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Job 6.25 +

Job 6.25

“How forcible are right words!

but what doth your arguing reprove?”

“Repentance is turning from sin to God. It is…saying

‘There Lord Jesus, that is it, & I will die before I commit it again.’”

– Gipsy Smith

Paul takes about half a chapter dealing with headship & uses hair as an illustration. I’ve stood with him – women shouldn’t cut (some say “trim” but when I “trim” a shrub, I cut it) their hair. At the same time I’ve not taken a stand against men/women coloring the hair. Recently I saw that careful evangelical & holiness people haven’t followed the world with painted toenails nor fingernails, nor eye shadow, nor cheeks un-natural, nor lips colored to match today’s outfit. With that said, Why haven’t we opposed the dyeing, bleaching, blackening, of hair? Seems too similar – now that I see it. – 10/27/20  

“[Its] almost impossible to get Christians to attend a service

where God is the only attraction.”

– A W Tozer 

Pastors, trying to lead their flock into careful ways of Godliness have preached now & then against worldliness – And. They. Should. Do not walk out at the close of such a message without “an Amen or an Ouch,” letting him know you appreciate him addressing the trend toward the world. When the pulpit is silent on “x” or “y” or “z” it can be assumed by youth (& some not so young) that they are OK. As a retired pastor I assure, it is not always easy to speak up against the sins of the congregation. – 10/27/20

MAKE A god?

That man would make his own little god,

Make it of stone, chrome metal, or sod,

Make it faceless or with a long face,

Set it up in a prominent place,

Give his “making” a worshipful nod –

That, friend, is sadly, extremely odd. – eab, 10/27/06

Hopefully your wardrobe is less worldly (not more) than a decade ago. Hopefully you’re watching no hollywood or disney garbage (where a decade ago you were did one occasionally). WHAT ABOUT YOUR LANGUAGE? Do you say “h_ck, yes” (a substitute for “h_ll, yes”)? Do you say other words which take the place of worse words but do NOT glorify God? Your jokes – are they clean? Your stories? Do they have a double meaning? Our vocabulary says something about us. Are your words worldly? – 10/27/20

“The moment we practically reject God’s truths

we embrace the lies of the god of this world & that means we take him for our god…” 

– John Fletcher

Mar 13.25

“And the stars of heaven shall fall

& the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.”

Scripture OR “science” You can believe Scripture – OR – you can believe “science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20). You can’t *honestly* believe both: Scripture & “science” do not agree. “OK, Bryan, give an example.” All right. The Bible says, “And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth…”(Rev 6.13) proving they’re smaller than earth. The god of “science” says stars are huge; therefore it’d be impossible for them to fall to earth. If you believe “science” you’re already “explaining away” Biblical “stars” as meteorites, to still “believe” the Bible & believe “science.” Note asterisks above. Be Honest. – 10/27/20

“Philosophers, unable to guide mankind to true happiness,

are vainly searching after it themselves.”

– John Fletcher

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