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Psa 103.1 +

Psa 103.1

“Bless the LORD, O my soul & all that is within me,

bless his holy name.”

“If we are so unfortunate as to not go to the mission field

we better have a representative there.”

– E G Garrett

Sinners (thinking how important they are) want to do as they please now, & still hope/guess/try to imagine they’ll enjoy a happy life after death. They want it Both ways. Saints, by solemn contrast are willing to give up some/much of this world – to say “good bye” to it & mean the same, in order that they may fit their souls to enjoy a blissful heaven. It will be a heaven to which we have a hard time finding anything with which it can compare. – 1/10/21 

“The marriage is between two souls stamped with God’s image.”

– W B Godbey

May I encourage you to drop “competition” out of your life? It is very much a part of the world & should have little-to-no-place in a saint’s mind. Every contest demands a loser (if you have a winner, you have to have a loser) but in Christ there are no losers.  We all may go to heaven! Being Biblical sets you (& your family) apart from this earth. This may be a new thought – but DO think about. – 1/16/21


The bad news is – you can’t believe the “News!”

It’s controlled by Protestants, Catholics, or Jews.

Truth is though; you never really could believe it.

(I know – this nugget- you don’t want to receive it.)

It’s always been colored by the teller’s views.

– eab,  1/17/21


The greatest News is NOT too good to be true.

It is a fact. Christ died for you, & you, & you.

This greatest News is in an old, old Book.

Its past time, Friend, for you took a new look.

If honest – you’ll find Truth, every time you do.

– eab, 1/17/21

So – – – why do you think people come to your church. Architecture? I surely hope not – that’s a poor reason. Choir? Hopefully it’s not that either. Food pantry? Thank you for the work that goes into it & your labor of love but it’s not the best reason. Hymns? I’m grateful you sing traditional hymns; blessings on you for that but its still is not the paramount reason to come. One more? Thank God if you have a pastor who gets his messages from God (not on-line) & who preaches from the Classic KJV. The main REASON people come to your church should be – they feel God & worship Him there. Hallelujah. – 1/17/21   

“The only way to keep saved

is to get sanctified.”

– Glenn Griffith

Php 4.19

“But my God shall supply all your need

according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

STOP going to the bank to finance a church. Banks represent materialism in its most obvious form. Banks are so earthy. God’s house is Heavenly! If the remodel is for GOD’s glory, He can pay for it out of His abundant sources. (If, of course, the remodel is for the glory of pastor/board, God’s not obligated to pay for it.) God pays His bills. Too many new church buildings have “honored” men, God was not duty-bound to pay for them, & the banking world SADLY made $1000’s in interest. – 1/17/21   

“God does not begin any project

God does not complete.” – Larry Grile

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