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Gen 6.9 +

Gen 6.9

Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations

& Noah walked with God.”

“God cannot require less of the sanctified man to keep the blessing

than He did of the unsanctified man  to get it.”

– Samuel L Brengle

If a woman has a desire to wear men’s trousers society, yes, most evangelical churches, & sadly some “holiness” churches are OK. If a man has a desire to wear a dress, almost everyone sees him as “needy” or “weird” & perhaps questions his masculinity. Why has the majority accepted a woman in pants? It’s not normal to cross-dress. (I don’t understand a woman wanting to wear slacks!) Brace yourself – we may see men in dresses being accepted as normal. If you Mom, have worn britches, if you Dad/Mom have allowed (even encouraged) a daughter to wear men’s clothing, it is time to repent – past time. – 2/17/21 

“The spirit of prayer is fed on the Word of God…

this spirit of prayer will only thrive where faith is active.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Do not allow NuMbErS to rule your life. Never. Live instead in the realm of Words. God’s Words. Never read “your” horoscope. (It’s not “yours” anyway.) Never fear to do a certain thing on a certain date. Do not set a wedding (any other event) strictly by a calendar. God is the Lord of all. He knows all the words, in all the languages, in all the countries, across the face of earth & words are far higher than mere symbols for double or quadruple this commodity or that. – 2/18/21


Knowing the Biblical “three-score and ten”

Should make us most appreciative, when

We pass this timely post.

Be glad each day you see sunrays,

Be also glad on cloudy days

Who’s not lived this long?  A host.

– eab,      2/18/16 

ClassRoom – – – or “classTomb”? Unless the teacher (parent or paid “professional”) is a true follower of Jesus Christ, it’s too easy for the place where learning should take place, to be the place where 1.) Faith in the Bible, 2.) Belief in the miracles of either Testament, & 3.) Admiration for the atoning death of Christ dies & is “buried.” satan has buried 1000s of holy ideas & ideals in “classTombs” & been gleeful (IMO) in his twisted victory. – 2/18/21

Pro 2.2

“So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom

& apply thine heart to understanding;”

“…I declare unto you in the presence of God the Holy Trinity, I am now dead indeed unto sin

& alive unto God, through Jesus Christ, who is my indwelling holiness.”

– John Fletcher 

A. B. C. – You’re not as close to Jesus as you used to be. You want to return. You sense real danger ahead.

A.) Ask for prayer – You have a relative/friend who’s truly born-again. Let them know you’re returning.

     >> It’s 1 thing to pray by a bedside – it’s another to go on record with that guy/gal that you’re serious.

B.) Be honest – You have an idea (or know exactly) where you backslid. Confess back to that failure.

     >> Do NOT “bargain” with God; He’ll not ask you to do the impossible, but WILL ask the possible.

C.) Cut out entertainment – If not for all the rest of life, at least until you have shining, shouting victory! 

     >> “I have to have ball games” (or other stuff). No. Happy Christians need little of this world. – 2/18/21

“I received this blessing four or five times before, but I lost it by not obeying the order of God…

‘with the mouth confession is made unto salvation’…”

– John Fletcher 

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