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Gen 41.9 +

Gen 41.9

“Then spake the chief butler unto Pharaoh, saying,

“‘I do remember my faults this day:’”

“The legalist believes

the supreme force behind salvation is you.”

– Carl Eisenhart

Good News. You are allowed, even if still a sinning female, to dress like a lady. Isn’t that great? And you don’t have to be a saint to stop being addicted to rings: on finger, in ear, in nose, in lip, on toe – all of them, & neck chains, wrist chains & ankle chains as well. Women, not yet in God’s family, are permitted to have beautiful, long, hair either flowing down or put up in several attractive ways. There. That’s some good news – hope you’ll take advantage of it. J – 2/16/21

“When a person finds out about God & they’re not backing away,

 there’s no backing away from Truth.”

– Carl Eisenhart

I love it that my God, yes, & by the wonderful grace of Jesus, my Father, is KING.

He is not president – presidents are only for the present, only last a little while. Kings last a life time And – since God never dies – He’s King forever! And Ever!  Amen! – 2/23/21


“The LORD is our Judge” and He’s always right

“The LORD is our Lawgiver;” laws of comfort, not fright

“The LORD is our King” – He is absolute King

Absolute joyfulness His decisions soon bring

“He will save us,” guiding from darkness into light.

– eab,  2/7/09 (quotation marks – the exact words of Isa 33.22)

You ought to be interested in survival. I can even understand (to some extent) those who seem to spend hours a day or big chunks of a week working/planning/saving/building for it. After prayer – do what you need to do. Just allow me to remind you that all humans die. Mom live to be 104 yrs, 7 mo. & 20 days but she died. You will. I will. So, above all your “survival” plans Make Time for your soul. It must be clean & pure to enter God’s Clean & Pure Home. That’s Brother is the ultimate Survival. – 2/25/21

Mat 10.28

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul:

 but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul & body in hell.”

“Apostasy begins in the closet.”

– Adam Clarke 

The last thing “they” can do is kill you (somewhere along life’s trail you’ve picked this up; Right?)

So. The only, truly important thing is to be ready to leave earth. Be ready today. Be ready tomorrow – & all tomorrows. The side you were “on” doesn’t have to come-out on top. Your group doesn’t have “win.” And – you might not get a pretty obituary – millions haven’t. If we’re ready to go UP that, friend, is ALL that really matters. Settle that issue & you can die happy, Happy in Jesus! – 2/26/21

“Those who have nothing to lose & to whom the state owes nothing

are the first to cry out of wrongs & the first to disturb civil order…”

– Adam Clarke 

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