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Psa 133.1 +

Psa 133.1

“Behold, how good & how pleasant it is

for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

“Be sure you have given your children to God—given them not only in order that they may be saved from hell but that they may be saved from sin, from enmity to God, from pride & worldliness & selfishness & unbelief…”

Samuel L Brengle

The cult is Dull, Dry, & predictable. Christ is alive, fresh (& refreshing). Cults have you counting beads, using “prayer wheels” making pilgrimages, “doing, doing, doing.” God doesn’t need human ideas of repeating & repeating. His limitlessness, His infinite possibilities of variation show Him to be Who He Is. Man’s cultish samish-ness is putrid compared to God’s eternal freshness. – 1/24/21

“Heaven is not parceled off into lots & estates. The angels own nothing & yet they possess all things & are eternally rich.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Did you read your Bible in the last 24? Did you read a full chapter? Do you read systematically (whatever your system is)? Is it a Duty or a Delight? In all honesty for some of us there have been times when reading the Bible smacked of duty – some people “have to make themselves eat” (physical food) I hear. But I also understand that not having a physical appetite is a sign of poor health. Ask God to help you 1.) To read His Word & 2.) To DELIGHT in He Word. Amen? – 1/30/21


At the right city, In the right time,

By the right mother, From the right line,

To the right nation, In the right tribe;

Christ came to earth humanity to imbibe

– eab,  Jan. ’81

FAME IS FLEETING. People have given years making their body do this gymnast trick or that. They trained under “So-n-So” so they can sing or play “x.” They’ve pursued this, practiced that, prevailed at something else with voice, hand, feet or combinations of bodily coordinations. Some won local awards, some national trophies, a few international acclaim. And – if their field interests you – you may even know their name. Then. They. Died. And (if they ignored God) “…in hell…lift up…eyes…in torments”(Luk 16.23). Friend, use your energy wisely – pursue God. Oh, Please pursue Him today! – 1/30/21

Isa 5.20

“Woe unto them

that call evil good & good evil;

that put darkness for light & light for darkness;

that put bitter for sweet & sweet for bitter!”

“…Pray without ceasing…simply means,

‘Don’t quite praying. Don’t give up your prayer life.’”[1]

– S D Herron

Once our holiness colleges had no sports emphasis. In 1968 I taught HSBC’s first PE class. (Hobe had gone 7.5 yrs without PE!) There were no colleges then, firmly in the careful way, with full-size gyms.  The move toward big gyms & toward “christian high school x” playing “christian high school y” is not a move toward holiness. It’s earthy & leads toward sports-minded men having influence in “christian” schools. This is another reason, parents, to home school. The gym has heathen roots – opposite of a church. – 1/30/21  

“…We have in the holiness movement the practice of such things as mixed-bathing, wearing of all sorts of brief attire, movie viewing (at home & in theaters), public sports participation, etc. & no one is supposed to utter a protest…”
– S D Herron

[1] S. D. Herron “The Discipline of Prayer,” Satisfying Portion, ( n.d.).

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