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Job 42.10 +

Job 42.10

“And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends:

also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.”

“…Sanctification is to have soul, body & spirit every sense, member,

organ & faculty, completely purified & devoted to the service of God.”
Scott, Commentary.

“Kingdom” starts with the word “King.” Our citizenship in the heavenly Kingdom begins when we come into right relationship with Heaven’s King. God, the eternal King of heaven invites us to “go home with Him” & stay. If we agree & obey His directions He comes here (in the meantime) & stays with us. His heaven is immaculately pure & if He is to live with us He expects our heart to be pure also. Cheer up – He provides the power to get (& by faith) keep it clean. What a wonderful King!  11/12/20 

“True religion consists in heart purity. Those who are inwardly pure, show themselves to be under the power of pure & undefiled religion. True Christianity lies in the heart, in the purity of the heart, in the washing of that from wickedness.”
– Matthew Henry,

It was a light blue ‘37 Chevy with a gearshift sticking up from the floor. I was a lil’ shaver standing between Dad & Mom’s seats (“bucket seats” weren’t yet invented), & my 3 sibs were in the back. As we approached a Y in the gravel road – many roads were stone in the 50s – Dad asked which way we should go. (The center of the Y was grassy & treeless.) I piped up, “Straight.” To my delight he went straight across the grass til he reached the connecting road. Many people want a 3rd choice as I did at 4-5. After Dad drove over green patch he turned left or right (I forget which). Friends we all turn to the right – which is Right – or left – which is wrong. An earthly dad humored his son – God requires a better answer. Go Right. -11/12/20 


Creatures of time for a moment,

Creatures of eternity for aye,

Living once and so briefly,

Then passing forever away.

But away to what is the question,

To freeze the very soul;

Away to the place where one had

Planned to make their final goal?

Or away to the unexpected? 

Away to the undesired?

Where the sky is never blessed

With a morning sun, newly fired.

Away to the region of sorrows and grieves,

Heretofore unknown,

Away to reap the abundant harvest

Of “wild oats” carelessly sown.

Away to a place without babies,

To divert from the problem at hand

Away to a scene, worse by far,

Than Alamo or Custer’s Last Stand.

Away to separation – Separation

– How sad the word, how sad!

Separation from a praying Mother,

Separation from a faithful Dad.

O God, may I die as the righteous,

Peaceful, Calm, Prepared.

And come to the brink of the river,

Knowing I have not spared.               

– eab, Nov. 1973  

If someone held you down or tied you up & forced a tattoo onto your body I’m sorry. I hope they get caught & punished. What?!? No one made you get that ink? You actually walked & submitted to them injecting dye into your skin? And – – – you paid THEM to do this? I don’t know that I can find words to describe this is – God gave you clear skin & you blotched it. You paid to have a tattoo put on arm or worse, calf or worse yet, above your knee or on your chest? May God help you see your mistake & repent. -11/12/20

The door of the visible church is incomparably wider than the door of heaven.
– Richard Baxter, Saints Everlasting Rest

Mat 5.44

“…Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you

& pray for them which despitefully use you & persecute you.”

Dwight Eisenhower saw the danger of an Industrial-Military complex (speech 1/17/1961). Industry giants can make money selling to governments. They can make war ships, fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, ammo (to name a few items). The military uses these, industry then makes more & governments buy these. It takes war for this vicious cycle to be complete but few (even few Christians) oppose war. Christ killed no one. His 1st century disciples killed no one. Christians should abhor war & should stop putting their sons into uniform. Stand for God’s Kingdom – not man’s countries. – 11/12/20     

“Of two duties we must choose the greater, though of two sins we must choose neither.”

– Richard Baxter, Saints Everlasting Rest

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