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Psa 126.6 +

Psa 126.6

“He that goeth forth & weepeth, bearing precious seed,

shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

“I can’t make you love me,

but you can’t keep me from loving you.”

– Jack Hyles

Man makes an image (stone, wood or disney, hollywood) & really wants you to be impressed. They may even want you to worship their image. Give the left enough time/money & they may *require/*demand it be worshiped. Never! “…We beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace & truth”(Joh 1.14). Once we’ve seen (“O, God help us to never lose the memory…”) the Glory of God, man’s images are foolishness, absolute foolishness! – 1/25/21

“High eating & drinking, fine clothes & fine houses…

do all of them naturally hurt & disorder our hearts…”

– Wm Law

We assume too much. So-n-So dies & some unwise minister makes it his business to “preach” the deceased into heaven. We leave a funeral/memorial service & eventually thoughts begin. “If they went to heaven…” you know they did that which was questionable. You witnessed their attitude toward the preaching/practice of holiness. satan can use this on you but more so on young people who are seeking an easier way. I do not know who (post New Testament) is in heaven & shouldn’t assume. May we obey exactly the leadership of the Spirit & go, regardless of who is or isn’t there. -1/25/21   


Songs of emotion

Songs of sadness

That’s what the sinners sing.

Songs of devotion

Songs of gladness

That’s what saints let ring!

– eab, 1/26/21

Do not allow your brain to be lazy. Use it. Work on your memory. Yes, God gave some of us more or less to begin with than others but don’t let that be your excuse. Make your brain be active – don’t let it live “rent free” up in your skull. A good memory can serve you well – now &, Lord willing, a decade from now. Bestir yourself, bestir your mind & best of all bestir your soul. – 1/26/21 

Jam 1.3

“Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”

“Charles H Parman & [Wm] Syemour the founders of the Tongues Movement in the U.S. both accused each other of receiving the gift of tongues from the devil.
– A L Vess

When are you going to start working (full-time/clearly part-time) for God?  “Leave me alone, Bryan, I’m just in my 20s – I want to have fun, play around. I’ll get serious about God & the Bible later.” Friend, you have no assurance you’ll see your 40th BD. Or you might see 60 but be in a nursing home with no strength to work for the Lord. May the Holy Spirit be on your trail today & every day until you get smart enough to mind Him. Give God your youth – not just the shell of a life: muscle weakened & brain slowed. – 1/26/21    

“If you’d get some peoples head,

you’d get all their religion.”

– B J Walker

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