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Exo 3.14 +

Exo 3.14

“…God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: & he said,

‘Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.’”

“Revivals are born after midnight.”
– Glenn Griffith

The devil does not like marriage. Those who work for him, have worked against it with partial (if not full) approval from hollywood, disney, & many execs. But – hear me – if you’ll allow Jesus to sit at your table (i.e. be your Counselor) all the devils in hell & out, can NOT defeat your happy, holy home. – 2/20/21

“It [sin] pays wages in 3 installments: 1) it kills the conscience, 2) Drys up the fountain of emotion,

3) Breaks t power of resistance.”
– Glenn Griffith


Read the Bible – a chapter, but also feel free to read less than a chapter as occasion may be.

Pre-read the portion you plan to read at Family Altar before reading it to the group.

Be ready to ask questions – do not, repeat DO NOT ask questions which can be answered “yes” or “no.”

Pray around starting with youngest (older ones can pray for things the younger may not know) & ending with you, Dad, remembering to thank God for the prayers/praise of the children & of your wife. – 2/27/21


Never question the great Unity

Of the Holy, Happy, Triunity

Father, Spirit, and Son

Are really, wondrously, One.

And One are also Three,

Somewhat like you and like me.

We are body, spirit, soul;

But we appear only as whole.

God is all Father, Son, Holy Ghost

They are not More. They are Most.    

– eab,  Feb.  2011


Ask WHO questions:  Who is speaking here? Who wrote this Book? Who is the main character?

WHAT questions:  What would you have said? What is the main idea here?

WHERE questions:  Where were the rest of the disciples? Where did the demonic live?

WHEN questions:  When did Moses say this? When did the miracle take place? [when = sequence]

WHY questions:  Why is this recorded? Why did Jesus ask this question? Why questions are Key. – 2/27/21

“How about your record as a mother?…If that worldly, unsaved daughter of yours were to die right now while I am speaking, could God hold you blameless at the Judgment?”

– J M Hames

Heb 1.1

“God, who at sundry times & in divers manners

spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,”

1 of 11. The Bible has 3 vv with “fathers” & “mothers” – God ordained 2 & ONLY 2 Sexes.

2 of 11. The Bible has 8 vv with “husbands” & “wives” 

3 of 11. The Bible has 11 vv with “men” & “wives”

4 of 11. The Bible has 12 vv with “brother” & “sister”

5 of 11. The Bible has 19 vv with “male” & “female”

6 of 11. The Bible has 42 vv with “men” & “women”

7 of 11. The Bible has 57 vv with “son” & “daughter”

8 of 11. The Bible has 58 vv with “man” & “wife”

9 of 11. The Bible has 78 vv with “man” & “woman”

10 of 11. The Bible has 96 vv with “father” & “mother”

11 of 11. The Bible has 119 vv with “sons” & “daughters” – 2/27/21

“When once the Judge utters those awful words, ‘Depart from me,’

they will echo through your soul throughout the cycles of eternity.”

– J M Hames

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