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Job 14.14 +

Job 14.14

“If a man die,

shall he live again…

“…Regeneration & sanctification are separated & distinct one from the other & therefore received at different times. They are both received by faith & the last one is the privilege of every believer as the first is of every penitent.”

Bishop Mallalieu

How many preachers have died on a Saturday night, &, instead of *wowing* their congregations the next morning with their “wonderful” (their estimation) sermons have awakened in hell – a place they had almost never mentioned from their pulpits? – 10/24/20

“In the merely justified state we are not entirely pure…But in the work of entire sanctification,

these impurities are all washed away so that we are wholly saved from sin from its inward pollution.”

Jesse T Peck

There is a horribly, sad day approaching – husbands & wives will be separated. Children will be separated from their parents. Life-long brother-to-brother & sister-to-sister friendships will be over. What will cause this? The Judgment Bar of God – separating the righteous from the unrighteous. And this parting will have no reverse, no re-uniting. The righteous will be forever with the Lord & the unrighteous – as they chose by their day-by-day actions – will be forever beyond any fellowship with Him. – 10/29/20  


And they gathered in from the Midwest and north,

Some of the poorer sort and some of some worth,

And they bowed their heads at all the right times,

And all showed respect as the organ played chimes,

A patriarch of the family had died. *

They marched out in their blues and grays,

And nodded to each other in vaguely, familiar ways,

Stood silently by and slowly walked and then stood ‘round,

As the casket slipped into the ground.

A patriarch of the family had died.

They ate the meal that the neighbors brought,

And talked to each other how they really ought

To get together in some other places,

Then they got in their cars and drove out,

Each of them knowing without a doubt,

The next time they’d see each on this earth,

Would be when another had died of equal worth,

Another patriarch of the family would have died.

– eab, Oct. ’97  *Carson W Scarbrough died 10/30/1997

This girl friend – if you ask her to be your wife – will she help you get to heaven or, OR will she pull you toward the world? “I have no way of knowing, sir, no way.” I agree with you that *you* don’t (sadly, people change) but I know One can direct you who to marry. Pray earnestly before you date seriously. Seek God face (as never before) before you “pop the question.” A godly wife will do you better than a beauty queen or brainy gal. Yes, God can wrap the 3 in one package but take godliness over “brains” or beauty any time. – 10/29/20 

“…The people were allowed to applaud their orators as had been practiced in the forums & theatres; nay they were instructed both to applaud & clap the preachers.”
– Johann Lorenz von Mosheim

Eph 4.32

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another

even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”

Most of us (hardly trying) can find something about which to complain. Let’s turn that on its head – let’s find some things to compliment. If you have a hard-to-get-along-with s-n-l or b-n-l, look for the thing they do right & compliment them. That guy/gal at work which comes the nearest to trying your patience – seek (& find, BTW) an area where you can actually compliment them. Those being praised will be happier and – – – you will be too. – 10/30/20

“If there be no Providence

there will be no future judgment.”

Isaac Watts

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