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Gen 22.8 +

Gen 22.8

“And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering:

so they went both of them together.”

“Self-denial almost ceases to be self-denial when practiced from…a high & holy motive…It is a turning from earth to Heaven; from that which is fleeting & temporal to that which is eternal.”
Samuel Brengle

So Perseverance “landed”? You believe that? “Of course Bryan, it was in the news.” Do you realize you’re *believing*? You have no proof. Man’s machine supposedly lifted another of man’s machines & sent it, via man’s calculated trajectory, landing safely on “mars.” You’re believing “science.” You’re believing their spokesmen, their PR, their “photos” (photo shopping? artists?). My point is BELIEF. You have no evidence. Much of modern “science” is based on “faith.” If you have “faith” in their words/pictures they can “feed” you anything. Watch how much “science” you swallow – it may bite you. – 2/19/21     

“He [Christ] hid His dignity

under the humble garb of our humanity…”
Samuel Brengle

I tire of seeing hollywood employees (all they do is act) being quoted as if their opinion counts. The same applies to employees of most in the “news” industry. I also tire of seeing the employees of ball teams quoted. None of the above build houses, improve farms, make trucks, repair roads etc. Their sole “product” is frothy entertainment. Do they expect us to pay attention to their opinion of things that REALLY matter? God save their souls (I wish He would) but I’m not interested in their views. – 2/23/21


The person we’re kidding the most

With our coloring, body-part boast

Is not friend, sibling, or host

But the inside “me,” our own “ghost.”

– eab, 2/23/10       

How’s your Prayer Life? How long has it been since your Pastor asked you that question? Has a Pastor *ever* asked that? Obviously I’m not your Pastor but let’s pretend, for this post, that I am. So – – – How is your Prayer Life? Have you been in your Prayer Closet in the last 24? Do you remember if your last Prayer Session included “Jesus (or Father or Spirit) I love You”? (I can think of no better place for that statement.)  Ask God to help you improve your Prayer Life. – 2/23/21

“If we are to follow Christ

it must be in our common way of spending every day.”

– Wm Law

Mat 6.6

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet & when thou hast shut thy door,

pray to thy Father which is in secret & thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Pardon me Sir, Pardon me Ma’am – your clothing: colors, cut, co$tliness – were they chosen so God would be seen or, Or, so you’d be seen? (I don’t mean to be mean, but that’s a fair question if you say you love Jesus.) And your hair style: is this your color or God’s? Is it God’s length, ladies, or yours? Did you follow the new style, guys, just for the “fun” of it? Do the changes (both guys & gals) show younger people (children/grandchildren/youth in church) stability or a lack of depth? – 2/23/21

“…The more we conform to his will the more we act according to his wisdom

& imitate his goodness by so much the more do we enjoy God…”

– Wm Law

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