountability) as being neutral toward Jesus Christ. If you are *with* Him – you cannot be against Him or His Book. If you are against Him, you do not embrace Him or fully embrace His Book. You are either living with Heaven’s values (Oh, how high & holy) or, OR you’re living with the low, lying worthlessness of hell & headed there. – 10/24/20

“Increased religious activity without ethical living

 only increases sinning.”

Ray Dunning, PhD

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