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Psa 8.3 +

Psa 8.3

“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,

the moon & the stars, which thou hast ordained;”

“…Nothing is a hardship to Love…”

(large ‘L’ is Drummonds).

– Henry Drummond

“Five, ten, fifteen, twenty – twenty-five, thirty…” you remember it, don’t you? Dusk in childhood, in backyard or near field. And you remember what comes last, right? “Ready or not – here I come!” Then it was a child’s game. Now it’s adult reality. Then, you needed to know where to hide. Now, you need to know where to have your sins hid – covered. “They are covered by the blood” (Nellie Edwards). O, Friend don’t trust anything but the Blood of Jesus to hide your sins, so when death comes you’re ready. – 11/19/20

“When God saved me He pulled the nails out of my board

but the holes are still there.”

– man testifying in North Pole, AK, 6/23/85

Allow me to caution about “biblical” movies. 1.) Of course, no one was there with a movie camera when the OT/NT story happened. 2.) Movie producers use imagination for outfits, hair arrangement, & what table/chair/throne look like. 3.) The guy writing script has to supply conversation (except rare ones recorded in the Bible). 4.) Unless the film maker believes in Jesus Christ (rare case) he may include ideas/ideals strongly opposed to the Bible. You may think you know more about “Ruth” or “Peter” etc. but you’ll have a secular (even sexy) view, not a Biblical one. I beg you Do. Not. Watch. Such. – 11/21/20


Give me the plain, the natural, the free;

The natural nature of earth, sky, and sea.

Give me the true, the honest, the pure;

In this age that trusts in imitation’s “secure.”

Relieve me of pretense and falseness and such,

As I see causing hustle, and bustle, and rush.

It is flash, and fancy, and funny faces,

That lack the grace, of the ageless graces.

I see the hollow objects of plastic and tin,

And the hollow lives showing ever so thin,

That fail to ring true to the stroke of time.

A base metal, perhaps? in these “chaps of chime”

I hear flicker, and snap, zing, and click.

Rescue me sure and rescue me quick.

And give me in one last line I implore,

The real, unostentatious, now, and evermore!

– eab, November   1968  HSBC

Please be careful whose ideas you follow the next few days – possible time of crisis. Some pose as Christians but aren’t. Others think they’re christians but never were – or have lost their love. Both groups may post what (at 1st reading) sounds “spiritual” but in reality isn’t what Jesus would do. As Dad/Mom, your words/actions are SO important, as is your attitude if/when facing disaster. As Pastor (influencing a dozen or several dozen), what you say/do in a community calamity will be acted upon &/or remembered a long time. Be prayerful. If you’ve ever been close to God, BE. THERE. NOW. – 11/21/20

“Antagonism to holy living comes from unregenerate people

& never from the regenerate.”

– George               Shaw

1Jo 4.1

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

Yesterday I had my last teeth pulled (plan to get dentures) & was reminded Dad/Mom saw me toothless 76 (or so) yrs ago. Thinking that brought other thoughts. Dad/Mom married in ‘27 & my late siblings were born. Dad, sadly divorced Mom & married a woman named Kate. Dad got saved in PA, left Kate, made overtures back to Mom & they remarried in ‘41. I’m the product of that 2nd marriage, a token, if you will, of Dad’s renewed love to Mom & of re-united families. I knew for whom I was named but didn’t see my name as symbolic of re-union until the last few hrs: “Edgar” was Dad’s father’s middle name (he went by “Ed”) & “Andrew” was Mom’s father’s name. The re-linking of those, is in my name. – 11/21/20

“Poorest man I know tonight

is that man who all he has is money.”

Marshall Smart

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