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Job 16.21 +

Job 16.21

“O that one might plead for a man with God,

as a man [pleadeth] for his neighbor!”

“…I desire thee to pray for me, for I am the most unfit man for this high office [being a martyr for Christ] that ever was appointed to it; but my gracious God & dear Father is able to make me strong enough.”

– Lawrence Saunders, burned to death 2/8/1555

When by the wonderful grace of Christ we find ourselves on Heaven’s Eternal Shores we’ll see God’s Word (IMO) as seriously as we should’ve seen It while on these shores. Please be very careful about memes using fictional characters to quote Scripture. In fact, I would discourage mixing the wonderful Fact of Bible Truth with any/ALL cartoon drawing. – 10/25/20

“The blessed Gospel of Christ is what I hold; that do I believe, that have I taught & that will I never revoke!” “Welcome, thou cross of Christ! Welcome everlasting life!”

– Lawrence Saunders, burned to death 2/8/1555

Satan is using the entertainment business to distract you from Eternal Business. This is no accident. You may think the joke funny, the comedy hilarious, the speech amusing but if you were FULLY awake, if you were spiritually astute, if your sense of discernment were more developed you might have caught the underlying “slap” against the Bible, slur against preachers, the stand against absolute truth. The devil’s men have had yrs to practice making you laugh & at the same time undermining your faith in God, the Bible, & the eternal fires of damnation. Stop being entertained so much. – 10/27/20

Comprehend GoD

Comprehend God?

Never dream you can

Anymore than holding

Orion in a hand-span

Appreciate God?

Ah, now we’re thinking

Every mind, great and small

Can appreciate Him, unshrinking.

– eab,  10/30/09

If there is one person you want to see go to hell you are NOT a Christian. Our Lord was not speaking idle words (He never once said “just kidding”.) when He said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you & pray for them which despitefully use you & persecute you”(Mat 5.44). If your response to Christ’s words is, “That is some high living,” I agree. We can’t do this in ourselves. Only Jesus can give the grace we need to love our enemies, BUT He can! – 10/31/20

“…How [can a man] get such a spirit of courageous obedience? …By dying – dying to selfish interest, to love of praise, to the fear of censure, & to the hope of reward in this world…”

– Samuel L Brengle 

Gal 5.14

“For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this;

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’”

Scripture OR “science”? Paul’s warning about “science, falsely so called” is very appropriate. “Science” has been trying to be your god & sadly, has succeeded in too many schools; “science” has said the sun is a star. That’s not what the Bible says, so it is false. “…He made the stars also”(Gen 1.16), they were in a separate category. Paul’s words to the Corinthians are much the same, “There is one glory of the sun & another glory of the moon & another glory of the stars…”(1Co 15.41). Believe the Bible – doubt “science.” – 10/31/20

“A Christian is not the kind of optimist

who overlooks reality.”

– G R ‘Bob’ French,  5/6/01

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