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Psa 15.1 +

Psa 15.1

“LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle?

Who shall dwell in thy holy hill?”

“The things we say in prayer are powerless & meaningless

unless we have Christ’s authority to say them.”
T M Anderson

You’re an adult – you know there’s no santa clause. More significant by far is, you claim to be a Christian – you know lying is sin. Why Sir? Why Ma’am are you going along with the world’s lie about santa? “It’s so much fun to see the look on the little one’s faces.” Are you admitting it’s fun to deceive?  Christians should never, NEVER lie & that includes lies about santa clause, red-nosed-reindeer & sleighs that fly. -11/29/20

“You lose your world citizenship

in the process of being sanctified.”
– V O Agan

Do you honestly want to see things God’s way? If you do, I recommend you read His Best Seller: the Holy Bible. No, don’t waste your time on the wanabees, those “Johnny-come-late” mis-translations which have come out by the dozens – read the Best. Read the Classic King James Bible, the Masterpiece of all Bibles for an English speaker. God can use nature to speak, He can use circumstances to get your attention, God can break into your conscience but He has often used His Time-Honored Word. Read it. – 11/30/20


Holy men are not proud men.

Proud men are never holy.

Pride lives for self & for self, solely.

But holy men ARE bold men

Going/doing as God leads

Fasting/eating as He feeds.

O Lord, give us more bold, holy men.

– eab,  11/30/20

You, dear fellow Christian, were not born to “save” a country, state – a village, even. You were born to BE saved. After you’ve been saved, you can testify to/pray for others to be saved. No nation, no part of a nation, no family is worth you “dying for” if you lose your soul doing it. “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world & lose his own soul?..” (Mat 16.26) should not be just understood as possessing riches of the world, but can also seen as possessing the acclaim of “patriot/hero.” – 11/30/20  

They that deny a God destroy man’s nobility.”
– Francis Bacon

Heb 7.26

“For such an high priest became us, who is holy, harmless,

undefiled, separate from sinners & made higher than the heavens;”

Gladly (not grudgingly) separate from the world, as a wise survivor knows to separate from a sinking ship. Be happy to be different from earth’s passing fancies. Be joyful to bear a little reproach for the sake of Christ who bore such horrid shame for us. So, your dress is not in style with the flesh showing world, so, your hair marks you as one dead to hollywood’s demands. Great! Heaven’s dress/hair/conduct code may never become popular here – it’ll always be right above the clouds. ALWAYS. – 11/30/20

“Seriousness is the very thing wherein consisteth our sincerity.

If thou are not serious, thou art not a Christian.”

Richard Baxter

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Psa 14.1 +

Psa 14.1

“The fool hath said in his heart,

There is no God…”

“An allegory is when a thing is signified & understood otherwise than as the words express

…to play with allegories in Christian doctrine is dangerous.

– Martin Luther

A thief is a thief whether he takes your money, your wife, or your vote. Thieves go to hell. No money stealer, no mate stealer, no ballot stealer will be in heaven. What an awful price – going to damnation for ever – to corruptly “win” an election for whatever party, in whatever Country, in whatever Era. It is no sin to legally lose – it’s a terrible sin to illegally “win.” Hell Is Hot! – 11/16/20

“…fleshly lusts assail a man most of all in his youth;

in his middle age, ambition & vainglory; & in old age, covetousness.”

– Martin Luther

The number of yrs you spend on earth may be of interest, but it’s not the most significant fact. The size family you produced may be important but it’s not what’s most significant. The accumulated wealth, considered by many as most significant, is not. What is? When you drew your last breath & slumped to the floor, did holy angels carry you UP or did you Drop into hell? (“…prepared for the devil & his angels” Mat 25.44) – 11/17/20

The compromiser      

The compromiser is a trial to me;

His blindness I find hard to see.

He wants to go a broader road.

God, help me carry a greater prayer-load

And love him back, dear Lord, to Thee.

– eab, 11/20/09

If you believe the church is separate from the world why, Brother/Sister, do you listen to singers who’re worldly? Your wife & at-home-daughters have hair the length God wants it, but you buy CDs or go to hear (& through ticket/“offering” support) a woman whose hair is cut, therefore is the length THEY want it. Sir/Ma’am this displeases God. Come out from them, surely includes leaving “their” singers. – 11/19/20  

“When the world comes in

it will want to bring with it its idols.”
– V O Agan

2Co 6.17

“Wherefore come out from among them

 & be ye separate, saith the Lord,”

Thank you so much Son, for the meal you paid for from Cracker Barrel which I picked up Tuesday. Thanks for an abundant amount of turkey breast, mashed potatoes, dressing, mac & cheese, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, bread & butter, & the two pies. What a feast! It was so nice of you, Andrew to do this for your parents & the Dickinsons returning from mission travels & most recently singing for week at Gospel Center (AZ). I hope the Lord’s already placed the amount & more into your accounts. – 11/29/20  

“We are not disturbed by doubts & defeats

when we make everything a matter of earnest prayer.”
– T M Anderson

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Psa 11.3 +

Psa 11.3

“If the foundations be destroyed,

what can the righteous do?”

“The world has suffered & not been wrought on enough by the Holy Spirit because the church has been unfaithful, unwilling, & un-yielded to the Holy Spirit & His employment.”
Joshua Stauffer

I hope my generation, nor the next, nor the next faces Americans killing Americans over supposed freedoms but we may. If such comes, the looters, rapists, murderers who’re killed will go to hell. That would be bad for every sinner who shoots one – to know HE sealed someone’s doom & that they’ll burn in eternal damnation. What is even worse is for a “christian” to kill his attacker & know he cut off his chance to go to heaven. Don’t become a “patriot” as the unspeakable expense of sending a soul to hell. Better to be killed (if you are RIGHT with God) than to kill. – 11/24/20

“…We find…among the gods of Grecian & Roman mythology only deified lust,

deified hatred, deified theft, deified jealousy & deified bloodthirstiness.”
– Daniel Steele

Thank God the Father, for sending *us* His Son. Thank God the Son, for being willing to become one of *us.* (How condescending for the Creator to become an Individual, inside His own creation.) Thank the Holy Spirit for coming at Pentecost to fill & comfort *us.* If, Friend, your baskets are bare, your pantry puny, your garden didn’t produce right, & family is gone or far away, you have the above for which to Be Thank – yea, to be Full of Thanks. Praise ye to the Lord! – 11/24/20      


I’ve known several good men

Who lived their life above sin.

Lived holy – because Christ died.

Lived holy – the opposite of pride.

Had priorities as they should’ve been.

– eab,  11/28/20

*JOB* You’re young (or in “mid-life crisis) please, PLEASE be very careful the job/life’s work for which you prepare (re-prepare) yourself. God knows if the work you’re considering will lead into a trap until you’ll be forced to work on the Lord’s Day or be fired, be forced to accept killing as a “right way” to end life, be forced to call abnormal behavior “normal,” be forced into taking a social drink or be ostracized. God knows. Trust His leadership – – – even when you think you know. You don’t. He does. 11/27/20

What makes loneliness an anguish is not that I have no one to share my burden,

but this: I have only my own burden to bear.”
Dag Hammarskjöld

1Co 10.31

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,

do all to the glory of God.”

*MARRIAGE* You’ve looked the “field” over & she’s just right for you (in your limited knowledge). “What do you mean, limited? I spent all high school with her.” She may have a family member whose “history” is hidden to you. She may not be able to have children. She may become physically or mentally ill in the 1st yr of marriage & your life will center on her needs for the next many decades). Please ask God to guide your girlfriend choice, your fiancé, your wife choice. You will NOT be sorry. 11/27/20

“You cannot play with the animal in you without becoming wholly animal, play with falsehood without forfeiting your right to truth, play with cruelty without losing your sensitivity of mind.

He who wants to keep his garden tidy does not reserve a plot for weeds.”

Dag Hammarskjöld

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Psa 1.6 +

Psa 1.6 For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous:

but the way of the ungodly shall perish.”

“The kids cannot explain but

they cannot deny [God’s presence].”
Chad Snider

Souls who died as Martyrs for Jesus may (IMO) not in heaven, even remember their death. But my mind tells me there are 1000s in hell who remember dying for lesser causes. Friends, when we carelessly memorialize people at funerals, we give our youth the idea that such died for a worthy reason when, if they could speak from hell, they’d fiercely reprimand us. Please stop saying how great So-n-So was to have died for this or that. Don’t disrespect them, but neither encourage our youth to mimic them. – 11/24/20   

“Where is the far country?

Anywhere you go without God.”
Wayne States

Fields 1. I’m a country boy grown old. To see corn “knee-high by the 4th of July” (old saying) is a delight. To smell newly mown hay, see it neatly raked into rows, & then see a baler work its way across an alfalfa field is enjoyable. Didn’t grow up with soybeans (central Ohio, 50’s) but I’ve learned to take pleasure in observing beans change from green, to yellowish green, to brown, to that certain shade of grayish/brown when its about time to combine. And, wheat – oh, the joy seeing the waves of it flowing in a breeze. -11/24/20


Tis a blessing to me and my kin,

To have food, tall pantry and bin,

Our store is thick, not lean nor thin,

For all this I praise you Lord,

Living, Giving, Loving Lord.

It’s good to have clothes and more,

In dresser and behind closet door,

And shoes and boots on scattered floor,

For abundance I thank you Lord,

Great, Gallant and Faithful Lord.

Of far more blessings (by miles, not feet),

Is the mate you allowed me to meet,

And four little Bryans to make us complete,

Thou who lovest family, Creative Lord,

My thanks for being a Love-making Lord.

Most of all I’m so grateful to be,

Redeemed and passed through my own Red Sea,

Through “Jordan” you also have guided me,

Redeeming and Sanctifying Lord, my Lord,

You surely deserve all the praise I afford.

– eab,  11/24/99

Fields 2. (Did not start out to write Fields 1.)  Now, except for some corn still standing, many fields are bare. As an old country lad I find these empty fields almost, if not in fact, sad. The rolling hills & shallow valleys where laid open. They gave the farmer their best minerals. And they produced another crop. Now they are left naked & will be so (except for winter wheat) for months. They are out there alone & lonely. But Gen 8.22 is still true “While the earth remaineth seedtime & harvest…shall not cease.” – 11/24/20

Never…allow yourselves to despise

those who do not follow your rules of life.
– Wm Law

Rev 10.6

“And sware by him that liveth for ever & ever, who created heaven…earth…the sea

& the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:”

Some have worried about what “God did” before Adam & Eve, if earth is just 6000 yrs old. (If such a “question” bothers you, it wouldn’t help if earth were 6 billion yrs old – it just “kicks the can” farther down the road.) The wonderful, mysterious Final Book tells of a time when “…there should be time no longer”(Rev 10.6). “Time” may be just for man in his probationary period. Maybe it did not exist before Genesis & will not exist (as we know it) after Revelation closes. Think about it. – 11/24/20


as long as it is forward.”

– David Livingstone

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Psa 9.17 +

Psa 9.17

“The wicked shall be turned into hell,

[and] all the nations that forget God.”

“The greatest trial of humility is a humble behavior

towards your equals in age estate & condition of life.

– Wm. Law

Dad, did you notice your teen daughter’s skirt is too short? I can pretty well guarantee the boys at church noticed. If they’re trying to remain pure they looked away – if not, they may’ve looked again but neither way can *they* speak to her. YOU can. Did you? There are (generally speaking) 2 men who can tell a lady her skirt’s too short: her dad (while she’s still home) & her husband. Now is the time, dad. Speak up. – 11/19/20

“All the wonders of Greek civilization heaped together

are less wonderful than is the simple Book of Psalms…”

 – Wm. Gladstone

Jesus was hurt by Roman solders (injured at the request of the Jews) but He hurt no man. Stephen was stoned by the Jews but threw back no stone in retaliation. Paul was hit with stones but offered no resistance. “Bryan, do you understand all this?” I could possibly answer (with independent, American blood flowing through my veins) that I may not fully. What I can say is, I believe in what Jesus, Stephen, & Paul did, even when I may not understand. I believe they were 100% right. – 11/22/20

You Came

You came

Via virgin dame.

You touched the lame

Suffered harsh shame.

You took my blame

And death did tame.

Blest be Your Name!!!

– eab, 11/22/14

It’s Thanksgiving Week (USA style). I hope you’re not struggling to name things/people for which you’re grateful. You are?  Maybe this idea will help. You know a lot. From whom did you learn all this “stuff”? _____ taught you learned how to drive. _____ taught you how to swing a hammer (or make bread). _____ corrected your grammar & you’ve remembered ever since. There. You’ve already started a Thanksgiving List. Happy Thanksgiving! – 11/23/20

“That this perfect love, or entire sanctification, is specifically a new state & not

the improvement of a former state, or of regeneration, is plainly inferred from the Bible.”
– Bishop Hamline

Mat 5.8

“Blessed are the pure in heart:

for they shall see God.”

If your fish has to weigh the most, your truck has to be the best, if your deer has to have the biggest rack, you, Friend, have a spiritual problem. Allow me to encourage you to stop the superlative rivalry with peers & come to Jesus. Admit the worst superlative you have: this most carnal heart. Jesus can give you the ability to be Humble & Holy – what a wonderful set of “H’s.” They’ll help you make the most important third “H” – Heaven. – 11/23/20

“I have been lately thinking a good deal on one point wherein, perhaps, we have all been wanting. We have not made it a rule, as soon as ever persons are justified, to remind them of ‘going on unto perfection.’ Whereas this is the very time preferable to all others.”
– Wesley

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Psa 8.3 +

Psa 8.3

“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,

the moon & the stars, which thou hast ordained;”

“…Nothing is a hardship to Love…”

(large ‘L’ is Drummonds).

– Henry Drummond

“Five, ten, fifteen, twenty – twenty-five, thirty…” you remember it, don’t you? Dusk in childhood, in backyard or near field. And you remember what comes last, right? “Ready or not – here I come!” Then it was a child’s game. Now it’s adult reality. Then, you needed to know where to hide. Now, you need to know where to have your sins hid – covered. “They are covered by the blood” (Nellie Edwards). O, Friend don’t trust anything but the Blood of Jesus to hide your sins, so when death comes you’re ready. – 11/19/20

“When God saved me He pulled the nails out of my board

but the holes are still there.”

– man testifying in North Pole, AK, 6/23/85

Allow me to caution about “biblical” movies. 1.) Of course, no one was there with a movie camera when the OT/NT story happened. 2.) Movie producers use imagination for outfits, hair arrangement, & what table/chair/throne look like. 3.) The guy writing script has to supply conversation (except rare ones recorded in the Bible). 4.) Unless the film maker believes in Jesus Christ (rare case) he may include ideas/ideals strongly opposed to the Bible. You may think you know more about “Ruth” or “Peter” etc. but you’ll have a secular (even sexy) view, not a Biblical one. I beg you Do. Not. Watch. Such. – 11/21/20


Give me the plain, the natural, the free;

The natural nature of earth, sky, and sea.

Give me the true, the honest, the pure;

In this age that trusts in imitation’s “secure.”

Relieve me of pretense and falseness and such,

As I see causing hustle, and bustle, and rush.

It is flash, and fancy, and funny faces,

That lack the grace, of the ageless graces.

I see the hollow objects of plastic and tin,

And the hollow lives showing ever so thin,

That fail to ring true to the stroke of time.

A base metal, perhaps? in these “chaps of chime”

I hear flicker, and snap, zing, and click.

Rescue me sure and rescue me quick.

And give me in one last line I implore,

The real, unostentatious, now, and evermore!

– eab, November   1968  HSBC

Please be careful whose ideas you follow the next few days – possible time of crisis. Some pose as Christians but aren’t. Others think they’re christians but never were – or have lost their love. Both groups may post what (at 1st reading) sounds “spiritual” but in reality isn’t what Jesus would do. As Dad/Mom, your words/actions are SO important, as is your attitude if/when facing disaster. As Pastor (influencing a dozen or several dozen), what you say/do in a community calamity will be acted upon &/or remembered a long time. Be prayerful. If you’ve ever been close to God, BE. THERE. NOW. – 11/21/20

“Antagonism to holy living comes from unregenerate people

& never from the regenerate.”

– George               Shaw

1Jo 4.1

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

Yesterday I had my last teeth pulled (plan to get dentures) & was reminded Dad/Mom saw me toothless 76 (or so) yrs ago. Thinking that brought other thoughts. Dad/Mom married in ‘27 & my late siblings were born. Dad, sadly divorced Mom & married a woman named Kate. Dad got saved in PA, left Kate, made overtures back to Mom & they remarried in ‘41. I’m the product of that 2nd marriage, a token, if you will, of Dad’s renewed love to Mom & of re-united families. I knew for whom I was named but didn’t see my name as symbolic of re-union until the last few hrs: “Edgar” was Dad’s father’s middle name (he went by “Ed”) & “Andrew” was Mom’s father’s name. The re-linking of those, is in my name. – 11/21/20

“Poorest man I know tonight

is that man who all he has is money.”

Marshall Smart

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Psa 1.6 +

Psa 1.6 For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous:

but the way of the ungodly shall perish.”

“When a man does not want holiness

 I know he wants sin.”
C W Ruth

You had a lot of confidence in Mom (perhaps ‘twas grandma). Your dad was a saint (or maybe it was grandpa). But you somehow felt they were unnecessarily strict & you moved toward the easy way. You can’t imagine Mom in some of the things you wear but you think you’re headed to heaven (where she is). Dad never went to professional sports events but you imagine you’re in line for heaven (where he is). Does God have different requirements for you than them?  11/10/20

“O God,

we’re sicker than we’d like to admit…”
– Leonard Sankey

The anti-christ is coming. He’ll pretend to be, & will want you to believe, that he’s God. Millions of religious people (perhaps your friends/family) will hail him as God, hoping he’ll bring peace. His followers will “pick on” (perhaps kill) you when you refuse to acknowledge the anti-christ as God. Friend, now is the time for you to become REAL. Really get saved. Really become filled with the Holy Spirit. Really start RSM – reading, studying, memorizing – your Bible. When you know the Real Christ, you’ll more readily see that the anti-christ is false. Get REAL. – 11/17/20

Two Worlds   

Beyond the door of death

After our last breath

Two worlds await the soul

One so bright it dazzles with light

One dark, deeply darker than night

Which Friend, is your goal?

– eab,  11/18/14 

The enemies of Truth hate the Bible, the main source of Truth on earth. They don’t trust It (the most trustworthy Book a man can hold in his hand) & they don’t want you to trust It. An attack was made on the Bible centuries ago by some (not all) so-called scientists. You see, if they can get you to doubt the “science” in the Bible, they have “their-foot-in-the-door” to get you to doubt the history & yea, doubt the Bible’s whole Redemption Story. – 11/17/20

There is more science in the twenty-fourth verse of the first chapter of Genesis

…than in all Darwin wrote.
– Wm J Bryan

1Jo 2.22

“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ?

He is antichrist, that denieth the Father & the Son.”

Two flags are often seen in churches: “christian” & American. Neither belongs there.  The so-called “christian” flag is an ecumenical symbol approved by the American Council of Churches in 1942. The ecumenical movement hasn’t proved friendly to true Christianity. The national flag doesn’t need to be in God’s House – let it be in houses of government. The true church owes allegiance to a higher, much more enduring government & One Holy, far beyond anything on earth. – 11/18/20

“…That man that takes up religion for the world

will throw away religion for the world.”

– John Bunyan

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Psa 1.5 +

Psa 1.5

“Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment,

nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.”

“Affluence has never created great faith.”
Ken Rice

Some readers are not serious enough about going to heaven – earth holds too many attractions for you. Is God going to have to dismiss your Wealth? Is He going to have to take away your Health?  Please willfully, yea, joyfully, begin to subtract yourself from the world – – – before God has to. Or worse-by-far, before you die suddenly in a car/plane/boat disaster & die un-prepared for heaven. – 11/16/20

“Lord, I thank You for letting me see the sights of NY

& Lord, I thank You that I didn’t see anything I wanted.”
– Buddy  Robinson

Some people like to push their limits. They’ll argue with a merchant. They’ll badger a realtor. They’ll squeeze the last dollar out of a deal & brag about it. LET ME WARN YOU. Heaven has no bargain basement. Heaven has no ½ price sale. God is not going to make His holy rules have an “exception clause” for you (nor me). Become so interested in God’s holiness & Heaven you’re begging Him to let you in – At. His. Price. – 11/16/20


Truth should make you whistle;

Make you happy – not bristle.

If truth makes you sad, take heed.

In your soul may be a bad weed,

Maybe even a worthless thistle.

– eab,  11/16/20

The wolf in sheep’s clothing may be the one who most loudly claims he IS a sheep. He may be the one who most vocally shouts, “Bless G_d, I’ll do thus-n-thus, before I’ll…” A wolf in sheep’s clothing may be trying to get your church to commit to this action or that. Jesus wants us to stand with Him & His word, but I see nowhere where we’re to brag about our stand. Examine what any leader says: does it fit with the teachings of Jesus? Of Paul? Of Peter? Other NT writers? If not, do not act on it. 11/16/20

One can afford to be in a minority

but he cannot afford to be wrong.
– Wm J Bryan

Act 20.29

“For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves

enter in among you, not sparing the flock.”

You’re a Christian of average intelligence or above. You’ve vaguely heard of the Deeper Life. Have you denied it exists? Or perhaps worse, are you trying to imagine that you ARE living the Deeper Life? Trying to imagine, while at the same time keeping track of sports scores, craving to see hollywood’s movies & living aware of carnal pride, envy or hatred in your heart? – 11/16/20  

“Prayer is not to inform God of what He does not know;

it is an eye through which we see God.”

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD

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Psa 1.3 +

Psa 1.3

“…He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season

his leaf also shall not wither & whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

“…The Christian pastor…wishes…every home in the parish would have its daily altar…every member of the congregation would have daily private devotions &…every one would learn how to enjoy reading the Bible.”

– A W Blackwood

Would you describe yourself as a “Thankful Person”? Do those who live with/near you, often hear you say “Thank you” to them? Do the clerks who serve you here, thither, & yon, see you as a grumbler or a Thanker? “Bryan, you’re meddling.” I doubt it. What kind of a testimony do “dressed-right, non-smoking, non-cursing christians” leave if they complain about the food to the waitress, about the slowness at the checkout line, about the – – – (list could go on)? Amen? or Ouch? BE THANKFUL! – 11/13/20

“…The worship of the intellect—an idolatry as deadly to spiritual progress

as the worship of images…”

– Wm J Bryan

Lessons can be learned if/when we have eyes to see. To have a wood-fire requires 1.) Fire – you can have all the wood in the county but without fire you’ll be cold.  2.) Wood – you need something to consume – to be burnt up (excuse the grammar) 3.) Air – snuff out the oxygen & the fire goes out. Fire is a bit of a mystery & so is Spiritual fire – God is the source of both. The Holy Spirit is typified (in part) by air/wind & He is so necessary for a spiritual moving. The wood? You & I are to be consumable. Are we ready to become *nothing* that an Awakening may transpire? God help us! – 11/15/20     

Changes in Prayer

Some people I used to pray for

No longer need prayer;

They’ve gone blessedly above

Or, sadly, they’ve gone “down there.”

They’ve been replaced by souls

Who once were not even here

My kids and their kids on the list

For daily “best wishes,” an occasional tear.

– eab,  Nov  2015        

Pastor/board of deacons – Can you afford to install a BIG screen in the front of your church? No, I’m not referring to its dollar price-tag. (A number of churches seem to be have big incomes.) There’s a “price” in the atmosphere. What was once a sanctuary for God is changed into an auditorium. What was once a platform becomes stage-like. People who used to come to church & find a worshipful place, now see a BIG screen similar to a theater or screens in many of their living-rooms. Pastor/board, I wish you’d Let The Church Be The Church. We need a place that feels holy – the BIG screen does not. – 11/15/20

“We have a responsibility to discern;

 We do not have a responsibility to judge.”

– Leonard Sankey, Shelbyville, IN, 9/17/96

Mat 5.39

“But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek

turn to him the other also.”

Once the Bible was heavily quoted. Once literature textbooks & quality books, called classics, abounded in snatches of Bible words or allusions to biblical stories/characters. L D Wilcox told me (c.1960s) that there’s a Biblical reference (on average) every 7 pages in classical literature. Sadly social media has changed who we quote – I see memes quoting guys I suspicion are nothing but actors. A meme can make them look like an authority. Start quoting the Bible. Stop quoting hollywood. – 11/15/20

“It is not the manifestation we want at all,

 it is Him we want.”

C W Ruth

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Psa 1.2 +

Psa 1.2

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD;

& in his law doth he meditate day & night.”

“When does inward sanctification begin? In the moment a man is justified.

Yet sin remains in him, yea the seed of all sin, till he is sanctified throughout.”

Pastor – You should know more than the child or youth in your congregation. Please be humble with your knowledge – don’t try to make them look/feel dumb in comparison to your comprehension of Scripture or life. (Show-offs aren’t appreciated in anywhere & definitely not in a pastor.) On the other end of the spectrum don’t feel you must know all a saintly grandpa/grandma knows. Listen as they share experiences of their journey with God. Be humble with kids & humble with the grandparents. – 11/13/20

“Regeneration, also, being the same as the new birth, is the beginning of sanctification, though not the completion of it, or not entire sanctification. Regeneration is the beginning of purification; entire sanctification is the finishing of that work.
– Bishop Hedding,

Sing From A Hymnal: # 1-6  > > see #7-12

1. There is a degree of comfort in just holding the book – like we did as children

2. You can see who the poet was (name on left) & who the composer was (name on right)  

3. In better hymnals you may also see date of the penning or birth/death yrs for poet/composer

4. You read the music to sing soprano/lead, or alto/baritone, or tenor, or bass

5. A hymnal tells you in which musical key & timing the song was intended to be sung

6. You can at a glance see the poet’s rhyme scheme & if he was consistent verse by verse 11/14/20


I’ve never been to Bethlehem,

Nor walked by Galilee.

And the hills that knew my blessed Lord,

I may never live to see. 

But I’ve tried to trace His footsteps,

Across the Sacred Page. 

And by faith, I know He rules today,

As He has in every age.      

O Faith, faith without it, 

You just cannot please the Lord.

Have faith, faith to doubt it, 

Brother you cannot afford.

For faith is the substance

Of things hoped for and yet not seen.

And lack of faith is why the church is so awfully lean.

– eab,  Nov. 1973  

Sing From A Hymnal: # 7-12  > > see # 1-6

7. The hymnal tells you how many verses were printed (or rarely) may indicate total the poet wrote

8. You can check an index to see what other songs of “said poet” were included

9. A good hymnal may also show this song is for “this occasion” or that song is for another “event”

10. You can see if the song leader sings verses 1, 3, & 5 or sings all of the verses, etc

11. If the hymnal has dates, you see the poem was years later receiving the tune to which it’s sung

12. You can have a hymnal at home, read it for devotions, & share the poet’s worship of God.  11/14/20

Intercession is the most promising way to reach our neighbors.
– Dietrich Bonoeffer

Heb 2.12

“…I will declare thy name unto my brethren,

in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.”

Do you kneel at your pew before church service & implore the presence of God? If not, do you bow your head & beg God to come as you worship? Please, repeat, PLEASE don’t talk to your pew mate or one in front/behind. (Church isn’t your living room & shouldn’t be treated as one.) Do you pick up a hymnal & join the congregational singing? Do you contribute something (even if it’s not much) to the offering? Do you pray with the one leading in prayer – aloud, if group does corporate praying or quietly if no one else prays aloud? And, do you say “Amen” to the preaching of God’s Word? – 11/14/20

“One of the chief merits in expository lecturing is that it requires one to preach

about delicate subjects that one might otherwise dodge.”

– Andrew Blackwood

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