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Gen 5.24 +

Gen 5.24

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not;

for God took him.”

“It is absolutely wrong to pray about something

 you already know is wrong.”
– V O Agan

The word “science” is in the Bible twice – once in each Testament. It’s in Daniel (1.4) where it’s clearly a part of heathen education! And it’s in the pennings of Paul (most highly “educated” man in NT – Jesus was not “educated”) – he warns of there being a false science. Millions worship science. They Believe what secular textbooks say about it. They Believe what a controlled “news” says about it. If NASA makes an announcement they’d not think of questioning it – it’d be almost like questioning a god. – 2/7/21

“His object is not alone to save them from hell, but to save them from sin, & not from its guilt & penalty only but from its pollution & power & the love they have for it.”
– Samuel L Brengle

The happiest sinner has a certain sadness in his life which explains the whine of the old jukebox songs.

But the saddest saint has an inner Joy & revels in the victory the grand hymns express. – 2/9/21


There are no human births in heaven

Nor are humans born in hell.

There were no humans born on the boat

Which rode Noah’s flood so well.

Eight souls walked up the plank

(Which probably was the door.)

And eight souls came back down it

Not one less; and not one more.

God provided natural “birth control”

To the wives of all Noah’s sons;

Likely the only time fertile couples

Went a year not birthing little ones.

Earthlings are born to earthlings

Here upon earth’s broad face

Increasing the population census

For God’s entire, most special race.

Here’s the place and now’s the time,

For man’s timely reproductions.

One plus one equals three (or more)

Is a this-world, this-era, deduction. 

Likewise earth is God’s place

For mankind to be re-born,

Sometime after common birth

Yet prior to death – sin’s last big thorn.

You (and I) were born in this world

Of that there’s no reason to doubt.

But have you been born again?

That’s what Christ’s death is “all about.”

We had no control o’er our first birth

But being re-born in ALL our choice,

After Christ provided redemption’s plan.

Come. Confess. Believe Him & rejoice.

– eab,  2/9/17 

D.i.s.c.l.a.i.m.e.r.  Now & then I “like” a meme. Please UNDERSTAND I’m not approving of the actor/sports figure/other who’s pictured in the meme. (They may not have said it at all, but “words were put in their mouth” by the meme-maker.) My “like” is not for the supposed spokesman. I don’t own a TV & do not watch hollywood movies (haven’t viewed even a “christian one in yrs) so many times the face with the meme is un-known or I seldom (if ever) could name a silly movie in which he played.- 2/13/21

“Every road leads two ways. If they put away sin & followed Jesus, He would lead them to heaven; it they rejected Him, they would surely go their own way to damnation, to hell.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Psa 119.172

“My tongue shall speak of thy word:

for all thy commandments are righteousness.”

When trying to solve a slaying, it’s wise to ask, “Who benefits?” When a new “translation” shows up & then another (& another…) it’s intelligent to ask, “Who benefits from this?” Sometimes the person is killed because a “love” (more likely “lust”) triangle. Sometimes they’re killed for money. Sometimes people are killed so they won’t talk anymore. With little doubt the plethora of new “translations” also have reasons. If you love Truth, you should be willing to admit there IS a motive – & it may not be good. – 2/13/21   

“The church that is man managed instead of God governed is doomed to failure.

A ministry that is college trained but not Spirit-filled works no miracles…”

– Samuel Chadwick

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