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Job 23.10 +

Job 23.10

“But he knoweth the way that I take:

[when] he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

“…The degree of original sin which remains in some believers, though not a transgression of a known law, is nevertheless sin & must be removed before one goes to heaven…the removal of this evil is what we mean by full sanctification.”
– Bishop Elijah Hedding

“O God, raise up a fresh crop of young men [1] whose hearts burn for holiness – for themselves, for their families, for their local group of believers. We don’t need men who “enjoy” preaching – rather send us men who are burdened. Men who’ve caught a vision of the lost & dying about them & will not be satisfied with merely building up a church – they’re vision is the Kingdom of God! Please, Lord send a touch fire, an igniting flame, a Spirit lead awakening, where You & You alone are praised. Amen.” – 11/4/20

“By holiness I mean that state of the soul in which all its alienation from God

& all its aversion to a holy life are removed.”
Bishop McCabe

You prayed & thought you married in God’s will. Your wife seemed willing to be separate from the world but her sister or another woman (often woman – not men – compliment woman on their new haircut) & led her off into worldliness. Can you still stay a christian? Yes, Brother & you must. It will not be easy but with God all things are possible. Can you pastor a careful holiness church? God may have a group who understand your wife is backslidden, you are not backslidden & will accept your situation. Stay true to God & you may win her back to holiness but if you change to “bring peace” you’ll both be wrong. – 11/4/20


Jesus WAS – as we see Him in the NT, last

But He’s not confined to a miraculous past.

Jesus IS – beyond the grasp of earthly mystic

He is now; He is present; He’s ever realistic.

Jesus WILL BE – when the scrolls of heaven all flee

And earth (per Revelation 21) has no more sea.

– eab,  11/5/17

Home school parents – Prioritize. Seek the will of your Heavenly Father what to include (& to exclude) from Johnny/Suzy’s schooling. Not all children need the same subjects. Not all need the same materials taught in the same depth. Not all kids need the same academic topics every yr. Don’t feel you must offer all a state institution does, nor the nearest “christian” school, nor what your home-schooling peers do. God, who knows ALL things knows how to direct you to teach your child. Seek Him & then Trust Him.- 11/6/20

“The Bible is the only authoritative document

that is sufficient when it comes to matters of the soul.”
– Bobgans & Mahan

Joh 16.13

“…The Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself;

but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak & he will show you things to come.”

Does the Bible address women’s hair? Men’s hair? >> Please answer: Yes or No. <<

Does the Good Book speak about the wearing of pearls? Gold? >> Please answer: Yes or No. <<

Does the New Testament give direction about divorce & “remarriage”  >> Please answer: Yes or No. <<

Does God’s Word push a clear line between male & female? >> Please answer: Yes or No. <<

Did you, Pastor after prayer, preach an anointed message on above last yr.? >> Please answer: Yes or No. <<  – 11/6/20

“The word of cheap grace has been the ruin of more Christians

than any commandment of works.”

Dietrich Bonoeffer

[1] Steve D Herron was pastoring at 17.

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