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Psa 1.3 +

Psa 1.3

“…He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season

his leaf also shall not wither & whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

“…The Christian pastor…wishes…every home in the parish would have its daily altar…every member of the congregation would have daily private devotions &…every one would learn how to enjoy reading the Bible.”

– A W Blackwood

Would you describe yourself as a “Thankful Person”? Do those who live with/near you, often hear you say “Thank you” to them? Do the clerks who serve you here, thither, & yon, see you as a grumbler or a Thanker? “Bryan, you’re meddling.” I doubt it. What kind of a testimony do “dressed-right, non-smoking, non-cursing christians” leave if they complain about the food to the waitress, about the slowness at the checkout line, about the – – – (list could go on)? Amen? or Ouch? BE THANKFUL! – 11/13/20

“…The worship of the intellect—an idolatry as deadly to spiritual progress

as the worship of images…”

– Wm J Bryan

Lessons can be learned if/when we have eyes to see. To have a wood-fire requires 1.) Fire – you can have all the wood in the county but without fire you’ll be cold.  2.) Wood – you need something to consume – to be burnt up (excuse the grammar) 3.) Air – snuff out the oxygen & the fire goes out. Fire is a bit of a mystery & so is Spiritual fire – God is the source of both. The Holy Spirit is typified (in part) by air/wind & He is so necessary for a spiritual moving. The wood? You & I are to be consumable. Are we ready to become *nothing* that an Awakening may transpire? God help us! – 11/15/20     

Changes in Prayer

Some people I used to pray for

No longer need prayer;

They’ve gone blessedly above

Or, sadly, they’ve gone “down there.”

They’ve been replaced by souls

Who once were not even here

My kids and their kids on the list

For daily “best wishes,” an occasional tear.

– eab,  Nov  2015        

Pastor/board of deacons – Can you afford to install a BIG screen in the front of your church? No, I’m not referring to its dollar price-tag. (A number of churches seem to be have big incomes.) There’s a “price” in the atmosphere. What was once a sanctuary for God is changed into an auditorium. What was once a platform becomes stage-like. People who used to come to church & find a worshipful place, now see a BIG screen similar to a theater or screens in many of their living-rooms. Pastor/board, I wish you’d Let The Church Be The Church. We need a place that feels holy – the BIG screen does not. – 11/15/20

“We have a responsibility to discern;

 We do not have a responsibility to judge.”

– Leonard Sankey, Shelbyville, IN, 9/17/96

Mat 5.39

“But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek

turn to him the other also.”

Once the Bible was heavily quoted. Once literature textbooks & quality books, called classics, abounded in snatches of Bible words or allusions to biblical stories/characters. L D Wilcox told me (c.1960s) that there’s a Biblical reference (on average) every 7 pages in classical literature. Sadly social media has changed who we quote – I see memes quoting guys I suspicion are nothing but actors. A meme can make them look like an authority. Start quoting the Bible. Stop quoting hollywood. – 11/15/20

“It is not the manifestation we want at all,

 it is Him we want.”

C W Ruth

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