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Psa 90.12 +

Psa 90.12

“So teach us to number our days,

that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

“Nothing is a hardship to Love…”

(large L is Drummonds)

– Henry Drummond

Phillip & Heather invited us to spend Christmas at their nice home (about 170 mi. east) & to come early. As we drove through the twisty, hilly roads after leaving 32 I remarked to Martha about God helping him to find this place. We arrived about dark the 22nd. Some time on the 24th it began to snow & snowed a good bit of Christmas Eve – how fitting. She’d invited her sister & family for an early supper. It was lovely seeing so much family, seeing cousins (older & younger) interact & enjoy each other’s personalities. Martha & I also got to see our older son, wife & twins on the 26th & share that supper & then breakfast with them. Thank you Phillip & family for the kindness of the invitation & opportunity to share some Christmas stories during family altars. Our time there was special! – 12/31/20

“Never do anything I would not want to be doing

the last hour of my life.”

– Jonathan Edwards

You read the Bible through in 2020, right? You – did – not?  I’m sorry – what did you read? Please don’t tell me you’ve stopped reading & all you’re doing now is watching movie after movie. “But they’re clean ones, Bryan – so, its OK.” The whole idea of movies (even “clean” ones) should be up for debate in every Christian (& thinking, non-Christian) mind. They do NOT equal reading – never have, never will be. Jesus is the WORD, not the flick/pic! (Please pardon the sound of this almost sounds like blasphemy) -12/31/20

Christ’s Kingdom

“If my Kingdom were of this world”

Christ is recorded as saying,

My children would have flag unfurled,

Be actually killing, slaying.

His Kingdom is interior;

His victory far superior,

To carnal guns of carnal men.

Come. Join Christ – leave the ways of sin.

– eab,  Dec 2009

I feel sorry for some parents. You know Mom never wears men’s pants but you show up & pics are made with Mom & you (her daughter) in your trousers. She loves you, she doesn’t want to refuse a pic with you, but what can she say? “But I don’t think it is wrong (any more) & she needs to accept me as I now am.” Without here arguing the rightness or wrongness I hope you’ll re-read that & see it smacks of selfishness. You’re on your own – she can no longer spank you for wearing levis but please be respectful to her. She’ll someday slip away & it’ll be too late to respect her then. – 12/31/20

“The will of God will never lead you

where the grace of God cannot keep you.”

– Attorney David Gibbs Jr. mother told him

Exo 20.12

“Honor thy father & thy mother:

 that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”

Do you know what “kindling” is? (Or an older, less used word “tender”?) No man wanting to start a fire in fireplace or woodstove strikes a match to a log. He’ll use kindling or “tender” & start a fire beside or between two logs. The small wooded splinters, shavings or needles etc catch fire first & can then spread to bigger wood. God has used people with a tender conscience, a carefulness about sin, to awaken folk in churches to the need of Heavenly fire. Are you tender? Can God touch you with His Spirit? Are we too BIG for Him to start with us? Our churches need Holy Fire! O, God, send the fire. – 12/31/20

“…His ‘Follow’ meant

‘Do as I would do in every relation of life.’”

Wilfred Grenfell, MD

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Psa 85.6 +

Psa 85.6

“Wilt thou not revive us again:

that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

“…I had rather impart truth

than receive tithes.”

– John Fletcher

What do you see? Do you see possibilities or impossibilities?  Do you see potential or problems?  Is the glass half full or half empty? What do you see? What you see is as much or more *you* as circumstances which surround you. Want good news? God can help you become a more positive person. Overnight? Well, yes, in a way overnight – conversion is instant. And, then, over some time. – 12/24/20 

“…Pride [is] that odious vice which feeds on the praises

it slily procures, lives by the applause it has meanly courted…”

– John Fletcher

The devil himself, cannot stop you from going to heaven. All of satan’s dark forces (human & non-human) cannot stop you from ascending. They will lie, they will bluff, they’ll try their best to distract you & may even (if God allows) kill your body but that will not stop you going up to heaven. A saint working directly with God, is stronger than all the forces of hell. – 12/25/20


God could have made the world and “walked”

Walked with, “Have a nice day.”

He could be distant (instead of watching every instant)

Interested, but not too much “as such.”

God could be somewhere in the “air”

Without a fraction of His face

Without a glimpse of His grace;

There, but always “in His place” (and never near)

He could be the ultimate “Player” in hide-n-seek

Impossible to find unless He wanted to be found

But God, joyful contrast, wanted us to see

Wanted/wants us to sense His presence

Ah, more than we do now,

So, in His interesting Book

He repeatedly shows us how.

– eab, 12/28/16  

So – the things hanging from your ears – do they help you hear better? Do they actually improve sound? Do they do anything for the other senses? (Or, are they senseless?) Do they make you look better? (In whose opinion?) You spent $ & time buying them, spent time selecting a color to match an outfit, spent time putting them in place, have to have a place to store them & if you’re perfectly honest they’re ATTENTION GETTERS. You want friends to see them, comment on them. They connect to pride. – 12/28/20

“Any sinful act will not simply find no acquiescence

but will awaken immediate recoil…”
– R S Foster

Heb 12.15

“Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God;

lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you & thereby many be defiled;”

We’ve probably all had a dorm-roommate, neighbor, relative or someone with whom we’ve worked, who was touchy or with whom it was hard to live. Perhaps you learned to avoid certain subjects or steer clear of “x” around them. I agree that basically they should NOT have been that way. But allow me also to say, we should never be one who stirs up trouble, who rubs the cat’s fur the wrong way. “…As much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men”(Rom 12.18). Be a PEACE-maker – – – not a PIECE-maker. – 12/28/20

“The value of holiness.

Its presence is life –

its absence is eternal death.”

– R S Foster

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Psa 84.10 +

Psa 84.10

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.

I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

“Forgive. Why?

So you can live.”

– Carl isenhart

“O God, raise up a new crop of preachers, some young & some not so young, but freshly purified from sin & zealous for a powerful church. We need You Lord. We need Your anointing on preaching like we’ve read about from the days of yore.” – 12/12/20

“It is a wonderful thing to meet with God on the mount but this experience is only

in order that we may afterwards go down among the devil-possessed & lift them up.”

– R G Finch

There are guys in our midst known for their humor (or attempt thereat) but not necessarily known for a hunger for God. There maybe a reason. A heart that hungers for God & His holiness will move more & more toward & into wholesome honesty. Much “canned” humor is built on exaggeration or “JK” (just kidding) or similar schemes which border on dishonesty. Yes, some men in ministry have a good sense of humor, but if they’re holy they’ve had the wisdom to not make laughter a goal. – 12/17/20 


Church member after member

Believes in satan’s lies.

Some monkey became a man?

What a zoo-laughable surprise

Not in Galapagos, or other ground

Have Darwinites such a joke found.

– eab,  12/20/18

It is a pitiful state when a Christian church/college/mission sending org. is lacking in prayer & even some of the prayers heard there are “read” – therefore more to please man’s ear, than to reach the heart of God.

But it’s a great state of things when a fear of God grips a grounds (camp meeting, college campus, other) & men/women get serious with God. – 12/19/20

“My wife was afraid of losing this world

& my children were given to the foolish delights of youth.”  30
– John Bunyan

Luk 2.12

“And this shall be a sign unto you;

Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”

“Manger scenes” with wise men? The wise men came not to a stable but to “…the house…”(Mat 2.11 – 1st use in NT). Matthew says “Young Child” – only writer to use this term & he uses it only in this chapter. Luke writes “Babe” [“Luke” has 4 letters/ends in “e” – Babe has 4 letters/ends in “e”). “No big deal, Bryan, why mention it?” If we can’t get the “Christmas story” right, is it any marvel radio/TV preachers can lead people astray on theology? And – an atheist who reads a Bible sees we don’t take the Book literally? Ouch? – 12/20/20 

“The end of the world is compared to our harvest;

& you know men at harvest regard nothing but fruit.”

– John Bunyan

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Psa 71.18 +

Psa 71.18

“Now also when I am old & grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until

I have showed thy strength unto this generation & thy power to every one that is to come.”

“…Self—the most popular of all the false gods…”

– William Jennings Bryan

Should you shoot the bad guy? You shoot him, he goes to hell, & you live (lets say) 5 years. You die in 5 yrs that’s all, but you sent a man to hell. “But he was bad; he’d have gone to hell anyway.” Please, Sir/Ma’am, we were all once bad. He might not’ve gone to hell if he’d lived; you cut off his chances. “But he was going to kill me.” If you were ready to die, what difference does it make if it’s now or in 5 yrs.? Question: were you ready to die? Does that explain why you shot? – 12/14/20

“…Every man in every thing he does naturally acts upon the forethought

& apprehension of avoiding evil or obtaining good…”

– Joseph Bulter

God makes man. What does man make? Man turns around & makes a set of gods. How stupid can one be? Make an image & then fall or bow to or kiss the “creation” of his own hands? This is true if the image is stone/wood but also true of modern metal (car) or plastic (movie film) – anything other than God.- 12/17/20

ANNOUNCED  (19th Bryan card)

He was announced to Mary

His mother for earthly mold

She knew He’d be special

For she had been foretold.

And He was announced to Joseph

Temporal man at family’s head

– Joseph married anyway –

His greatness is still read.

He was announced to herders,

‘Round campfires on Judah’s hills

Men know for their roughness –

Flesh, less frivolous frills.

Creatures from Glorious Yonder

Harmonized them on the wing.

Announcements were made in verse;

Song is a wondrous thing!

He was announced to wise ones,

Far across Near Eastern sand,

Twilight’s lavender shade;

A new star joined the band.

“It can mean but one thing” they said,

“A new head there is to crown.”

Camel, and prince, and his gift

Traversed waves sifty, brown.

Each old herald in manner,

Is thanked for his timely thought,

But from their time, to ours,

The news had to be brought.

Burlap-clad, unsung greats of yore

Told son’s sons, time on time.

Some traveled long, hard and late

In a worse, foreign clime

Decades passed the Word along;

Announcements were made to tribes,

Were made in chieftain’s huts

Via tokens and bribes,

Were made inside the palace gates,

Were made to craftsman and slave,

To the weak, growing weaker,

To brawny man, thought brave.

Until, O Joyous Hour

(After centuries of trust

It still was being told,

For telling it is a must)

Someone announced His birth to you –

To me, the story was clear.

Throughout this Christmas Season,

May their mem’ry be dear.  

– eab, DEC. ‘83

Please don’t make jokes about “gov.virus,” “reset,” “new normal,” or other 2020 wrong actions. To joke about something is – to a degree – to accept it. (Not original with me; read something like this & have lived long enough to see it’s worth.) Stop. We’re being “played” & I don’t think it’s funny! – 12/17/20

“Prayer is the most secret intercourse of the soul with God…

Prayer is the language of a conscious dependence on God…”
– Adam Clarke

1Co 7.31

“…The fashion of this world passeth away.”

Pardon me, Sir/Ma’am, you have my sympathy. If the best you can get out of life (Christmas season & all the rest) is the semi-soured juice of secular music, the semi-bitter songs of show tunes (old or new), the sad lyrics of worldly writers & their sinful-take on life – I feel sorry for you. I don’t know – nor do I wish to know – the leading songs of this “hit movie” or that. Very little (if any) secular music, words or melody, will (IMO) be heard in eternity. It is too much like the gongs I heard in Taipei years ago – noise. Come back to the sweet songs of the Redeemed. – 12/18/20  

“He’s the final destination of my soul.”

Darwin Edwards

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Psa 71.17 +

Psa 71.17

“O God, thou hast taught me from my youth:

& hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.”

“…Parents cannot do God’s work & God will not do theirs…

Parents are called to correct not to punish their children.”

– Adam Clarke

You’re traveling in unknown territory. You’re on a road you’ve not been on before. Are you sure it’s taking you to the destination you want?  Please, friend, pull over (Christmas could be a nice wide spot to stop) & consult your road map. “I don’t have one.” Go buy a Bible (King James, by all means) & read It. I’d love to hear, you not only pulled over but that you turned around & came back to the exit where you left Salvation Road. “Will this be easy?” No. But it’s important beyond your ability to grasp this December day.-12/17/20   

“Love her without jealousy; oblige her without flattery; honor her without making her proud;

& be hers entirely without becoming either her footman or her slave.”

– Adam Clarke

SPORTS/GAMES #1  There was a day when careful evangelicals & holiness people stayed away from all organized sports: high sch., college & professional. We saw the immodesty of cheerleaders & basketball players, saw the presence of beer in advertising & bleachers, saw the violation of the Lord’s Day & heard about the gross language & lives of some players. Important? Absolutely – & no less so today although I see social media pics of some dropping to these low levels. – 12/18/20

THEY CAME  (9th Bryan card)

They came.

They came on camels – (probably),

Lumbering hoofed ships,

On a shifting, sandy sea (wind, lea).

They gave.

Three tokens at least (myrrh, “gum,” gold)

Presents for the King,

In royal David’s household (foretold).

They left.

A different way (Don’t all men?)

Time’s most Focal Point

Confronts, converts, men from sin (Within).

But wait!

Were their gifts alive? (flesh, blood, soul?)

To hearken is best;

Obedience gains the goal (Not dole).

Dear Lord,

Accept these our gifts (howe’er fine)

Earth’s joys signed below.

Make them God forever Thine (Not mine).

E. Andrew 9, Lincoln S. 6, Laura C. 3, [1]

Heather Colwell born Nov. 6th, wt 9# 1/2 oz

               In loving gratitude, Unselfish Lord

               Use our sons & daughters to spread Thy Word.

– eab,  DEC. 1973

SPORTS/GAMES #2  There’s a DEEPER problem. With man-made sports/games There has to be a loser! If you have a winner (ball game, checkers, races, dominoes, shooting contest, etc.) someone must lose. As stated above these are “man-made” activities. God requires no losers. 2 farmers may operate side-by-side & 1 do better than the other but God doesn’t require 1 to lose. 2 hunters may emerge from the woods: 1 with a buck, 1 without a buck, but God didn’t require a loser. 2 brothers may go to the same meeting house: 1 may go to heaven, 1 to hell, but he did not have to go there. – 12/18/20

…Home – earth’s only paradise…”
– William Jennings Bryan

Luk 19.10

“For the Son of man is come to seek & to save

that which was lost.”

In your flurry to stop “wrong” or hurry for “right” to win don’t kill anyone (or be killed). It’s doubtful that the 1 you kill will make a difference between victory or defeat but for him (if he’s sinning) he’s damned – & you did it. Or, if you’re out to “kill or be killed” it’s very doubtful you Love Jesus as you ought (He said “…Love your enemies…”Mat 5.44) so your death may drop you into hell. – 12/18/20

P.S. >> Never tho’t I’d need to warn on social media, but I don’t want you (or an enemy) to PERISH. <<

“Love of money is probably more responsible for modern wars than any other one cause

…the blood of many being shed to enrich a few.”

– William Jennings Bryan

[1] At Christmas our children “appear” three years apart but that lasts only from November 6 to December 29.

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Psa 55.22 +

Psa 55.22

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord & he shall sustain thee:

He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

“…The idea [in Bible Study] is to show the layman how to read the Bible,

not to show how much the pastor knows about it.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

Every child born on earth could become a saint. Which way did parents influence? If there’s a teacher (other than parents) which way did she/he influence? The church? The state? How are you (relative /friend /neighbor) influencing? We all – yes, you, yes, me – are said to influence 7 people. For some of us the figure is higher. Be Joyful in Jesus. Be Biblical in life-style. Be Praying – daily/hourly. – 12/16/20

“One is tempted to have three little introductions before one starts to preach.

But it is a safe rule to have only one front porch for any one house.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

Some women are more concerned about being pretty on the outside than on the inside.

Some men may appear strong in body but are weak in soul.

Some fellows would like you to think they’re scholars but they refuse to acknowledge the greatest Classic in the English language enough to reject wanabees. – 12/17/20


Travel ever so far,

Dig ever so deep,

And wait ‘til you think

God’s fast asleep;

But God sleeps not,

Your ways are not hid,

He knows your location,

You’re on His “map grid.”

– eab,  12/17/06   

You may believe most (if not all) of what a careful-living pastor wishes you to believe & yet be lost, eternally. Why? Because you just believed it in your head. You never got down off the Throne of your life & gave that controlling spot to Jesus. Your beliefs were nearly perfect but they were shallow. Come now, this Christmas, & get REAL with the Lord. I’m glad if/when you like, even love, a Biblical stand but being a Christian goes below your neck – it reaches to your heart. Be Honest with God. – 12/17/20

“If when we feel we should pray, we hesitate longer than is necessary & continue reading

or talking when we could just as well be praying, the Spirit of prayer will be quenched.”
– Samuel Logan Brengle

2Ti 1.5

“When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois & thy mother Eunice & I am persuaded that in thee also.”

None of us choose our parents. Some readers had a great dad, a kind mother, one or both, servants of God. Gladly, some of you walked in your parents steps (more/less) & are headed toward heaven. Sadly, others had godly Dad/Mom but you’ve chosen to be a “modern christian” & reject old paths. Shame on you. No, I don’t expect you to dot all of your parents “i’s” nor cross all their “t’s” but you can’t please God rejecting teachings of Christ & His disciples. Come Home to Christ this Christmas. Love to hear that you did. And – – – you can! – 12/17/20

“We are workers together with God & if we will praise Him,

He will see to it that we have something to praise Him for.”

– Samuel Logan Brengle

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Psa 51.11 +

Psa 51.11

“Cast me not away from thy presence;

& take not thy holy spirit from me.”

“They [God & the devil] both await either a coronation or a crucifixion.

Whom you do not crown must be crucified.”

– Samuel               Chadwick

There are some beautiful stories in the OT & I’ve preached from It many times. But, Thanks be to God, we don’t live in the Old Testament. As Christ died, the temple veil rent from the top to the bottom, permanently shifting God’s followers from an age of rites/rituals to the Righteousness of Christ. Please do no reading, allow no close friendships, spend no time looking to return to OT ways. – 12/10/20

“Whatever destroys the home

is the deadliest enemy of the nation.”

– Samuel               Chadwick

There are men willing to preach – they sort-a-like being seen, being center of attention, being in charge. Some of these men do not pray, or not enough. The “glory” associated with a pulpit is not associated with a prayer closet – no one but God knows he’s in there praying. (God knows he’s there, or he missed this AM) but in some minds, God doesn’t count for much – man wants the praise of men. Amen? Ouch? – 12/12/20


Bow and / or Bow

The context lets you know;

Bow was a past instrument of war.

Bow is part of worship, now & evermore.

Context, context, I hope you know the word.

That’s what surrounds, when its sound is heard.

There’s a huge difference between warship & worship

Never let *that* concept slip.

– eab,  12/16/16    

There’s been “war” between Words & pictures for centuries. God uses Words & identifies with them to the point His Son is “The Word.” God’s arch-enemy uses pictures – Israel was to “…destroy all their pictures…” (Num 33.52). Pictures (2 dimension) where to be annihilated like images (3 dimension) were. Many mid-twentieth century evangelical/holiness men fled pictures. In later years the “picture show” entered living-rooms, “invaded” computers/phones, is now even on sanctuary walls, & our churches are dead or are dying. Please, Brother/Sister, come back to the WORD. – 12/16/20

Jesus Christ never made an apostle of any man

 who was not first his scholar or disciple.”
– Adam Clarke

2Co 10.4

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal

but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;”

Before there were extremely expensive filming machines on tracks, there were words.

Before there was the first primitive movie camera, there were words.

Before one black & white, still picture, there were words.

Before drawing/painting/sculpture, there were words.

And – after modernity turns into an eternity (which no camera can capture) there’ll be words. – 12/16/20

“Great possessions are generally accompanied with pride,

idleness & luxury & these are the greatest enemies to salvation.”

– Adam Clarke

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Psa 48.1 +

Psa 48.1

“Great is the Lord & greatly to be praised in the city of our God,

in the mountain of his holiness.”

“…A worthy leader knows how to listen… The leader also should enjoy every minute. In a high sense, being happy is the minister’s chief business here below…”

– Andrew W Blackwood

Let your smile, the twinkle of your eyes, your laughter be so attractive you need no makeup or jewelry to gain attention. Anyone can put on paint or a cheap chain or ring but only happy souls have the smiles (eyes & mouth) & chuckles/pleasantry which come from the inside. – 12/7/20

“It is the joyous privilege of the man in the pulpit to see the hidden things of God

& then show them to the man in the pew.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

Across the land are churches with no resident pastor. Some are trying to keep open by this person or that “filling the pulpit,” others are asking a leading churchman to hold Bible Studies, & VERY sadly, other churches have drained water pipes, turned off the electric, & locked the doors. Empty Pulpits. I’m afraid behind many Empty Pulpits were Empty Prayer Closets. TV helped empty some prayer closets, “clean family” movies helped empty some prayer closet, even laziness played a part. God. Help. Us. – 12/12/20

The only place you find mirth

Is on this spot we call earth.

Heaven has Joy – far above “it”

Hell wishes it’d never heard of “it”

Friend, drop “it” – it’s of small worth.

– eab,  12/15/20 

With due respect, there’s danger in “Christian Singing Entertainment.” You can feel religious, while a shadow is in your life (I experienced this when in high sch.). Heavenly songs can make you imagine you’re on your way to heaven. By contrast, Spirit anointed preaching makes sinners feel badly & lets them know they’re on their way to perdition. “God, give us more men preaching with the anointing.” – 12/15/20

“Nothing good can be said of carnality.

It is evil, only evil, & always evil.”
– H A Baldwin

1Co 1.21

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God,

it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”

When the painter lays down her brush or the sculptor his chisel, “art” stops. It becomes static or (not so nice sounding) it becomes dead. God, by glorious contrast, has a living, flowing, beauty which some would call “art”. The Lord’s “art” [1] is ever changing. His sky moves from light to dark, from cloudy to cloudless, from red to blue to yellow, white, gray, even “green.” It is the largest imaginable “canvas” & yet it is “alive,” never the same today as yesterday. I love His unlimited splendor. – 12/15/20

“You are in danger…if you depart ever so little from Scripture…

from the plain literal mean­ing of any text taken in connection with the context.”

– John Wesley

[1] I don’t know that I have the ability but I believe it could be argued God is NOT an artist – He is far far above such a lowly position.

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Psa 46.1 +

Psa 46.1

“God is our refuge & strength,

a very present help in trouble.”

“…Most professors of religion prefer to take their standard

from the people round about them rather than form God’s Book.”

– Samuel L Brengle

People are addicted to tobacco – Do you believe Hell has tobacco for sale so people can continue the filthy habit? People become dependent on hard drink – Do you believe Hell has liqueur stores? These (plus numerous sins) which people have loved, lived for, even died for, will (IMO) not be practiced in Hell but the craving may be there forever. Saints, who began praising God & living right on earth, will be able to keep their “habit” in pure Heaven for eternity. Wonderful. – 12/10/20  

“He [Jesus] has shown me…although I am to have His joy, holiness does not consist so much in rapturous, sublimated experiences, as in lowly, humble, patient, trustful love.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Salvation is the beginning. Sanctification is next. Beyond these two separate works of grace stretches a life to walk with God. What are you doing with this life? Allow a suggestion from (for many of you) an older friend. Ask God to enroll you in His School of Prayer. Ask Him for the smallest desk He has. Ask God to teach you how to pray. Ask Him about what He would have you pray today. “Come on, Bryan, I know how to pray for ‘me & my wife, my son John & his wife’.” Brother, please let the Lord increase your vision & lead you HOW to pray for more – much more. We need praying people! – 12/12/20


When the last evergreen wisp

Has been removed from the floor,

And the red satin bow

Has been un-nailed from the door.

When the last of the Christmas log

Has smoked the chimney core,

Christ liveth, and ruleth yet.

– eab,  12/14/81    

If/when WE get a chance to visit in heaven – & I absolutely hope we BOTH make it – it will not matter if you were right about theological sub-point “c” or, if I was. (It may be such “stuff” won’t be remembered there.) It’s OK (IMO) that we differ down here, but what we dare not do, is have a lack of love toward each other. The fact we see things differently may not be a sin – but not loving our brother/sister IS. – 12/12/20

The mere fact of GLOSSOLALIA or any other estatic utteracne is no evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit.”
– F F Bruce

1Jo 3.13

“Marvel not, my brethren,

if the world hate you.”

“O God, Please make me more aware of the Beauties & Benefits of the Above World & ready to go there. And – God, I doubt I want to fully visualize hell but help me to understand it better, that I make more readily avoid it & that I might do a better job of describing its torments to those dying about me.”- 12/13/20

 “Thru the Holy Spirit the leaders of the Early Christian Church

out-lived the pagan,

out-thought him, &

out-died him.”

– Terrot R Glover

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Psa 37.25 +

Psa 37.25

“I have been young & now am old;

yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

“…When he [the sanctified man] consents to submerge his own personality in the generalities of social, religious or denominational conduct he has consented to his own elimination as a factor in God’s hand for bringing things to pass.”
H A Baldwin

Evolutionists want you to disbelieve the Bible – the most accurate Book on earth. But they want you to *believe* their dreamed-up lies. You, as a free moral agent (how God made you) are free to believe either, but I beg you to go with God’s Word. – 12/7/20

“The weak points in a strong man

are more liable to be copied than the strong ones…”

H A Baldwin

PLATFORM   Keeping the platform clean surely includes who fills the pulpit for you when you’re on vacation (or otherwise need to be away). Listen respectfully to the saint (or deacons) if they request/suggest that you have “X” preach while you’re absent. (As a young pastor or in your 1st yr there, you can feel intimidated by such suggestions.) Thank the one(s) giving you names & promise to pray about their idea AND THEN DO, but do not promise to use “X” before you pray, as God may say no.  – 12/11/20  

CHRIST COMMANDER  (Bryan’s 12th Christmas card)

Before the fall of satanic force,

When lucifer fell from realms of right,

Christ was totally in charge, of course,

The Commander of pre-sunshine light.

When Eden and its surroundings greened,

Immediately, to the Master’s phrase.

From the Scriptures, it is easily gleaned,

Christ was there in His Creative days.

When Christ, the Commoner, graced the stall,

The sheep, nor their shepherds understood,

That the coming of this newborn, small,

Would be to all humanities good.

Many years there lived and labored hard,

The Carpenter of Nazareth town.

Learned the trade without quota or card,

Before He laid all the mallets down.

Christ the Compassionate, He became;

Easing the ill ones, touching the blind,

Going where mortals were halt or lame,

Leaving a trail of walkers behind.

Sinful men rejected His teaching.

They schemed, and connived and even lied.

Pilate’s water could do no bleaching,

When Jesus died: Christ the Crucified.

The grave was guarded.  The stone? immense.

Even the Roman seal was in place.

Then Christ, the Conqueror, came from hence

Vanquishing death, when met face to face.

He came, He left, He will soon appear,

Forever, to be in fullest charge!

Christ the Commander, without a fear,

Ruling then the universe at large.

Commander, Creator, Commoner,

Carpenter, Compassionate, all five.

Crucified, and then death’s Conqueror,

Without which there’d be no hope alive.

Commander again as once before;

The difference?  The life He lived with man.

That Gift man commemorates of yore.

Praise Him, Laud Him, for this wondrous plan.               

– eab,  DEC. 1976

PLATFORM  More serious for church’s health is having the right man for revival. You should pray about the upcoming “revival” BEFORE meeting the deacons. A college official, or doctor, or denominational leader may be suggested by a deacon. If he’s one of the last men you want, be prepared 1.) To let your face reveal nothing. 2.) Ask God to help you say the right thing without being too negative. 3.) Move on with “Are their other suggests.” Sadly some men can come without a burden for your church, preach “used” sermons, be entertained, take an offering, & your people receive very little good. 12/11/20

Confession is thus a genuine part of the life of the saints

& one of the gifts of grace.”
– Dietrich Bonoeffer

1Ti 6.11

“But thou, O man of God, flee these things & follow after righteousness,

godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.”

If/when WE get a chance to visit in heaven – & I absolutely hope we BOTH make it – it will not matter if you were right about theological sub-point “c” or, if I was. (It may be such “stuff” won’t be remembered there.) It’s OK (IMO) that we differ down here, but what we dare not do, is have a lack of love toward each other. The fact we see things differently may not be a sin – but not loving our brother/sister IS. – 12/12/20

“The actor who had to play the part of pagan gods & heroes, the teacher who was forced to teach pagan mythologies in pagan schools, the gladiator who had to take human life for sport…

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

“…the soldier who wielded the sword, the policeman & the judge all had to renounce their heathen professions if they wanted to be baptized.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

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