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Gen 2.24 +

Gen 2.24

“Therefore shall a man leave his father & his mother,

& shall cleave unto his wife & they shall be one flesh.”

“Englishmen learn Christ’s law best in English.

Moses heard God’s law in his own tongue; so did Christ’s apostles.”

–  John Wycliff

There is one Book which means more to me than any other book I own. Or book that you own. Or that the world’s largest library owns. I read from its Sacred Pages every day. I try to memorize a little of It. What it says about Life I believe. What it says about Death I believe. It is my Bible for marriage, for raising children, for judging what is going on in the various “worlds” of education, finance, government & science. Let me repeat the last one as it seems to appear too important to too many – – – science. – 2/7/21 

“The higher the hill, the stronger the wind:

so the loftier the life, the stronger the enemy’s temptations.”

–  John Wycliff

The term “her light” occurs 5 times in the Bible – 4 of these directly tied to the moon. “But my science teacher said the moon is a reflector. That it has no light of its own; its reflecting the sun’s light.” Was he/she there when this all started? God was. Is he/she all-knowing? God is. “Why would my science teacher say the moon’s a reflector?” That’s a good question – ask him/her. Here’s a possible answer (one I doubt he’ll use). It makes the sun more important therefore adding to ancient (yet still active) *sun worship.* God says 1 thing. Man says another. Stop believing man – come back to believing God.- 2/7/21


Ever received at Christmas

A box surprisingly light?

It seemed it might be empty

When you looked inside ─ you were right. 

Except for a piece of paper,

Its cavernous space was hollow,

Directions or “a promise” the

Giver expected you to “swallow.”

Some folks lives are hollow,

Shallow, empty, weighing light

They need Jesus to fix them,

Wrong needs replaced by right.

Friend is your life “on empty”

Running, but-barely, on short supply?

Are you grasping at earthly straws

Waiting, yet dreading to die?

Let Jesus fill your hollow life,

Fill it with purpose and song.

You too can shine and you can shout,

Now – – – and Eternally long.

– eab, 2/8/06 

Joh 3.16 has a counter-part. satan so HATED the world that he “took.” he “took” advantage of an innocent Eve & he & Eve “took” advantage of Adam. satan “took” possession of Judas. satan was able to orchestrate the religious leaders & they (with his help) “took” the life of Christ. satan is after your soul to “take” it as well. Get close to Jesus & STAY there. – 2/8/21 

Joh 3.16

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life”

“God Almighty first planted a garden; &

it is the purest of human pleasures.”

– Francis Bacon

The poor church may not have padded pews. The poor church may not have central air. The poor church may not have a choir (may be too small to even have a choir-loft). But the POOREST CHURCH in the county can have God! Sinners often sing in the choir & padded seats/cool air are creature comforts we enjoy (too much?). We need God. We need His presence & thanks be to God may have Him. – 2/8/21

“Fame is like a river &

drowns things weighty & solid.”

– Francis Bacon

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