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Gen 15.6 +

Gen 15.6

“And he [Abram] believed in the LORD;

& he counted it to him for righteousness.”

“The woman who will be the true wife of a man must be prepared to give up all other lovers,

leave her home, & forsake father, mother, brothers & sisters, change her name, & utterly

 identify herself, her prospects for life, her all, with the man she loves.”
Samuel Brengle

If fb is any indicator, holiness people are being entertained by dolled-up, less than holy looking singers/instrumentalists even so-called comedians.

Why? – 1/12/21

“He would wean us from man, in whom there is not help, to Himself;

He would detach us from the world & fasten us by every tie to Heaven.”
Samuel Brengle

If you could create your own “god” what would he be like? There could be 100 different answers, by 100 different sinners. Some would want a “god” who’d be soft on this sin, while others would want a little deity who’d allow them to practice another pet sin. But – hear it – But ask a saint, & they’d want God Just. As. He. Is. Oh, yes, praise the Lord, Just. As. He. Is. Amen & Amen. – 2/20/21


We’re all traveling a road of no return.

We all need wisdom to discern

The right from the left, the wrong from the right;

To avoid tripping in the gathering night.

– eab,  2/21/09

The Holy Trinity loves you: God gave His Son, Jesus came to save you, the Holy Spirit’s here to guide & Comfort you. By most solemn contrast, satan doesn’t love you (there’s reason to question satan loves anybody, including himself). You mean no more to the devil than the lowest low-life criminal – you’re  merely a pawn if you allow him to push you around. Flee satan’s dirty clutches today. Run to Christ. Confess to Christ. Believe on Christ. – 2/21/21 

“Today the same church member who yells like a Comanche Indian at a football game

sits like a wooden Indian in the house of God…”

– Vance Havner

Jas 4.9

“Be afflicted & mourn & weep: let your laughter

be turned to mourning & your joy to heaviness.”

Educations instilled much of the world & world-Think in us. If you’re interested in de-briefing yourself, it may be a process – but I hasten to add, it’ll be worth it. Example 1. – Lord’s Day. We were raised saying “sunday” (my computer just capitalized this automatically – now, I’ve gone back & put it in lower case [as I typed it]). The word “sunday” is not in the Bible – “Lord’s Day” is (Rev 1.10). Sir/Ma’am we don’t worship the sun. The week’s 1st day has no right to be dedicated to the sun – that makes the sun too important. The Eternal SON rose from the dead on the Lord’s Day; He deserves the honor. – 2/21/21      

“Older men declare war.

But it is the youth that must fight & die (1944).”

– Herbert Hoover, former US Pres.

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