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Psa 85.6 +

Psa 85.6

“Wilt thou not revive us again:

that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

“Perfect love does not imply perfect knowledge;

but perfect humility & perfect readiness to receive instruction.”

– John Fletcher

Not long ago they walked among us, or were a work-mate, lived next door, or ate at our table – now they’re gone. Gone where? The devil doesn’t want you to think about their location – God does. Christ wants you to contemplate *where* the dead are, how they lived, & the activities which (with no doubt) contributed to them now having Eternal Bliss or (sad to write) Eternal sorry. THINK ABOUT ETERNITY – 1/1/2021

“Adam, ye know, lost his human perfection in paradise;

satan lost his angelic perfection in heaven.”

– John Fletcher

God’s requirements for you (or me) to enter heaven are NOT too high. If I had drawn up your requirements I might be too hard (or too lenient) because I do not know of what you are fully capable. If you’d lined up what I need to do to get into heaven you might make the list too long (or not long enough) not knowing of what I was capable. God requires from you & from me JUST what is right. You & I CAN meet His all-knowing demands. Start. Acting. As. You. Should.   1/2/21

Deserve Heaven

If you think you deserve heaven? You don’t.

If you think you’ll make on your own? You won’t.

No one goes above

Who’s not filled with perfect love.

– eab, 1/2/16 

Enjoy your grandparents. Mine were all dead before my high school graduation.

Enjoy your aunts/uncles. My favorite uncle died in 1976.

Enjoy your parents & sibs. Mine are all gone. (This isn’t here for you sympathy but as a reminder.)

Enjoy your family AND let them know you’re happy to be related. – 1/2/21

“In order that this soul may be holy…the willing & perfect servant…more is necessary than pardon; it must be cured of its abnormal condition, must be made sane: this is what is meant by regeneration.”
– R S Foster

1Pe 2.17

“Honor all men. Love the brotherhood.

Fear God. Honor the king.”

Branding Iron. I love my Father God. He’s treated far better than I deserve. Allow me to praise Him. Years ago I was called to pastor the Bible Holiness Chapel, Oelrichs, SD. ‘Twas my first time to minister west of the Mississippi & I enjoyed it. Among things new to this Ohio boy was to participate in two brandings. One day in Crawford, NE I bought a used, open “C” brand. I was happy with the price, happy to own an authentic branding iron but had no idea how I’d use it later. It makes a great tool to move hot coals in my woodstove – much better than a simple poker could. My Father knew I’d need such & allowed me to buy it, enjoy it for what it was, & later use it in new practical way. – 1/2/2021

“Faith…that mysterious hand by which the holy soul clings to God

amid temptation & so is kept from sin.”

– R S Foster

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