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Psa 139.23 +

Psa 139.23

“Search me, O God & know my heart:

try me & know my thoughts.”

“Bible study is the metal that makes a Christian.

This is the strong meat on which holy men are nourished.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Never, I repeat, Never think about taking your life. That is stealing. *Life* comes from God. He has loaned you one but it is a “loan.” You didn’t give life to yourself & you have no right to take life away from yourself.  That’s one side. Another side – suicides (unless there’s a mental issue – God knows about that) are damned *f*o*r*e*v*e*r.* Start reading your Bible. Ask God to forgive your sins. Jesus died to save you. But you need to cooperate. Give Him the pieces of your life – He can quickly improve you. – 1/30/21

“If we want revivals,

we must revive our reverence for the Word of God.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Bro Herron wisely said “The anti-christ is not going to say he’s the anti-christ.” HEADS UP – the wolf – in – sheep’s – clothing is *not* going to say he’s a wolf. Please stop believing “clothing.” There are Wolves (IMO) in holiness circles (Bible col., church, missions). Watch with whom they “hob-nob.” Who they praise, call “Brother.” Watch who speaks for the left-crowd’s functions. ASK Jesus for discernment. We’re losing men to the left but you don’t HAVE to be fooled. – 1/31/21


Let the evangelical preachers preach

Salvation. Preach it high & teach it well.

You proclaim the next plane to reach.

There IS a Canaan land in which to dwell.

– eab,  1/31/21 

Did you play “I spy” (or “I see…”) as a kid. As I scroll social media I spy a pic of your cat (I’m not fond of cats), a four-letter word, a silly joke, or worse, a joke bordering on blasphemy. I see an immodest meme or a family pic showing too much flesh. I “see” an attitude about an issue, an admonition to buy “x” or where you (sadly L ) went on vacation – You Know What I Do? I pass by without a negative comment. TRY IT. – 1/31/21

“God never performs a miracle to satisfy curiosity…”

– A L Vess

Joh 16.13

“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,

he will guide you into all truth.”

TODAY is the last day of January 2021. (You’re aware of that, I assume.) January had a first day & now it ends. Your life also had a first day AND you life with have its last. Few people hate to see January end but many people hate to see their life end. Are you ready? “Well, I don’t know. I’ve quit smoking, drinking, drugs.” Good, I’m glad you did – won’t save you. “I’ve told Jesus I’m sorry for my sins & mean it.” Praise the Lord – won’t save you. You must BELIEVE JESUS. We are saved by faith. If you’ve truly done all, & I mean ALL, you know to do, Believe Christ to save you. We are saved by faith! – 1/31/21

“Even the animals birds, beasts, insects…have voices for the purpose of understanding each other… Let us not stoop below the animal…world in the church…where truth is so important & must be understood.” – A L Vess

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