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Psa 119.165 +

Psa 119,165

“Great peace have they which love thy law:

& nothing shall offend them.”

“Nothing so clears the vision & lifts up the life, as a decision to move forward

in what you know to be entirely the will of the Lord.”

– John G Paton

There are too many, WAY too many men/women making money just talking: TV, radio, politicians. Men are saying their own words And. Getting. Paid. For. It?!? “But, Bryan, that’s what preachers do – say words – & receive a stipend.” Allow 2 differences (at least). 1.] A true man of God – sadly, many preachers are NOT men of God – does more than say words: A.) he prays, B.) prepares, C.) visits the sick & afflicted, D.) knocks on the doors of homes to the east, west, north, & south of the church building. 2.] And, the man of God tries to say GOD’S Words, not his own. – 1/23/21

“If I die here in Glasgow, I shall be eaten by worms; If I can but live & die serving the Lord Jesus, it will make no difference to me whether I am eaten by cannibals or by worms; for in the Great Day my resurrection body will arise as fair as yours in the likeness of our risen Redeemer.”

– John G Paton

Please, make that PLEASE, pay attention who you quote. If he is a liar you’re wasting your time to even read him, let alone quote him. If he does not Biblically follow Christ, he will be lost forever & his advice lost with him. A “cute” quote is worthless if the one who said it, has a soul ugly with sin – some times these men did not follow their own advice, – – – nor should you! – 1/23/21


You can paint your car any color

Preferably one not showing dirt.

Your pickup’s color may reveal

If you should wear pants or a skirt.

Only two colors on tractors

Should ever, EVER be seen: 

Big, bright yellow wheels and

A body that’s new-grass green.

– eab,  1/23/17  

Perhaps you’ve been in an antique shop, “junk store,” Cracker Barrel. You saw an aged, heavily-framed, black/white pic of an old man: Dark suit, Black four-in-hand-tie, huge Mustache. You may’ve taken a second look & allowed your mind to wander. Who was he? You may have even asked, “Wonder if he’s in heaven?” (or thought briefly about the only other alternative). Once he sat for that pic in his “Sunday best” – now he walks earth no more. And you Brother? & you Sister – we’ll soon join that long-dead man in an eternal abode. Please DO WHAT YOU KNOW YOU OUGHT TO DO. Do it now! – 1/23/21

“No person has such a full view of his own astonishing weakness

 as does the holy man.”

– H A Baldwin

Luk 23.43

“And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee,

To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

All living humans have physical AND spiritual locations. Your physical spot on earth: city/country, mountainside/seaside, four seasons/tropical, may look like “paradise” to you (& me) but spiritually you may be living very near to hell. Or, your earthly location (food less than disable, job a dead-end, bed a sad couch) may appear to both you (& me) dismal, even repulsive, but if you’re spiritually alive, you could be in heaven before the month ends. Look up – the True Paradise is above & waiting for you. – 1/23/21

“In the sense of uneasiness a holy man may chafe when a preacher

is attempting to make a display of his own wisdom instead of the cross of Christ.”

– H A Baldwin

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