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Psa 91.1 +

Psa 91.1

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

“…The people who influence you

are people who believe in you.

– Henry Drummond

“A picture’s worth a thousand words” is attributed to Fred Barnard. With respect, Barnard (whose interest was advertising) was wrong. *It took words to say that.* You’d have a hard time (& who knows how many pic) say these 6 words in pictures. If fact, I doubt you could, if the public had no hint what you’re saying. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is catchy, sounds “cute” but is not true. – 1/1/21

“My soul is filled & overhelmed with light

& love & joy in the Holy Ghost.”

Mrs Jonathan Edwards, quoted by Knapp, Christ Crowned Within

How many times have you handed a clerk a newish 50 & watched them hold it up to the light? Why? They want it to be genuine. They don’t want to be left with a worthless piece of paper. If you’re a native English speaker there’s only one Classic Bible. (I’m not a scholar but have spent many hours studying seminary-level Hebrew/more hours on seminary-level Greek). The AV has the marks of authenticity. It’s worth reading, studying, memorizing. Wanabees tend to be worthless pieces of paper. -1/1/2021     


Your god, that god you control

(the one you made-up or stole)

You think him neat, even “cute.”

He’s not bearing you to the sky;

No, damnation is drawing nigh

In fact, it’s been long in route.

– eab, 1/1/21

Every now & then I see someone quoting a rabbi or Jewish writer on prophecy. Why?  If a man does not believe in Jesus Christ enough to abandon all other systems of belief, he is not a true follower of our coming Lord. You can read Revelation repeatedly (eab read Revelation 6 times last year). The non-believer can inadvertently (or advertently – wolf in sheep’s clothing) lead you to an exactly opposite position of what you should hold. Don’t friend, pay attention to Jewish speakers. Spent your time in the NT. – 1/1/2021

“…Wherever the work of sanctification increased

the whole work of God increased in all its branches.”

– John Wesley

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

As a man who’s never held a glass or bottle of beer to his lips, allow me to say Christians should NOT  imitate drinking stemware (or the like) which sinners use on their “special occasions.” Lead your family away from – not toward “…all appearance of evil”(1Th 5.22). – 1/1/2021   

“I feel & grieve; but

by the grace o God I fret at nothing.”

– John Wesley

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