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Gen 17.1 +

Gen 17.1

“…I am the Almighty God;

walk before me & be thou perfect.”

“The idea of a secret rapture originated in the 19th century (1830) as a result of a vision

of a teenage Scottish girl named Margaret MacDonald.”

– Ray Dunning, PhD

No one (but God) knows what we’ll face the next months. If you’re backslidden I URGE you to be saved today, Yes, TODAY. Or if (be honest) you’re more concerned about revolution than you are about Revival, you need to get alone with God & God’s Word TODAY. God’s people are not revolutionists – His followers are Revivalists. Revivalists pray – revolutionists prey. Revivalists help bring Life – revolutionists bring death. Don’t follow the man with bullets – follow the man with a well-worn Bible. – 2/21/21

“If revival is all that we ever seek then we will always be in need of one.

Revival then Harvest”

– John F Dorsey

Example 2. (Yesterday had EX.#1) The 1st known use of “universe” was not until 1589 – therefore it’s a “johnny-come-late.” The first verse, of the first chapter, of the first Book in the Bible used “heaven” & “earth.” After that the Bible has over 150 uses of those 2 words (in the same verse) & 60 uses of “heavens” & “earth.” For 5.5 millennia men walked the earth & communicated with the God of heaven before the concept/word “universe” was invented. There’s a Godliness & completeness to “heaven & earth” which the lesser “universe” lacks. Why not drop man’s imaginative word & learn to use the Bible term? – 2/21/21

“Stand up and sing the blessings of the King

Oh, let your voices raise in ever swelling praise.

Stand up and shout what this is all about

The Lord’s triumphant through all His ways.”

– eab,  2/22/2005 (Chorus of a song)

You were born with a certain tinge to your skin. You shouldn’t be concerned about it – it’s God-given. You should spend no money, no time trying to darken or lighten it. (Same is true, BTW for hair color, lips, area about eyes, etc.) Leave God’s handiwork alone. By most serious Contrast you were born with dirty sin in your heart. That was not God-given – – – you can “thank” Adam for it. But the gracious Last Adam (1Co 15.45) can make your heart perfectly clean. I mean perfectly! – 2/22/21 

2Th 2.3

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come,

except there come a falling away first that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

“Canst thou be happy while thou art unholy…

Canst thou love him a little without desiring to love him more?”

– Adam Clarke 

Is Christ Coming? Absolutely. Is His Coming “imminent” i.e.“likely to occur any moment”? I hope you see these as ENTIRELY separate questions. Is He coming or Is He coming immediately are not the same. “Why make a deal of this, Bryan?” Millions of people are expecting Jesus to “return.” I’m not an expert on world religions (nor do I care to be) – I hear, some world religions are ALSO expecting “leaders to come.” Our age is highly deceitful; electronic tricks abound. satan may have a “christ come” (perhaps combined with other religion leaders) & deceive all but the most discerning. Beware! – 2/22/21  

“It seems to be a principal concern with many to find out how little grace they may have

& yet escape hell; how little conformity to the will of God…& yet get to heaven…”

– Adam Clarke 

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