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Psa 1.2 +

Psa 1.2

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD;

& in his law doth he meditate day & night.”

“When does inward sanctification begin? In the moment a man is justified.

Yet sin remains in him, yea the seed of all sin, till he is sanctified throughout.”

Pastor – You should know more than the child or youth in your congregation. Please be humble with your knowledge – don’t try to make them look/feel dumb in comparison to your comprehension of Scripture or life. (Show-offs aren’t appreciated in anywhere & definitely not in a pastor.) On the other end of the spectrum don’t feel you must know all a saintly grandpa/grandma knows. Listen as they share experiences of their journey with God. Be humble with kids & humble with the grandparents. – 11/13/20

“Regeneration, also, being the same as the new birth, is the beginning of sanctification, though not the completion of it, or not entire sanctification. Regeneration is the beginning of purification; entire sanctification is the finishing of that work.
– Bishop Hedding,

Sing From A Hymnal: # 1-6  > > see #7-12

1. There is a degree of comfort in just holding the book – like we did as children

2. You can see who the poet was (name on left) & who the composer was (name on right)  

3. In better hymnals you may also see date of the penning or birth/death yrs for poet/composer

4. You read the music to sing soprano/lead, or alto/baritone, or tenor, or bass

5. A hymnal tells you in which musical key & timing the song was intended to be sung

6. You can at a glance see the poet’s rhyme scheme & if he was consistent verse by verse 11/14/20


I’ve never been to Bethlehem,

Nor walked by Galilee.

And the hills that knew my blessed Lord,

I may never live to see. 

But I’ve tried to trace His footsteps,

Across the Sacred Page. 

And by faith, I know He rules today,

As He has in every age.      

O Faith, faith without it, 

You just cannot please the Lord.

Have faith, faith to doubt it, 

Brother you cannot afford.

For faith is the substance

Of things hoped for and yet not seen.

And lack of faith is why the church is so awfully lean.

– eab,  Nov. 1973  

Sing From A Hymnal: # 7-12  > > see # 1-6

7. The hymnal tells you how many verses were printed (or rarely) may indicate total the poet wrote

8. You can check an index to see what other songs of “said poet” were included

9. A good hymnal may also show this song is for “this occasion” or that song is for another “event”

10. You can see if the song leader sings verses 1, 3, & 5 or sings all of the verses, etc

11. If the hymnal has dates, you see the poem was years later receiving the tune to which it’s sung

12. You can have a hymnal at home, read it for devotions, & share the poet’s worship of God.  11/14/20

Intercession is the most promising way to reach our neighbors.
– Dietrich Bonoeffer

Heb 2.12

“…I will declare thy name unto my brethren,

in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.”

Do you kneel at your pew before church service & implore the presence of God? If not, do you bow your head & beg God to come as you worship? Please, repeat, PLEASE don’t talk to your pew mate or one in front/behind. (Church isn’t your living room & shouldn’t be treated as one.) Do you pick up a hymnal & join the congregational singing? Do you contribute something (even if it’s not much) to the offering? Do you pray with the one leading in prayer – aloud, if group does corporate praying or quietly if no one else prays aloud? And, do you say “Amen” to the preaching of God’s Word? – 11/14/20

“One of the chief merits in expository lecturing is that it requires one to preach

about delicate subjects that one might otherwise dodge.”

– Andrew Blackwood

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