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Psa 9.17 +

Psa 9.17

“The wicked shall be turned into hell,

[and] all the nations that forget God.”

“The greatest trial of humility is a humble behavior

towards your equals in age estate & condition of life.

– Wm. Law

Dad, did you notice your teen daughter’s skirt is too short? I can pretty well guarantee the boys at church noticed. If they’re trying to remain pure they looked away – if not, they may’ve looked again but neither way can *they* speak to her. YOU can. Did you? There are (generally speaking) 2 men who can tell a lady her skirt’s too short: her dad (while she’s still home) & her husband. Now is the time, dad. Speak up. – 11/19/20

“All the wonders of Greek civilization heaped together

are less wonderful than is the simple Book of Psalms…”

 – Wm. Gladstone

Jesus was hurt by Roman solders (injured at the request of the Jews) but He hurt no man. Stephen was stoned by the Jews but threw back no stone in retaliation. Paul was hit with stones but offered no resistance. “Bryan, do you understand all this?” I could possibly answer (with independent, American blood flowing through my veins) that I may not fully. What I can say is, I believe in what Jesus, Stephen, & Paul did, even when I may not understand. I believe they were 100% right. – 11/22/20

You Came

You came

Via virgin dame.

You touched the lame

Suffered harsh shame.

You took my blame

And death did tame.

Blest be Your Name!!!

– eab, 11/22/14

It’s Thanksgiving Week (USA style). I hope you’re not struggling to name things/people for which you’re grateful. You are?  Maybe this idea will help. You know a lot. From whom did you learn all this “stuff”? _____ taught you learned how to drive. _____ taught you how to swing a hammer (or make bread). _____ corrected your grammar & you’ve remembered ever since. There. You’ve already started a Thanksgiving List. Happy Thanksgiving! – 11/23/20

“That this perfect love, or entire sanctification, is specifically a new state & not

the improvement of a former state, or of regeneration, is plainly inferred from the Bible.”
– Bishop Hamline

Mat 5.8

“Blessed are the pure in heart:

for they shall see God.”

If your fish has to weigh the most, your truck has to be the best, if your deer has to have the biggest rack, you, Friend, have a spiritual problem. Allow me to encourage you to stop the superlative rivalry with peers & come to Jesus. Admit the worst superlative you have: this most carnal heart. Jesus can give you the ability to be Humble & Holy – what a wonderful set of “H’s.” They’ll help you make the most important third “H” – Heaven. – 11/23/20

“I have been lately thinking a good deal on one point wherein, perhaps, we have all been wanting. We have not made it a rule, as soon as ever persons are justified, to remind them of ‘going on unto perfection.’ Whereas this is the very time preferable to all others.”
– Wesley

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